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DLLs & Assemblies

Great Reads

by StevenLJackson1
How you can structure your solution and project files in Visual Studio to make updating your assemblies' version number much easier.
by pasztorpisti
An advice to make your DLL interface more attractive and easier-to-maintain even in cross-platform projects
by Pankaj.Sinha.Techno
Loading assemblies using Assembly.Load, Assembly.LoadFrom and Assembly.LoadFile
by nkrscorpio
This is yet another example for memory mapped files. What is cool though is unlike other samples, I have a SetData(TCHAR* Key, TCHAR* value) / GetData(TCHAR* key) pattern here.

Latest Articles

by Kristoffer Blasiak
Automated proxy DLL generation with 64 and 32 bit DLL support
by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Object creation driven by source code in any language you have designed
by Cobalt Gaming
Common API functions translated into easier-to-use functions
by Gonzalo Méndez Díaz
How to generate reports on RTF documents


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