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by Josh Smith
A task-oriented review of an animation library and the application which uses it.
by Volynsky Alex
Part 2 in a series of articles on a two-player mathematical game of strategy
by Clayton Rumley
There are those who think I am crazy, and this just might be the proof.
by Fiwel
Different ways to apply image filters.

Latest Articles

by morzel
Couple of seconds to process a one megapixel picture… what the hell?
by morzel
Using GetPixel or SetPixel for all but tiniest images is a terrible idea. Stop using these methods and make your code over 300 times faster!
by Andy De Filippo
Draw a shape-like editor implementing the use of anchors to resize and rotate a selection rectangle
by Cake Processor
Outline Text Part 2

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Without continuous control, the code development complexity curve...


by MrBjorn on Article "Creating a Speech Balloon/Speech...
by MrBjorn on Article "Creating a Speech Balloon/Speech...
by Gilbert Hersschens on Matrix Transformation of Images in C#, using...
by Luis Daniel Roman Velez on Save images into a multi-page TIFF file or add...
by Member 13843908 on GenCode128 - A Code128 Barcode Generator

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