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by Paul Lawitzki
This article presents one approach to increase the quality of rotation information gathered from different sensor sources using a simple sensor fusion algorithm, specifically on an Android device.
by Safak Tarazan
Usage of services, alarm manager and broadcast receivers.
by li9705
The example given in this article is similar to the previous article, except that it is written with C++.
by danabr
This article explains why and how you should protect your app's settings from prying eyes

Latest Articles

by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Google has recently announced, that it is going to remove all sort of “expected ‘;’” errors from Android Studio in their next major update for Android Studio, in version 3. The previous sentence was a total pun, and it was actually the way I first interpreted their shift from
by Rou1997
Send SMS Programmatically (Intent) with Example . . . Send SMS Without Intent with Example. . . Implement SMS Receiver with Example . . . Get SMS List with Example . . . Open Sending MMS Form . . .
by n.podbielski
Fixing hiding text box controls by software keyboard on Xamarin Android
by raddevus
Using the Android TextToSpeech API we can write a simple app which reads your SMS (text) messages aloud to you.

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By maintaining an agile infrastructure, implementing continuous testing...
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