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by Marc Clifton
Learning how to programmatically manipulate SVG in Javascript
by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
by Marc Clifton
My personal goal with what I present in this article was to achieve the ability to self-host multiple HTTPS websites but without having to pay for hosting and certificates.
by Igor Ladnik
Compact software for images upload, processing to tile pyramid and subsequent Deep Zoom viewing with custom mark out and annotation.

Latest Articles

by Luis F. Penedo
Setting up a React project in Visual Studio 2017
How to build the SPA for enterprise application using Angular2 and WebApi (RESTful)
[TinyERP: SPA for Enterprise Application]Manage Staffs - Part 2
by Shenwei Liu
A sample web application and discussions on creating, displaying, and downloading PDF documents with Web API data sources, client Angular CLI or AngularJS Components, and also presenting resolutions for web browser compatibilities to handle PDF documents.


by on NtRegEdit - Native Registry Editor
by on article "React… in one day! "
by on article "React… in one day! "
by on article "React… in one day! "
by on article "React… in one day! "

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