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Design and Architecture

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by Marc Clifton
Build a Metadata Designer for the CX Dynamic Composition Framework.
by Ahmed Negm
This article introduces how to create and manage .NET enterprise applications using your favorite technology (Data Access Application Block, LINQ, NHibernate, ASMX, and WCF) with the Model Driven Development approach by Sculpture.
by Petar Brkusanin
An example of how Decorator, Dependency Injection, and Composition Root patterns can be used to extend the base game functionality.
by Michael Trembovler
The current article might be useful for users attempting to use NServiceBus. It contains detailed instruction for creating pairs: publisher-subscriber through ServiceMatrix. Solution architects may find this technique useful in many CQRS scenarios as a good alternative to WCF.

Latest Articles

Things to remember when approaching a new project, questions to ask, things to consider and tips learned the hard way!
by Sergey Grybniak
If you want to rely on strategic modeling to make the development process more efficient, domain-driven design is what you need.
by Zebedee Mason
Or why not both? This shows how.
by Muhammad Umair At CodeProject
Learn object oriented analysis and design using a simple method even if you have tried in your class before and found it complex

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