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Design and Architecture

Great Reads

by Giuseppe Marazzi
A small tip for implementing a fallback resources process with MFC that's useful for localization
by Victor Nakoryakov
This article covers a selection of best practices related to the internals of the project “sandbox”. The sandbox is understood as a folder with a complete structure containing the source files of a specific product.
by Ahmed Negm
This article introduces how to create and manage .NET enterprise applications using your favorite technology (Data Access Application Block, LINQ, NHibernate, ASMX, and WCF) with the Model Driven Development approach by Sculpture.
by Max Paulousky
This article describes MS TFS Proxy efficiency testing depending on the internet channel rate between TFS and TFS Proxy, TFS commands, and TFS Proxy cache state. Also, this article describes the advantages of using the MS TFS Proxy on slow Internet channels.

Latest Articles

by kusnaditjung
How Dependency Inversion Principle works, Inversion of Control Container
by Arlo Weston
Implementation of the Chain of Responsibility Pattern in JavaScript
by Greg Utas
Are we about to go over a cliff?
by Member 14874449
Walk-through and source code for a excel VBA development workflow


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