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C / C++ Language

Great Reads

by David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Derived work based on the article by Sergey Ryazanov "The Impossibly Fast C++ Delegates": this good solution is fixed and further developed using C++11.
by AlexeyAB
We will detail the atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and the assembler instructions generated by it on x86_64 CPUs
by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.

Latest Articles

by Christian Koberg
The basics, snares, pitfalls and the bright side of C++ streaming standard.
by Borislav Stanimirov
A new take on polymorphism in an object-oriented setting
by Bartlomiej Filipek
It appears that in some cases memory allocated for the object controlled by smart_ptr might not be released until all weak pointers are also ‘dead’... let's see why
by Cake Processor
Always use Erase-remove Idiom to erase vector elements


by Member 4320844 on article "Streaming with C++ is brilliant"
by john morrison leon on article "How a weak_ptr might prevent full...
by Member 13681951 on technical blog "A C++ Object Factory"
by Galatei on article "Streaming with C++ is brilliant"
by Mitos Kalandiel on article "Streaming with C++ is brilliant"

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