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by Len Holgate
The ATL OLE DB Provider templates appear to rely on the fact that your data is kept in a simple array, but that's not really the case at all!
by Len Holgate
Adding bookmark functionality is relatively easy and it enables our ADO recordset to be used with a greater number of data bound controls.
by Tom Archer
A class for Printing and Viewing MS Access Reports

Latest Articles

by DotNetSteve
Testing large systems built on stored procedures can quickly become unyielding. Here are some thoughts on managing the complexity which have been rolled into a simple to use program
by Leif Simon Goodwin
Simple WPF dialogs for creating and opening SQL databases using widely used database providers
by Mubin M. Shaikh
Walkthrough of the process for one of the industry best practices to export all SQL tables in Flat file format
by Juan F. Paleo
Encrypt data with RSA Public Key


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