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Date and Time

Great Reads

by Graham Wilson
An exercise to measure the drift in the time-of-day clock on a Windows PC using the periodic timer
by Luc Pattyn
This is an alternative to "Week Numbers According to ISO8601".
by Gilad Kapelushnik
Estimate the duration of an operation using linear regression.
by Ivan Krivyakov
Difference between 'Resource' and 'Embedded Resource' Build Actions described

Latest Articles

by Kaushikfriend
An implementation of basic functionality of date time. Generic methods to handle date time
by stc.reseller
Helpful tips in labeling Office files or how to make Office file changes statistically visible, in one single step
by Martin Vorbrodt
How to measure CPU time?
by Martin Vorbrodt
Better timer class


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by on Article "Time Period Library for .NET"
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by on Article "Time Period Library for .NET"
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