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Edit Controls

Great Reads

by Paul Vickery
CEdit-derived Hyperlink control, so user can edit hyperlinks
by gUrM33T
How to subclass an edit control in MFC so that it accepts numeric values only
by H. S. Masud
A formatted textbox control for VB.
by Bangon Kali
This component will be used as a text box for automatically formatted currency values.

Latest Articles

by Claudio Nicora
An extended NumericUpDown control with better focus and mouse wheel management.
by siliconvideo
This StringBox control implements keystroke validation using regular expressions and a touch of glue logic
by Robert Gustafson
A UserControl that allows rich-text applications to have a ruler with support for margins, indents, and tabs
by Michael Haephrati
How to set write direction and alignment


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by on A windows form based text editor with HTML output.

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