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Exception Handling

Great Reads

by Igor Vigdorchik
How to use the Transient Fault Handling Application Block
by Marco Bertschi (SFC)
This tip presents an easy way of verbosely converting an exception and its inner exceptions to a string in order to get access to all details.
by Abhijit Jana
Get troubleshooting tips from your favorite blogs
by Vipin Kumarr
Introduction: Recently I was working on an issue caused by OOM exception and found out interesting finding about String.Split() function. I thought I should share the finding with others and they may also benefit from this analysis in solving OOM exceptions.

Latest Articles

by Shai Cohen
By utilizing some fairly mundane features of .NET, we can log errors at the point where the exception occurred; preserving vital debug information while avoiding repetitive error logging.
by John M. Dlugosz
“Whither exception handling?” We have come full circle.
by jgauffin
Coderr automatically detects and analyzes errors so that you can focus on solving them.
by Oktay Ekincioglu
Exception handling practices like avoiding null values, writing predictable function signatures, avoiding null reference exceptions, etc.


by on article "Ensuring an Error is Logged Only Once"
by on article "Ensuring an Error is Logged Only Once"
by on article "Ensuring an error is logged only once."
by on article "Error Handling in SOLID C# .NET – The...
by on article "Take control over your errors with...

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