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by Fabrizio Stellato
Prepare an installer that verifies the system's architecture and that .NET is installed.
by Ivan Leonenko
When you need to prompt user to close certain aplications on install/uninstall.
by Martin Radu
How to install Debian with MATE Desktop Environment and setting it up.
by Mehdi Gholam
Cleanup the VS 2017 offline installation folder of old versions

Latest Articles

by Apriorit Inc
This article allows you to save valuable time
by YasIkeda
I needed Ruby in order to run `npm run-script docs` in Bootstrap's project, but the command failed in macOS 10.14.2. It was because Bootstrap's site seems to be created with Jekyll, which works on Ruby, and Ruby installed by default or with XCode did not work well for this purpose.
by Ivan Yakimov
Here, I'll explain how to integrate Cake script with TeamCity.
by DigitalCoyote
Learn to use Custom Actions to be more flexible with Wix#.


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by on article "Install Visual Studio 6.0 on Windows 10"
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