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by logicchild
An article that explains how to use this library
by Vasily Tserekh
A simple 3D exploration of a plaza in OpenGL and C#
by Chong Hin Ooi
How to draw OpenGL to a window you created in a dialog box with the resource editor without manually using CreateWindow.
by David Jeske
An overview and C# implementation of 3d space partitioning using a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy), with dynamic updates via refitting and tree-rotations.

Latest Articles

by zapsolution
Mixing 2D image and 3D OpenGL altogether
by Eowind
How to reuse the Vertex Array and Buffers to draw the same model multiple times
by Eowind
In this post, we will look at how to access buffers in OpenGL from your application code to provide your shaders with vertex data and to draw our first triangle.
by Eowind
In this post, we will look at passing data from your application code to the shaders using OpenTK.

Research Library

How did the cloud as we know it come to be and where is it going?...
A growing trend in the world of cloud computing is the rapid adoption...
It's commonly believed that going cloud first is a compromise. Network...
By maintaining an agile infrastructure, implementing continuous testing...


by Member 13228999 on Article "Bi-Cubic and Bi-Linear Interpolation...
by Андрей Милюков on article "Learning Modern OpenGL"
by tishok on SharpGL, a C# OpenGL class library
by Member 13128751 on Perpetuum Mobile
by Member 13160196 on 3D Graph ActiveX Control

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