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Windows Powershell

Great Reads

by Daniele Fontani
A powershell script that monitors webs sites and trace logs into database.
by Shining Dragon
A look into how we can achieve multi threading in our Powershell scripts
by Ron Bos
I wrote this small PowerShell script to quickly access some AbstractSpoon ToDoList documents which are stored in VeraCrypt containers. The selected container stays mounted until the ToDoList executable is closed. I use OneDrive to automatically upload the then dismounted container to the cloud.
by 2irfanshaikh
Use SharePoint Commandlets in Windows PowerShell ISE

Latest Articles

by OwenDavies
Windows Azure portal has the full breadth of Azure visually displayed for you to see your Azure subscription and discover new things on the platform. But manually clicking through to provision a new VM or restart a VM isn’t the dream.
by OwenDavies
So you want to create a Virtual Machine on Azure, this can be done in the portal. But really we want this scriptable, so that we can run it at a later date if needed and also so we can leverage this work and use it to create other virtual machines at a later date..
by OwenDavies
The Login-AzureRmAccount PowerShell command allows you to login to your Azure account from PowerShell. However, it brings up a prompt and you have to manually type in your credentials. Obviously this is fine for development or things you are doing for one time administration.
by Jeremy Likness
How to customize the new Windows Terminal for Windows 10 for custom font, look and feel, as well as setup terminals for git-bash, Node.js, PowerShell, and Azure Cloud Shell.


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