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Cryptography & Security

Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Marius Bancila
This article proposes a C++ implementation for computing hashes (SHA1, MD5, MD4 and MD2) on Windows with the Microsoft CryptoAPI library.
by Arpan Jati
RSA encryption library with full OAEP padding and private key encryption support.
by Michael Haephrati
Chrome stores all passwords and other credentials in an encrypted database but guess what: they can be retrieved by anyone with the proper knowledge. This article will show you how.

Latest Articles

by Ernie M. Bonilla
Overview of potential vulnerabilities and threats
by Kewin Rausch
An introduction on how these applications self-defend themselves against scanning techniques, and how they could have evolved from simple and naive forms to more sophisticated ones.
by TheNeoTrix2000
Learn how to inject your 4.5 framework .NET application into a C++ unmanaged host application. Fast, Secure & without any extra tool or library.
by Gene Stetz
This article describes a library which helps manage a collection of password rules for ensuring that a given password passes such rules for acceptance purposes.


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