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String handling

Great Reads

by Paul E. Bible
A Non-MFC String Class for use in ATL components
by Ralph Walden
A function which doesn't require changing the case of the strings, and was also DBCS (double-byte character set) friendly.
by Adam Nelson
Surveys other phonetic matching techniques, and presents additional resources on the subject.
by fabio bussu
MatchKit is a .NET Library that provides a set of classes to build patterns to match simple and complex strings

Latest Articles

by Member 10481957
Chronological Expressions is a RegEx inspired Pattern Matching Library and Specification for query event logs
by BenHall_io
It's worthwhile knowing the what, when and why to improving string comparison performance. In this article, I will explore one way, string interning.
by Petrov Vladimir
Word Bookmark Editor for Word Reports easy handling
by Ben Hanson
Capture text using a grammar instead of a regex.


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