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Toolbars & Docking windows

Great Reads

by Brian C Hart
An adaptation of Nick Thissen's article on VBForums translated to C# and bottled up into a Class Library you can just drop into your projects.
by Sofa Team
Sofa makes the link between AvalonDock and MEF, both using composable elements
by Sofa Team
Step by Step conversion of an application into a Docking application component
by Ivan Ičin
Custom WinForm ToolStrip that fixes some of the ToolTip related problems and adds few related features

Latest Articles

by Thilo Bauer
With some code snippets to give beginners (+ others) ideas
by Rick York
Something to help compile samples from the VS2010 feature pack
by peterboulton
This article shows how to add new Ribbon themes to an MFC application built using the Visual Studio 'Feature Pack' (CMFCVisualManager) classes.
by Steffen Ploetz
A solution for: If the toolbar is created button by button with single TB_ADDBUTTONS calls, the width of the separators is not calculated correctly.


by on Article "Visual Studio IDE like dock container"
by on Article "Visual Studio IDE like dock container"
by on article "TMDock - Dockbar samples alpha blend"
by on article "WIN Taskbar is Waaay too High, Here's...
by on Article "A Professional Ribbon you will use"

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