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ASP.NET Controls

Great Reads

by Herre Kuijpers
Extending the standard ASP.NET GridView control to add a vertical scrollbar in the grid
by Akki Kumar
Image Combobox in HTML is no longer a pain, thanks to JQuery and CSS
by Artem Tabalin
PhoneJS - HTML5 JavaScript Mobile Development Framework
by Prince Tegaton
Building a Custom User Control for Messagebox

Latest Articles

by @Shiv
Easy and simple ReCptcha tool for Web Application in pure C# code, no JavaScript external plugin required
by Makhesh TG
Sample application to demonstrate pagination using simplePagination.js in mvc core, targeting entity framework.
by vinodkumarnie
Handling controls inside GridView using RowCommand and jQuery.
by Arun Chandrasekhara Pillai
Generic JqGrid implementation in MVC with custom filtering and dynamic sorting


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