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Win32/64 SDK & OS

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by Apriorit Inc, Ivan Romanenko
This article is the continue of the previously posted article Hide Driver. Some methods to detect hidden files and processes are described in it
by Nish Nishant
CProcessData is a template class that makes it easy to use data allocated in a different process, and is useful when making inter-process SendMessage/PostMessage calls.
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a set of templates created around the Microsoft Cabinet library. With these templates, you can extract cabinet files and cabinets stored in the resource section of a module. It can be easily extended to allow extraction through other means.

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by CMalcheski
A full-scale all-assembly .DLL module for the situations that warrant it can offer a tremendous power and speed boost over using inline ASM or intrinsics alone.
by hasan bozkurt
Determining all bootable partitions using PInvoke
by YawerIqbal
How to create contact from received email using Flow
by Michael Chourdakis
Private fingerprint databases using a simple library, along with system database support.

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