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i need to store the xml in a project. i will use that xml to both read and "WRITE" data into it.

i have tried storing my xml as an embedded resource but u cant edit an embedded resource. :(

Please suggest some other way of storing that XML.


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You could simply write the XML to file....

In one of my projects I use an XML file for storing custom settings, it simply get read from and written to a file in the application path. However, you may want to store in a users profile somewhere.

Basically, you can store it anywhere you want, providing the account the application is being run under has read/write access for the chosen file system location.
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Tarun.K.S 12-Oct-10 8:06am    
hmmm right, i can store that xml file in the end user's computer on installing and do reading and writing from that stored file itself.
i just hav to make sure that the end-user doesnt access and make changes to it!
Thanks a lot DaveAuld! :)
DaveAuld 12-Oct-10 8:42am    
If you don't want them to modify the file, then you could pass the xml through some encryption as you write it out to disk.
Tarun.K.S 12-Oct-10 9:46am    
yeah i would definitely do that!
Tarun.K.S 18-Oct-10 6:25am    
hi, i found another way to store the XML. I can set the build action of my XML file as a content file and set its "Copy to Output Directory" as "Always Copy". So the XML file gets copied to the Bin of the project and i can update my XML there itself. Whats your say on this?

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