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I wrote this code in an example.
I wrote this code in Visual Basic C++. Now I want to call it in C.
I want to get 20 in C.
Can you guide?
I created this Dll in C++ :

What I have tried:

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int number(int a); 
int DllMain()
    return (a);
Updated 16-Dec-18 6:43am

If you are genuinely using Visual Basic, then "not at all easily".
First off, Visual Basic has nothing at all to d with C++ - it's a managed .NET language, which means you need the appropriate .NET framework installed and loaded on the machine in order to use it.

C is not managed, it's native - it knows nothing at all about .NET - so it gets very complicated: Calling C# from C - Stack Overflow[^] (C# is another .NET language, and it's exactly the same procedure for VB).

If you want to call native C++ functions from C, that's easier: Mixing C and C++ Code in the Same Program[^]
Just don;t use the term "Visual Basic" again - it's nothing to do with C or C++!
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You cannot use it in any language unless you provide a proper interface. DllMain is called by Windows when the library is first loaded, it is not a user function. See Creating and Using a Dynamic Link Library (C++) | Microsoft Docs[^].

Also there is no such thing as Visual Basic C++.
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The code that you wrote has a main flaw by declaring the number function, but implementing the the main. Write the declaration in the header and the implementation in the c-file.

It MUST have the same signature as declared. So:
int number(int a)
    return (a);
Calling dlls via GetProcAdress is very easy, But take care on the signature and every error.
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