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Hi All,

I am C++/VC++ programmer. I wanted to start working on non-hardware related (forgive me if I am using wrong terminology) related device driver. From few days I just went on searching for information on Google but didn't find relevant information.

My question is, I wanted to make kind of device driver by which users are not able to see file present on your computer or it could be device driver which will not let you delete a particular file. What is type of device driver I wanted to make? That means, I wanted to know which type it belongs, so that I can collect better information regarding it.

Secondly, if possible, can you provide some good links where I can search about Windows Device Drivers. Please don't suggest directly MSDN.Because I know there is ton of information available on MSDN, but still I find it some what difficult to start with.

Also, if there any current research work is going on, on these type of application, because I am going to make research project in this area.

Thanks and Regards.
Updated 5-Jan-12 4:05am

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The functions you mention are not handled by the device drivers, but at a higher level by the file system. I guess you would need to write a filter to manage this - take a look at some of these links[^] for more information.
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[no name] 5-Jan-12 12:06pm    
Thx Richard, I think this will help me.

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