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First post in this forum, so please be gentle. :)

We have a product, written in C#, using .NET 2, running on a server. It is a normal process, not a service. Occasionally we are seeing a .NET 2.0.x 'Fatal Execution Engine Error', and I wanted some tips on the best way to debug this sort of problem. I know next to nothing about .NET (yet), so please bear with me!

If this was a C++ app, I would install a debug version and the next time it crashed, I would grab the user.dmp log file and use this via Visual Studio to see where the crash occurred. In the old days I would of used a combination of the apps MAP file and a Dr Watson log (gulp). Either way, finding out where the crash occurred would be fairly straight-forward. I could even install some of the MS WINDBG tools to get a debugger on the machine.

So, how would I go about doing the same thing in .NET (short of installing Visual Studio and having the source code on the machine).

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This Bugslayer article[^] should get you going

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