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i have created an wcf service application and in my visual webpart i have an search button an some textboxes my button looks like this, '

int id;
           bool ok = int.TryParse(TextBoxSearch.Text, out id);

           if (ok)


           var service = new ServiceReference.Service1Client("http://localhost:54187/Service1.svc");


               var product = service.GetProduct(id);

           catch (Exception)

               throw new FaultException();


       private void UpdateTextBoxes(Product product)

           TextBoxName.Text = product.ProductName;
           TextBoxProductNumber.Text = product.ProductNumber;
           TextBoxListPrice.Text = product.ListPrice.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
           TextBoxColor.Text = product.Color;
           TextBoxSearch.Text = product.ProductID.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

and when pressing the button i get
An unexpected error has occurred
and randoms Correction id everytime , i dont know what to do:(

1 solution


I'm more into VB than C or java but looking at your curly brackets,Im not sure but i would hazard a guess that where you have

if (ok)

You should remove the }

And maybe thats right, but i could be wrong.
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