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I am currently using codeprojecAI ver 2.3.2-Alpha.
I saw a message that "A new version 2.3.4-Beta is available"
I wanted to update to this version.
After I run "docker-compose up -d", the system pulls images but in the end I still have 2.3.2

Please help!
Thank you

What I have tried:

Here is what I have done so far:
1. Used Portainer GUI to stop/kill/remove current CodeprojectAI container and associated images
2. run "docker-compose up -d" in Linux to pull the latest image
Here is a snippet from my docker-compose.yaml:

image: codeproject/ai-server:latest
container_name: CodeProject.AI
- 32168:32168
restart: unless-stopped

It looks like the system pulled all the files and restarted container,

Status: Downloaded newer image for codeproject/ai-server:latest
duplicati is up-to-date
webnut is up-to-date
homeassistant is up-to-date
portainer is up-to-date
Creating CodeProject.AI ... done

But in the end, I still end up with ver. 2.3.2 again!

What am I doing wrong?

1 solution

This would be better posted in the dedicated forum: CodeProject.AI Discussions[^]
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