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hey guys! Here is my Problem, I`m working on interactive USSD with a GSM modem everything is fine but there is problem when i`m going to reply a USSD by my C# code.
on hyper Terminal everything is ok and work fine .
Hyper Terminal View :

1. Enable Roaming
2. Disable Roaming
after this , i have to write 1 or 2 then using Ctrl+Z to send my Reply
So hyperTerminal is ok
but I've been facing problem when try to implement Ctrl+Z into my code i think it`s correct but it does n`t work
serialPort.Write("2" + (char)13 + (char)26);

Iam Also using all tricks for sending Ctrl+Z it`s works but USSD Center Reply Invalid Request
//byte[] endbyte = new byte[1];
         //endbyte[0] = 0x1A;

        // serialPort.Write(char.ConvertFromUtf32(26));
         //char[] arr = new char[1];

         //arr[0] = (char)26; //ascii value of Ctrl-Z

        // serialPort.Write(arr, 0, 1); //array, start, length

Thank you All guys.

1 solution

CTRL-Z is simply the character 26, not 2 characters. You can do either:

SerialPort.Write("2" + (char)26);



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Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 28-Jul-13 1:36am    
Thank you for your comment ,I've tried them before ! and i've check it again, the problem still exist , it sends correct values but i don't know why i can't get same result as hyperterminal.
Mohammad Reza Valadkhani 28-Jul-13 2:46am    
thank you for your reply it`s fixed there is problem into my port writing method

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