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Please I need brief comparison of above mentioned 3D teachnologies.
What is the most suitable technology for general 3D applications?
Concerning O/S:
Windows dependent 3D applications developed using DirectX.
Linux dependent 3D applications developed using OpenGL.
Some 3D applications dependent on JRE are using Java3D.

If I want to build O/S independent 3D Application/Game which technology should I implement ? and which one is the most suitable concerning performance ?
Updated 26-Aug-13 18:03pm

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You cannot really "compare" things like that. The reason is simple: there is no such thing as "general 3D application". The fact that this is a game adds some certainty, but not enough. Moreover, you mention different platforms. How you can compare something, if a technology exist on one platform and not for another. You cannot really compare apples with oranges.

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Buddhi Chaturanga 27-Aug-13 1:18am    
This is nothing like comparing orange with apple or pineapple :D problem is people cannot grasp my question.Think you want to build specific 3D application for certain problem, you know there are various number of O/S on this planet,but considering performance and certain tasks you have to choose which technology is most suitable under which O/S.. now you will say that the choosing is depending upon the problem.So think for 3D game developing most developers chose Windows and DirectX platform ,but for some complex Algebraic geometrical simulations some chooses Opengl based applications on Linux.So different tech has different aspects
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Aug-13 1:29am    
Basically you are right, but you need to understand this: you can perform such analysis based on the knowledge on your application specifics you may have, not what we have. This is not so easy and often requires creation of some proof-of-concept prototypes and timing them. There are games and games.
Buddhi Chaturanga 27-Aug-13 4:04am    
yeah.I thought basically learning Directx and OpenGl is a wise idea.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Aug-13 10:22am    
Probably yes. I would say, it would be good to learn some of both, do some prototype (you need to do some programming anyway, to make sure you understand what you learn correctly and can estimate the development process and support), draw some conclusions, learn more, reiterate...

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