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FontAwesome image/icon generator for WinForms

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14 Feb 2018CPOL 56.3K   2.7K   35   19
Usage of my FontAwesome Image/Icon generator for WinForms


First: many thanks for the font to Font Awesome by Dave Gandy -

This is a simple class to create images and icons from FontAwesome TTF.

Image 1


There are some articles describing usage of FontAwesome in WPF. Here is something for good old WinForms.

(Optional) Preset the class with default properties.

//Sample default properties
FontAwesome.DefaultProperties.Size = 32;
FontAwesome.DefaultProperties.ShowBorder = true;

Now, we can start creating images and icons:

//create image using default properties
var image1 = FontAwesome.Type.Crosshairs.AsImage();

//create icon using default properties
var icon = FontAwesome.Type.Crosshairs.AsIcon();

//create image with custom properties
var image2 = new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.Square) 
{ ForeColor = Color.White }.AsImage();

Sometimes, something more is needed, so I added some simple support for stacking images together:

//sample of stacking images together to create colored unique icons
var stackedImage = 
    new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.Square) { ForeColor = Color.White }.AsImage()
        .StackWith(new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.FileO) 
         { Size = 20, Location = new Point(5, 5), ShowBorder = false })
        .StackWith(new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.Close) 
         { ForeColor = Color.Red, Size = 14, Location = new Point(13, 13), ShowBorder = false });

The FontAwesome class will even download the TTF file:

FontAwesome.Initialize(); //(optional) initiates TTF check and download

You can disable this behaviour by setting:


To use the class with C# 2.0, simply remove the FontAwesomeExtensions class.

//C# 2.0 usage sample
var image1 = FontAwesome.Instance.GetImage(FontAwesome.Type.Save);
var image2 = FontAwesome.Instance.GetImage(new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.TimesCircle) 
             { ForeColor = Color.Red });
var icon = FontAwesome.Instance.GetIcon(new FontAwesome.Properties(FontAwesome.Type.Home) 
           { ForeColor = Color.Blue, BorderColor = Color.Blue, BackColor = Color.White });

Note: GetIcon() generates a GDI object, which is not automatically released. This can cause exceptions if heavily used. See MSDN article for details.


You can use Nuget to add the library to your project:

PM> Install-Package Fkosoft.FontAwesome

For the new FontAwesome5, there is a new nuget package:

PM> Install-Package Fkosoft.FontAwesome5

Points of Interest

  • C# 4.0, WinForms


  • 1.0.0 - First version
  • 1.0.1 - FontAwesome5 nuget added


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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