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Great Reads

by Graeme_Grant
Working with simple JSON objects & collections to Custom Converters and Transformations into .Net classes.
by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
by David Rogers Dev
Learn how to load related entities using the Entity Framework with simple examples
by Mario Z
Pure .NET solution for performing find and replace text on Word documents (DOCX file format).

Latest Articles

by Nitin_Rajurkar
ASP.NET Multiple Selection Drop Down List using C# and ASP.NET
by Mehdi Gholam
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4, MonoDroid and .net core support)
by AlexeyYakovlev
This paper demonstrates a technique of building Sprache parsers using grammar inheritance.
by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks

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27 Feb 2018
Create and run jobs kinda like SQL Server Enterprise - Users Guide
27 Dec 2015
A C# library to host Photoshop-compatible filters in .NET 2.0 and later
26 Jan 2015
Handy classes to use the .NET Encryption/Decryption
26 Aug 2017
Easy and simple ReCptcha tool for Web Application in pure C# code, no JavaScript external plugin required
29 Oct 2018
This tool lists all available .NET Frameworks and checks the needed/linked .NET components of installed apps by selecting a target directory.
6 Oct 2014
This will let you start logging quickly with VS2013 and NLog.
20 Apr 2016
To save you doing this every time you want a WPF/MVVM project, here it is, all rolled into one.
12 Jun 2014
Different ways of achieving unit testing for your projects
27 Oct 2014
Sorting out the confusion behind collections
21 Jul 2014
An easy to use, customizable Collection Editor; with inheritance support
16 Sep 2015
Framework for NET based Shell Context Menus using VB, C#
16 Sep 2015
Helper class to add, change and delete Registry based Explorer Context Menus from your app
3 Sep 2014
Frontend design for ASP.NET web applications
22 Oct 2016
A. Raees
Decouple business rules in an Object Oriented way
5 Aug 2014
21 Jan 2017
Aaron Francis Dias
Creating a custom RichTextBox that supports Hyperlinks
21 Feb 2016
Abdullah Al-Muzahid
This is a RAD tool which can be used to generate codes for CRUD operation in ASP.NET and C# automatically based on Database Model Diagram.
22 Dec 2016
Abdulrahman Emad, Muhammad Magdi
A generic CRUD control implemented based on the MVVM pattern
22 Dec 2016
Abdulrahman Emad, Muhammad Magdi
A generic CRUD control implemented based on the MVVM pattern.
18 Feb 2015
Abhinaw Kumar
Process of runtime type discovery is called reflection. Using reflection, we are able to obtain the metadata information, dynamically.
2 Jul 2016
Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to create a new Azure storage table and perform CRUD operations on the table.
7 Jul 2016
Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to build a basic Bot using C# and debug the Bot using Bot Framework Emulator
22 Mar 2015
Aby Mammen Mathew
IoT devices needs the capability to augment the environment around them, even when sensors utilized by them break down
25 May 2015
Acharya Raja Sekhar
This tool helps in cloning/copying the database from a source environment/server to a target server (usually developers can use it for setting up local DB with production code)
13 Jun 2017
Adam O'Neil (Travelers Rest, SC)
Introduction to Postulate, a code-first ORM for SQL Server made with Dapper
25 Jun 2017
Adam O'Neil (Travelers Rest, SC)
Walkthrough on using AoTestDataGen library in a plausible scenario
30 Jun 2017
Adam O'Neil (Travelers Rest, SC)
A new alternative to CRUD data binding in WinForms
16 Aug 2016
Step by step guide to create a simple MVC application using ASP.NET Core
28 Jun 2015
In this article we will learn how to use Microsoft Band to connect to your Device.
18 Feb 2016
Admir Tershalla
Learn how to control Windows services via ServiceController in Windows Forms Application
20 Oct 2015
Layouts is a Javascript library that let you create web applications with complex UI using Xaml
8 Nov 2014
Adriaan Booysen
An example of a nearly complete unknown type being used accross EF, WCF and consumed client side
8 Aug 2015
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
9 May 2014
A C# universal AES Encryption Library.
6 Oct 2014
Afazal MD 3104209
AngularJS integration with Web API explained with a product list and added new product with get and post method.
14 Aug 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Understanding the DateTime struct and using it inside your software to display Date and Time and to do the DateTime mathematics
16 Aug 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
How to use the .NET's WebBrowser control in your application to create a custom Web Browser for Windows OS
16 Sep 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article explains the basic knowledge about the File class in .NET Framework that comes handy when working with the file system, to create, edit, modify or delete the files or directories.
30 Sep 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article tells the beginners the basic concepts about connecting to the SQL Server database using C#.
12 Nov 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article provides an overview for creating a .NET WCF Web Service project that can be used by web applications or devices connected to it through the internet connection.
8 Mar 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article contains a basic overview of the complex numbers, and their creation and functions most specifically the operator overloading for arithmetic functions. Programming languages include Java, C++, C# and VB.NET at the moment.
11 Apr 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article is for beginners about writing and reading Unicode data from different data sources; including text files, user input, databases. It also demonstrates how to display that data in .NET applications, including ASP.NET web applications.
17 Jun 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I would explain the steps to create a simple WPF application that can read out text for you; using .NET framework's Speech API and Installed voices.
9 Aug 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
I would talk about Windows 10 from a developer's perspective. Windows 10 has not yet been released, but it is better to know the tool to get your hands ready to develop applications.
13 Jul 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I will go through different stages of programming a server/client application framework in native .NET framework using TCP protocol library of System.Net.Sockets namespace.
26 Aug 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article I will explain the steps to create a full featured standalone ASP.NET 5's Web API that can be used by Windows 10's native Universal Windows Runtime application.
26 Aug 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article I will explain Windows.Media.Capture namespace's MediaCapture element and how it can be used in Windows Runtime to create applications that make use of camera, for capturing photos and videos. Plus, the article shows how to capture the list of photos or videos that are recorded for p
22 Jul 2016
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this post, I am going to walk you through creating your own central hub to allow your connected devices to authenticate people using facial recognition system.
8 Aug 2017
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, Iqra Ali
Since I wrote an article previously, I had been asked on various occasions to share the code on Yahoo! or Bing, etc. I wanted to write an article, with the code, which covers all of those vendors as well.
28 Mar 2018
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this article, I will walk you through building an app with chat capability using Azure Redis Cache.
11 Jan 2017
This article is intended to deliver a kick start understanding about AngularJs 2.0 and Visual Studio.
20 Jan 2017
In this article, you will learn how to create console application in .NET Core with NoSQL- MongoDB.
15 Feb 2016
Ahmed Amer Jaf
Fast n Easy Way to parse Json data
30 Nov 2014
Ahmed Charfeddine
Websocket, SSL, Json, MySQL are all combined together with Push Framework to produce a C++ server that interacts with an Angularjs web front-end. The application shows the ease of implementing CRUD.
29 Jan 2016
An alternative Tor Browser built with C# using CefSharp and Tor.NET.
10 Apr 2016
This first part of the article presents how to inject a DLL inside lsass process by using Windows service
8 Sep 2014
Displaying a Message Box (similar to the MessageBox) using MVVM patterns in WPF
15 Jul 2018
Open source library for music engraving in desktop, mobile and web applications
14 Sep 2016
Using FullCalendar, jQuery, and MVC to give your web-app ready-to-go appointment diary functionality.
12 Dec 2013
Using NancyFX to provide a web-interface to a Windows service using VS 2013
30 Sep 2014
A whirlwind tour of how to implement search, filter and sort using KnockoutJS
20 Mar 2015
Using a tri-stack of cool tools to give live insight into the usually darkened room of Windows Services and other remote server hosted code...
18 Apr 2015
How to work with KnockoutJS arrays (simple and nested) in MVC
27 May 2015
How to develop a single page application (SPA) without a framework using MVC and SammyJS
29 Sep 2015
A solution to uploading large files in C# MVC
6 Sep 2016
How to scrape data from a website with C#
7 Mar 2016
Get on top of memory leaks and improve user experience when using JQuery/KnockoutJS in a SPA or SPA based Hybrid Mobile Application
29 Feb 2016
Fast way to post pre-prepared twitter updates, without using the API
7 Apr 2016
Designing a web crawler using C#
7 Apr 2016
Automate your webscrapes - build a point and click web scrape engine in Javascript and C#
20 Jul 2016
A useful pattern for transfer and dynamic storage of data and objects.
4 Sep 2016
Adding multi user and resource capabilities to Full Calendar in .Net MVC
21 Dec 2016
A quick look at data quality, and using expression trees to automate QA data testing
5 Feb 2017
Using the Google map API to plan routes, and work out the nearest destination from a starting point
8 Nov 2017
Using JSPlumb with ASP MVC to create flow-chart and work-flow applications
26 Nov 2014
Akhil Mittal
This article is an introduction to Knockout.js and CRUD Operations in ASP.NET Web Forms using Knockout.JS.
5 Jul 2016
Akhil Mittal
This article will focus on practical aspects of formatters andcontent negotiation in ASP.NET Web API
8 Feb 2017
Akhil Mittal
This article is focused on how a Visual Studio extension could be created.
14 Feb 2017
Akhil Mittal
In this article, I’ll explain how one can directly check in the Visual Studio extension to the GIT repository, and as soon as the extension is pushed to GIT repository, it automatically deploys to a staging server made on AppVeyor via Continuous Integration
8 Mar 2017
Akhil Mittal
In this article, I’ll explain how one can customize the basic VisualStudio Isolated shell application and add a custom extension to the shellapplication.
4 Apr 2017
Akhil Mittal
This article will explain how one can create their own custom collection class that can be iterated through.
12 May 2017
Akhil Mittal
This tutorial series on learning API with ASP.NET Core will focus on ASP.NET Corefeatures, request pipeline, how to create ASP.NET core API and how to use EntityFramework Core.
8 May 2017
Akhil Mittal
How to create API with ASP.NET Core
6 Jun 2017
Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll continue to explore the importance of statuscodes and practical examples as well. We’ll also explore resource creation andreturning the child resources as well.
8 Jan 2018
Akhil Mittal
This article covers Singleton Pattern in the most simplistic and easy to understand. The article will also talk about Static classes and the differences between singleton design pattern and static classes.
9 Jan 2018
Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll discuss Lazy initialization, the lazy keyword, why you make singleton class a sealed class and what are the differences between singleton and static class.
13 Mar 2018
Akhil Mittal
This article will not be very theoretical, but would be more of a tutorial to showcase the existing problems with tightly coupled applications, how to make the application loosely coupled and achieve inversion of control via dependency injection.
27 Sep 2018
Akhil Mittal
In this article, we look at how we can leverage Entity Framework approaches and, as per need, use those.
9 Oct 2018
Akhil Mittal
The intent of this article is to explain the concept of entity framework core, code first migrations and data annotations in entity framework core.
24 Jun 2015
Akki Kumar
Image Combobox in HTML is no longer a pain, thanks to JQuery and CSS
27 Jan 2017
Akshay Srinivasan2
This article describes a technique to quickly retrieve and present hierarchical information from a flat relational database table.
27 Jan 2017
Akshay Srinivasan2
Canvas Control Library provides highly customizable controls using the HTML5 Canvas element. Also includes a new Forms based system which is a new way to build your web pages and websites.
19 Nov 2014
Akshit Rana
In this article, I will explain how to implement Respository pattern and how to enable dependency injection feature to your MVC Application.
6 Jul 2015
Alaa Ben Fatma
Explore your MMSQL server tables in a professional way .
16 Apr 2016
Alaa Ben Fatma
Enable brackets & symbols autocompletion
11 Jun 2016
Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create a gorgeous CheckBox.
23 Aug 2016
Alaa Ben Fatma
Inherits the awesome style of Visual Studio's TabControl for better exploiting
2 Aug 2016
Alaa Ben Fatma
Gorgeous notification component for creating advanced notifications
14 Aug 2018
Alaa Ben Fatma
A visual scripting environment for R & data science.
17 Dec 2012
Alan Churchill
This is an alternative for "Transform between IEEE, IBM or VAX floating point number formats and bytes expressions"
26 Feb 2016
Alan Seedhouse
An Editor Control to edit both Flags and non-Flags Enums
30 Jan 2016
Alazar 9860585
Calculating the Probability of Related Events Based on Bayes' Theorem Using MongoDB Aggregation Framework in C#
23 May 2017
Alejandro Xalabarder
An efficient and flexible layout mananger.
10 Aug 2016
Aless Alessio
Design your solution and code your classes as loosely-coupled objects. Learn how to use MOQ and Ninject for mocking your Service and injecting it at runtime with Ninject.
5 Feb 2015
Alex Sanséau
As an introduction to Windows Azure, this article will guide you step by step to create your own private NuGet server in Windows Azure.
3 Jan 2018
Alex Schunk
This how-to shows the usage of Cauldron.Interception.Fody and its capabilities.
5 Jan 2018
Alex Schunk
Passing Parameters to a running application in WPF
23 Oct 2015
In this article, I will try to describe my vision on creation of simple 3-layer application based on .NET technologies.
21 Jan 2015
Alexander Chernosvitov
Object-oriented approach to Web Application developing using JavaScript
21 Jun 2017
Alexander Chernosvitov
Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
5 Nov 2017
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find yet another implementation of a web camera control.
17 Oct 2017
Alexander Iacobciuc
In this article you will find an implementation of a stream player control.
13 Nov 2017
Alexander Semjonov
The paper presents simplest byte-code formula compiler using C++ BNF-like embedded domain specific language (EDSL). It introduces BNFLite template library and implements byte-code for parallel computations.
19 Jun 2017
Alexander Sharykin
LibraryCommander is a personal desktop application to manage my texts (e-book) collection, classify and search them by categories and tags.
12 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
25 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.
12 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
21 Sep 2014
Alexei Shcherbakov
How to make almost universal NuGet 'System.Data.Sqlite' package for .NET and Mono
10 Dec 2016
Alexey Chernobaev
Date and time source interface allows to use different actual date and time sources (e.g. current system time or accelerated system time) in your C# code to simplify debugging, simulation, etc.
22 Jan 2018
Smart pointer that makes any object thread-safe for any operations, with the performance equal to that of optimized lock-free containers.
25 Jun 2017
We will detail the atomic operations and C++11 memory barriers and the assembler instructions generated by it on x86_64 CPUs
1 May 2017
Examples of use and testing of a thread-safe pointer and contention-free shared-mutex
9 Mar 2019
This paper demonstrates a technique of building Sprache parsers using grammar inheritance.
29 Aug 2016
Ali Adly
A simple example that shows how to create detail grid template at runtime using ASPxGridView
25 Feb 2015
A very easy way to drive PowerShell console application through MFC
23 Mar 2015
Allister Beharry
Overlord is an open-source .NET IoT management platform written in C# and running on Microsoft Azure.
2 Jan 2018
Altaf Ansari
Integration of SignalR with ASP.NET C# WebForm Application in Real-Time Chat Application
12 Nov 2015
Alvin Ashcraft
Open source software (OSS) development has reached the mainstream .NET community and created a whole new customer segment for development tools. Microsoft has responded to this need by creating the Visual Studio Community Edition.
9 Aug 2016
Alеksey Nemiro
Authorization users using OAuth for websites and programs. Using API of different providers: CodeProject Forums Viewer, Dropbox file
24 Jul 2016
Ameet Parse
Solving Producer Consumer Problem - Thread Safe Data Access for Shared Data
10 Aug 2016
Ameet Parse
Task Parallel Library - Getting Started with Blocking Collection
25 Nov 2015
Amir Dashti
Simply understand what happens when you use async/await keywords, what are the benefits and how to prevent deadlocks
30 May 2013
Amir Jalilifard
Creating a useful ASP.NET HTML Editor custom control.
20 Sep 2016
Amir Shahinkar
This article walks you through the steps of creating a single page application with ui-router.
26 Mar 2016
Amit Kumar Tiwari
.NET to Hadoop connection using Keytab file
3 Nov 2014
Yet another Basic .Net Wpf Mvvm Framework CRUD application – hands on in 14 (or so) easy steps for WPF/MVVM beginners / for practice.
27 Aug 2018
RunCmd is a windows batch file editor,runner utility. It can be used to automate our repetitive tasks using commandline batch files.
13 Nov 2014
JPickList is a simple JQuery plugin used to display Picklist of selection items. It can also be used to display hierarchical data in picklist format.
18 Jan 2018
Ammar Shaukat
Using XAML Progress Bar in WPF for Indeterminate Mode
1 Sep 2014
Andre van Dun
Flexible SVG tile based dashboard in C#
7 Jun 2016
Andreas Michael Kreuzer
This article is about collision detection for convex polytopes using the simplex method.
10 Jul 2014
Andreo Romera
In this first tutorial, we are going to learn how to make calls to a Web Api Rest Service using the NuGet Package WebApiRestService.WebApiClient
29 Aug 2017
Andreoli Carlo
Simple terrain generator and representation through WPF Viewport3D
28 Sep 2018
Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating fully connected ANNs and applying them to different tasks.
28 Oct 2018
Andrew Kirillov
The article demonstrates usage of ANNT library for creating convolutional ANNs and applying them to image classification tasks.
31 Dec 2016
Andrew Lai
This is Part 2 of my Raspberry Pi traffic light and weather station project - The mobile app
2 Aug 2017
Andrew Rissing
GenericParser is a C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files.
18 Feb 2015
Andrew Whiddett
This is an alternative for "Tutorial for a Basic WPF – MVVM Project Using Entity Framework"
22 Sep 2014
A brief look at a technique mapping tables to a basic business layer.
21 Sep 2017
Andy Bantly
Visualizing the Mandelbrot set using multiple threads of execution.
14 Jan 2018
Andy Bantly
An application to keep score of a bowling game with a hand-written looking score card
10 Sep 2018
Andy De Filippo
GDI+ does not support rendering of Rich Text and this has always represented a challenge for developers. The approach described in this article offers a solution to such limitation by tapping into the power of API hooking.
16 Oct 2015
Andy Feng
The article introduces a complete C# solution to grab Html data through POST request from remote server and extract fields from the Html source through parsing its DOM structure.
20 Oct 2015
Andy Feng
Serilog is a portable and structured logging framework to record diagnostic logs into files, console and SQL/NoSQL databases.
14 Apr 2018
Andy Galluzzi
This is yet another MMF IPC data transfer class, but with the particularities of a logging tool: it has one operative process that simply collects all the logged data and one or more passive process that generates and writes the log information.
14 Apr 2018
Andy Galluzzi
Join me to create the most advanced yet most simple to use full duplex MMF based IPC for Windows
20 May 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Write your next CodeProject article using CodeProject.Show, a WinForms application
22 Mar 2018
Angel Gabriel Valdés Sarduy
This project is an ASPNET Core MVC site with a generic controller for CRUD and searchs.
10 Aug 2014
Anis Derbel
It's Time to make Money with your Apps
20 Jan 2017
Ansel Castro
The article shows how to render 3D graphics with C# in .NET using an API Igneel.Graphics.
7 Mar 2017
Ansel Castro
Describes the basic steps to render height maps using the graphics engine of Igneel
12 Jul 2017
Ansel Castro
Develop SOLID back-ends exposed through a REST API with ODATA support and DTO mapping using Enterlib.NET.
15 Aug 2014
These classes should solve the multi-threaded issues plaguing the collection classes for good.
13 Apr 2015
Anton Chibisov
This tutorial showcases how to implement C++ delegates which are capable of being bound to methods and functions having arbitrary signature, i.e., any number and type of parameters and return value.
16 Oct 2017
Anton Kleshchev
Coding jQuery widget to accept Bitcoin payments
5 Oct 2014
Antonio Ripa
A real world implementation of a Many to Many relation using MVC5 and Entity Framework
20 Dec 2015
Anup Raghavendra Hosur
In this article we will be discussing about unit testing and Rhino Mocks
27 Dec 2015
Anup Raghavendra Hosur
This article is about serialization and deserialization in c#
22 Aug 2014
Anurag Gandhi
A custom GridView control which provides you an additional facility to group the data in gridview along with the facility to customise the Group Header and Group Footer
25 Aug 2014
Anurag Gandhi
A simplified approach to group grid view data in mvc
5 Sep 2014
Anurag Gandhi
A Grid/Report control in Asp.Net MVC with pivot option
19 Mar 2017
Anurag Gandhi
An html 2d game to describe some basic game development tips in html/css and javascript.
19 Oct 2014
Anurag Gandhi
This article provides you the simplified ways to implement batch editing (inline editing in gridview/repeater) using angular.js
26 Jan 2017
Anurag Gandhi
1 alternative  
A general purpose quiz application in angularJs that can be used anywhere
18 Dec 2015
Anurag Gandhi
A group Sudoku game to demonstrate the usage of SignalR in AngularJs application
5 Mar 2017
Anurag Gandhi
A general purpose quiz application in angular 2 that can be used to run quizzes, mock tests, surveys, etc. This is an updated version for "Quiz Application in AngularJs".
13 Mar 2017
You can show a map in your WPF application with the Google Maps API v3.
11 Jul 2014
Arindam Jha
Understanding of complex jQuery Datatable tricks and Save it's state in SQL Server with a basic concepts of jQyuery template. Sample Application used .NET 4.5, Entityt Framework.
14 Sep 2016
This article explains how to get code coverage from website, web application , web service, stanalone executable etc..
22 Sep 2014
How to Embed Python interpreter in your C/C++ code and dynamically change the code path of compiled native code.
28 Aug 2013
Aron Kovacs
This is an alternative for "fastJSON"
25 Dec 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we'll demonstrate the implementation of k-means clustering algorithm to produce recommendations.
10 Dec 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll demonstrate an approach the allows to increase the performance (up to 600%) of the code that implements the conventional distribution counting algorithm (DCA) using NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 Runtime API
1 Feb 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will discuss about the implementation of the SVD++ AI data mining algorithm to produce recommendations based on ratings prediction
29 Aug 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
This article demonstrates the development of code in C# implementing famous k-means clustering algorithm to perform graphical raster image segmentation.
27 Apr 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will formulate and discuss CLOPE data mining clustering algorithm that allows to drastically increase the quality and efficiency of categorized data clustering and can be easily used for recommendation-specific purposes
16 Dec 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we'll discuss an approach of using jQuery's Ajax requests to implement an indexed search filter based on an example of creating a simple phone book web application with ASP.NET MVC.
1 Jul 2015
Arthur V. Ratz
The following article describes how to implement sorting of custom non-generic collections by overriding the functionality of the generic IComparable and IComparer interfaces used by the LINQ’s Enumerable.OrderBy clause aggregate method.
14 Jul 2015
Arthur V. Ratz
This article demostrates the C++ code that implements AI binary distribution evolutionary algorithm for finding the "nearest" neighbor values of the given value of x in the array of N elements.
17 Nov 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we’ll introduce the new fast sorting algorithm that can be used to sort arrays with typically huge amount (about 10^8-10^10) of data items, based on the idea of using an improved 3-way quicksort algorithm.
20 Nov 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP performance library to deliver a modern parallel code that implements an efficient parallel sorting algorithm
22 Aug 2015
Arthur V. Ratz
This article demonstrates how to implement the Huffman adaptive compression alogrithm to compress graphics images of 256 colors depth and other multimedia files
11 Mar 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we’ll formulate and thoroughly discuss about probabilistic Bayesian classification algorithm and its implementation in Node.JS and JavaScript that can be actively used to detect and locate messages containing potential spam and other unsolicited data.
2 Sep 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers

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