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How to get property name using Expression

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16 Dec 2011CPOL 17.1K   4   7
How to get property name using Expression
Expression Trees
Expression trees represent code in a tree-like data structure where each node is an expression, for example, a method call or a binary operation such as x < y.

Using the above feature, we can retrieve the property name of class:

class County
  int CountryCode;
  string CountryName;

To retreive the name of property: "CountryName" of class, we build the following expression:

Country c = new Country();
Expression<Func<string>> exp =() => c.ContryName;
string propName = exp.Body.ToString().Substring(exp.Body.ToString().LastIndexOf('.') + 1);

Use of the GetProperty in this case is redundant, because we need to know the property name to call the method.

Please let me know if it is useful.


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Daniel Gidman21-Dec-11 8:01
professionalDaniel Gidman21-Dec-11 8:01 

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