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Show/hide elements dynamically in web page

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6 Feb 2012CPOL
Show/hide elements dynamically in web page


How to Show/hide elements dynamically in web page via Server-side/client-side. Let's take a DIV for example:


<div id="Div1"  runat="server">

//To show
Div1.Visible = true;
//To hide
Div1.Visible = false;

Client-side - JavaScript

Using Visibility property
div = document.getElementById('<%=Div1.ClientID%>')
//To show"visible";
//To hide"hidden";

Using display property:
div = document.getElementById('<%=Div1.ClientID%>')
//To show"block";
//To hide"none";

Client-side - jQuery
//To show
//To hide

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Comments and Discussions

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t4nu17-Dec-14 14:39
membert4nu17-Dec-14 14:39 
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thatraja18-Dec-14 15:37
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Anton Levshunov6-Feb-12 11:26
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GeneralRe: Yep, I forgot to include the ClientIDs. Now I have updated t... Pin
thatraja6-Feb-12 20:47
protectorthatraja6-Feb-12 20:47 

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Posted 5 Feb 2012


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