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Providing session state in ASP.NET WebAPI

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21 Dec 2012CPOL2 min read 140.1K   19   15
Describes how to ensure session state within the ASP.NET WebAPI.


With help of this trick you can provide session state in you RESTful WebApi services. 

Many of the devs like to use WCF REST, but on my opinion ASP.NET team provided us with mode powerful technology to develop more powerful REST services. Special thanks to them for that.  

I have written this tip at frst time, and I hope people do not find it arrogant, it is certainly not meant to be . 


As far as you probably know, by default, HTTP (and by extension, REST) is stateless – and as a result each HTTP request should carry enough information by itself for its recipient to process it to be in complete harmony with the stateless nature of HTTP. 

In order to provide session support, we will need to create 2 custom components:

IRouteHandler, to replace the default HttpControllerRouteHandler and to tell the ASP.NET pipeline to go to our custom HttpControllerHandler

– customized HttpControllerHandler, which will mark the route as being session enabled and then go back to the Web API execution pipeline. 

Web API routing, is operating on the same underlying ASP.NET RouteCollection, and therefore similar principles apply. ASP.NET has a concept of IRouteHandler which is a property on a System.Web.Routing.Route class and is responsible for processing HTTP requests for a route. By default, all Web API routes use HttpControllerRouteHandler which doesn’t do much, except handing over the HttpContexBase to HttpControllerHandler

Using the code

To enforce session in WebApi we need to use IRequiresSessionState markable attribute which is only need for notifying ASP environment about providing session state on a specific module.

So as a result our self implemented HttpControllerHandler will be looked quite simple: 

public class SessionableControllerHandler : HttpControllerHandler, IRequiresSessionState 
    public SessionableControllerHandler(RouteData routeData)
        : base(routeData)

So know we need only to plug our newly created SessionControllerHandler to routing workflow. To do it we need to implement module which will inherits IRouteHandler interface and in GetHttpHandler method just return new instance of session controller handler.   

 public class SessionStateRouteHandler : IRouteHandler 
    IHttpHandler IRouteHandler.GetHttpHandler(RequestContext requestContext)
       return new SessionableControllerHandler(requestContext.RouteData);

And last one.

We need in route registration add our route selection, for example: 

    name: "DefaultApi",
    routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}",
    defaults: new { id = RouteParameter.Optional }
).RouteHandler = new SessionStateRouteHandler();  

vual ahhh 

Our code  is done. 

To check the performance capacity of this approach lets do the next :  

public class TestController : ApiController 
 public TestController()
 public string GetFromSession()
   if ((HttpContext.Current.Session["SomeData"] as string) == null)
      HttpContext.Current.Session["SomeData"] = "Hello from session";
   return (HttpContext.Current.Session["SomeData"] as string);

If you debug the code above few times, then you will see, that at first time of invoking GetFromsession method in API controller, we will store some data in Session environment primarily,and all consequent execution of that method, will get this value from session storage and push it back to the wire.   

Maybe my naming convention of classes sounds strange, but it's done only for evaluation purposes. Feel free with your own flavour of naming Smile | <img src=  


No history is available, this is the first version. 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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