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Integrated College Management System[Credit Hours Sys.] --Part 1-- Class Library & Database

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21 May 2005CC (ASA 2.5)
This project is established for helping students to make registration easily. It also simplifies this process for both students and employees and prevent usual problems the Credit Hours System faces.


This project is established for helping students to make registration easily. It also simplifies this process for both students and employees and prevent usual problems Credit Hours System faces. Registration Process is available from anywhere so that it is more easy and comfortable to register electronically and this will relieve the college from any chaotic crowdedness. Students will find it more easy and comfortable to register through the site. An employee will be more productive and he will achieve these works freely and from any place. It is the end of conflict between lectures' times and places. This project will organize exams, their places and times. It will also provide students with their results.

Project Analysis & Design

Use Case Model

Image 1

Click here to view the Use Case Diagram.

User Actor: User is a person who enters the site for the first time to make his registration and create account. User actor can do the following:

  • Create account.
  • Login.
  • Get forgotten password.
  • Help.

Student Actor: Student is the nerve center of the system as most processes are made for him. Student can do the following:

  • Registration within specific time.
  • Withdrawal.
  • Add/Remove Subjects within specific time.
  • Result.
  • Lecture table query.
  • Report of taken and not taken subjects.
  • Modify account/Sign Out.
  • Help.

Doctor actor can achieve the following:

  • Lecture table query.
  • Marks registration.
  • Reports.
  • Modify account/Sign Out.

College Dean Actor: can benefit from the site. He can follow the whole process of registration in the site. With great permissions, he can insert, update and delete from the database. He can add doctors, office managers and also delete them. He can do the following:

  • Add/Remove/Update Doctor.
  • Add/Remove/Update Office Manager.
  • Grant/Deny Permissions.
  • Reports.

Office Manager Actor: (or Student Department Manager) can achieve several tasks through the site. He has a great role in leading the process of registration. He administers the whole process and organizes it. He can do the following:

  • Create/Add/Change lecture table.
  • Allow late registration.
  • Add employee.
  • Grant permissions to employees.
  • Reports.
  • Modify account/Sign Out.

Employees Actor: will greatly benefit from the site. They will be relieved from tensions and boring manual registration. Their energy will be saved for other important works so that he can do his best in all works and output good results. He can do the following:

  • Add New Students.
  • Edit Student Main Page News.
  • Reports.
  • Modify account/Sign Out.

Class Diagram

Image 2

Click Here to view Class Diagram.

Person Class

It is represented as a base class that is inherited by other child classes such as Student, Doctor, Employee and other classes. Person class has many properties and methods that help it to achieve its tasks. For example, it contains properties such as name, password, username and email that are considered main data of any person who deals with the site. It contains functions ( methods) such as loginfun, forgetpassword, modifyaccount, Createaccount that are considered as the main functions for any actor that deals with the system.

Student Class

Student class is used to point out the role of a student in the system. This class has many properties such as studentlevel, Late, Department, crrentTerm that identify a certain student. It also contains some methods as GenerateSerial, RegstNow and AddRemoveWithdrow that simplify actions made by students such as having a serial, registration process and withdraw from subjects respectively.

StudentResult Class

This class is used to show the results of students. There are many properties such as EndTermResul, MidTermResult, StudentSerial and StudentName that shows results of second term, first term, student name and serial respectively. There is also StudentResult method that returns results of students.

LateStudent Class :

This class is used to handle students of late registration. This class has two properties: name and serial, that are used to return names and serials of students that have late registration.

Doctor Class

Doctor class is used to handle doctor usage of the system. There are many properties and methods for achieving that. Examples of Doctor class properties are GetDepartment, GetDescription, GetLecTable and GetScientificDegree are used to show a doctor's department, description of a certain doctor, lecture table of a doctor and scientific degree of a doctor respectively. Examples of Doctor class methods such as GetSerial and MarkRegistration that enables a doctor to obtain his serial and makes his registration respectively.

CollegeManager Class

This class is used to handle the role of the Dean of College. It contains a lot of methods. Examples of these methods are : AddDoctor, AddReg_Office_Manager, ModefiyDoctorInfo and ModefiyReg_Office_ManagerInfo. These methods enable the Dean to add new doctors, add a new office manager, modify doctor and office manager information respectively.

Reg_Office_Manager Class

This class is used to handle the role of Office Manager in the system. It contains Getcurrenttable property that enables Office Manager to create and modify lecture table. This class contains also several methods such as AddEmployee, EmployeePermission, GenerateSerial, LateRegistration, LateStudents and others. These methods enable him to add an employee, grant permissions to employees, obtain his serial, allow late registration and specify its conditions and rules, and get names of students who registered lately respectively.

Employee Class

This class is used to handle the role of employees in the system. It has myrole property that points out the role of an employee. It has also several methods such as AddStudent, GenerateSerial and ModefiyStudentInfo that are used to add new student, obtain serial and modify student data respectively.

EmployeeRole Class

This class is used to point out an employee role in the system. It contains some properties such as Department, DepartmentName, Description and RoleName. These properties enable an employee to get department serial, department name, role description, and role name respectively.

Subject Class

This class is used to point out subjects taken by a certain student. It shows credit hours related to a certain subject, prerequisites of that subject and so on. This class contains a lot of properties and methods. Properties examples: GetCreatedHoure, GetDescription, GetLecturHoure, GetLabHoure and GetPrereguisite. These properties return subject credit hours, subject description, the time of subject lecture, the time of subject labs and subject prerequisites respectively. Examples of methods: HavePrerequisite, SetTrust and ThisSubjectInPrerequisite. These methods explain if a subject has prerequisites, if it is trusted (i.e. selected from the database) and if it is considered a prerequisite for other subjects.

SubjectLecture Class

SubjectLecture class is used to show information about a subject lecture as its location, doctor name, date and subject. There are some properties and methods that serve the previous tasks. SubLocation, DoctorName and date are examples of class properties. They show subject location, name of the doctor of that subject and date of the lecture respectively. SubjectLecture constructor is used to show subject information such as lecture time, location, subject name and information that were discussed in the previous properties.

MyTimeLec Class

This class is used to handle the day and time of a certain lecture. It uses properties such as MyDayOfWeek, Start and End. These properties show the day, start time and end time of a lecture respectively. The class uses also MyTimeLec constructor that returns the previous properties.

Location Class

This class is used to provide the system with information about a certain location. There are some properties that execute these tasks such as Description, MaxCapacity, Name and Type. These properties show location description, available capacity, location name and type ( rooms, benches, etc.) . IsFreeLecNow method is a boolean method that shows if a certain location is free or not at a specified time.

Table Class

This class is a very essential class for the performance of other classes. It has many methods and properties that manipulate the process of addition and deletion from database. It has properties such as DoctorPlan, StudentPlan, LocationPlan and TimePlan that identify a doctor's plan for teaching certain subjects, a student plan for taking certain subjects, the schedule of a certain location ( a group of subjects will be taken in that location ) and the schedule of a certain time ( that time will be reserved for certain subjects ). This has also several methods, for example, Clear, GetCredetHour and RetrieveSubjectLect methods. Clear method clears the contents of the table. GetCredetHour method returns the credit hours of a certain subject. RetrieveSubjectLect method returns lectures of a certain subject.

QuareTable Class

This class is used by almost all actors of the system. It inherits its contents from Table class and helps each actor to perform his query from the database. It has a constructor that executes that query. It helps Student, Reg_Office_Manager and Doctor classes to perform their tasks.

Group Class

This class is used to handle subject groups in the system. It contains several methods and properties that extract, add and remove subjects from groups. Examples of properties: GetName property that returns group name, and GetSerial property that returns group serial. Examples of methods: AddSubjectSerial method that adds a subject serial to its group, GetSubjectSerial method that returns a subject serial from its group, and RemoveSerialFromGroup method that remove a subject serial from a group.

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Posted 21 May 2005


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