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Posted 17 Dec 2008
Licenced CPOL

Maintaining States of Selected CheckBoxes in Different Pages inside the GridView

, 25 Dec 2008
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This article describes how to manage states of the Checkboxes inside the GridView in different pages.


Here, I am going to present how to maintain selected CheckBoxes’ states in different pages inside the GridView control.


If you have a Gmail account then probably you have observed a great feature of maintaining selected CheckBoxes states in different pages on Inbox Grid, i.e. suppose that you are in the first page of your Inbox & select some mails through CheckBoxes & move to the second page. You also select some mails there and further move to the next page. Finally you return back to the first/second page where you find that all the previously selected mails are already selected. This means that Gmail maintains all the selected mails’ states in deferent pages of Inbox Grid. Now if you select mails in different pages of the Inbox Grid & click Delete link, then only current page’s selected mails are deleted. But my clients wanted some more advanced features. Actually my client’s requirement was to delete all pages’ selected mails by clicking on Delete link. So I started to work on it & finally came up with this solution.

Implementation Details

To implement this functionality, I've divided it into three parts:

  • Selecting / Deselecting all the CheckBoxes Inside a GridView.
    I've achieved this functionality using HeaderClick & ChildClick JavaScript methods.
  • Restoring selected CheckBoxes states Inside a GridView for particular pages.
    I've achieved this functionality by invoking RestoreState method in the window.onload event.
  • Storing selected Checkboxes Row-Ids.
    I've used HiddenField hdnFldSelectedValues for this purpose. It maintains Row-Ids of selected CheckBoxes’ separated by ‘|’.


I have used a TemplateField inside the GridView & put a CheckBox and a HiddenField in the ItemTemplate as well as another CheckBox in the HeaderTemplate of the TemplateField. To identify each GridView Row uniquely, I've used AutoIncrement column in the datasource & bind it to the HiddenField hdnFldId. But it can be anything, e.g. row id from the database, etc.

<asp:GridView ID="gvCheckboxes" runat="server" 

	AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowPaging="True"        


      <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Select">
            <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxSelect" runat="server" />
            <asp:HiddenField ID="hdnFldId" runat="server" Value='<%# Eval("Id") %>' />
         <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="50px" />
         <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="50px" />
            <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxHeader" onclick="javascript:HeaderClick(this);" 

		runat="server" />
         <asp:BoundField DataField="RandomNo" HeaderText="Random Number">
         <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="150px" />
         <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="150px" />
      <asp:BoundField DataField="Date" HeaderText="Date">
         <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="75px" />
         <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="75px" />
      <asp:BoundField DataField="Time" HeaderText="Time">
         <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="100px" />
         <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="100px" />
   <RowStyle BackColor="Moccasin" />
   <AlternatingRowStyle BackColor="NavajoWhite" />
   <HeaderStyle BackColor="DarkOrange" Font-Bold="True" ForeColor="White" />

I've also added a HiddenFiled in the page to keep track of Row-Ids of corresponding selected CheckBoxes.

<asp:HiddenField ID="hdnFldSelectedValues" runat="server" />

Attaching Click Events

I've attached onclick event on header CheckBox as:

<asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxHeader" 

	onclick="javascript:HeaderClick(this);" runat="server" />

I've also attached onclick event on each Row-CheckBox through RowDataBound event of the GridView as:

if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow && 
	(e.Row.RowState == DataControlRowState.Normal ||
                e.Row.RowState == DataControlRowState.Alternate))
   CheckBox chkBxSelect = (CheckBox)e.Row.Cells[0].FindControl("chkBxSelect");
   CheckBox chkBxHeader = (CheckBox)this.gvCheckboxes.HeaderRow.FindControl
   HiddenField hdnFldId = (HiddenField)e.Row.Cells[0].FindControl("hdnFldId");
   chkBxSelect.Attributes["onclick"] = string.Format
                                          chkBxHeader.ClientID, hdnFldId.Value.Trim()

Page’s window.onload Event

I've used window.onload event to initialize global variables as well as to restore the previous states of all CheckBoxes in a particular column inside the GridView.

//Reference of the GridView. 
var TargetBaseControl = null;
//Total no of checkboxes in a particular column inside the GridView.
var CheckBoxes;
//Total no of checked checkboxes in a particular column inside the GridView.
var CheckedCheckBoxes;
//Array of selected item's Ids.
var SelectedItems;
//Hidden field that will contain string of selected item's Ids separated by '|'.
var SelectedValues;
window.onload = function()
   //Get reference of the GridView. 
      TargetBaseControl = document.getElementById('<%= this.gvCheckboxes.ClientID %>');
      TargetBaseControl = null;
   //Get total no of checkboxes in a particular column inside the GridView.
      CheckBoxes = parseInt('<%= this.gvCheckboxes.Rows.Count %>');
      CheckBoxes = 0;
   //Get total no of checked checkboxes in a particular column inside the GridView.
   CheckedCheckBoxes = 0;
   //Get hidden field that will contain string of selected item's Ids separated by '|'.
   SelectedValues = document.getElementById('<%= this.hdnFldSelectedValues.ClientID %>');
   //Get an array of selected item's Ids.
   if(SelectedValues.value == '')
      SelectedItems = new Array();
      SelectedItems = SelectedValues.value.split('|');
   //Restore selected CheckBoxes' states.
   if(TargetBaseControl != null)

GridView’s Header Checkbox’s Click Event

This event gets fired whenever GridView’s header CheckBox is clicked. In this event, states of all Row-CheckBoxes is changed depending upon the state of the header CheckBox as well as Id of each Row is maintained in the SelectedItems array if header CheckBox is checked, else removed from the SelectedItems array. Values of SelectedValues <code><code>HiddenField & CheckedCheckBoxes counter are also updated in this event.

function HeaderClick(CheckBox)
    //Get all the control of the type INPUT in the base control.
    var Inputs = TargetBaseControl.getElementsByTagName('input');
    //Checked/Unchecked all the checkBoxes in side the GridView & 
    //modify selected items array.
    for(var n = 0; n < Inputs.length; ++n)
        if(Inputs[n].type == 'checkbox' && Inputs[n].id.indexOf('chkBxSelect',0) >= 0)
            Inputs[n].checked = CheckBox.checked;
    //Update Selected Values. 
    SelectedValues.value = SelectedItems.join('|');
    //Reset Counter
    CheckedCheckBoxes = CheckBox.checked ? CheckBoxes : 0;

GridView’s Rows Checkboxes’s Click Event

This event gets fired whenever any CheckBox of GridView’s Rows CheckBoxes is clicked. In this event, first CheckedCheckBoxes counter is updated & state of the header CheckBox is changed accordingly. After that entry for Row-Id containing this particular ChecBox is maintained/removed in/from the SelectedItems array. Then value of SelectedValues HiddenField is updated from the SelectedItems array.

function ChildClick(CheckBox, HCheckBox, Id)
   //Modify Counter;            
   if(CheckBox.checked && CheckedCheckBoxes < CheckBoxes)
   else if(CheckedCheckBoxes > 0) 
   //Change state of the header CheckBox.
   if(CheckedCheckBoxes < CheckBoxes)
      HCheckBox.checked = false;
   else if(CheckedCheckBoxes == CheckBoxes)
      HCheckBox.checked = true;
   //Modify selected items array.
   //Update Selected Values. 
   SelectedValues.value = SelectedItems.join('|');

RestoreState Method

This method is invoked in the window.onload event. This method is basically used to restore the previous states of all CheckBoxes in a particular column inside the GridView in deferent pages. If the entry of a particular CheckBox is found in the SelectedItems array, then its state becomes checked. After that state of the header CheckBox is also updated.

function RestoreState()
   //Get all the control of the type INPUT in the base control.
   var Inputs = TargetBaseControl.getElementsByTagName('input');
   //Header CheckBox
   var HCheckBox = null;
   //Restore previous state of the all checkBoxes in side the GridView.
   for(var n = 0; n < Inputs.length; ++n)
      if(Inputs[n].type == 'checkbox' && Inputs[n].id.indexOf('chkBxSelect',0) >= 0)
		('chkBxSelect','hdnFldId')).value) > -1)
            Inputs[n].checked = true;          
            Inputs[n].checked = false;   
      else if(Inputs[n].type == 'checkbox' && 
		Inputs[n].id.indexOf('chkBxHeader',0) >= 0) 
         HCheckBox = Inputs[n];  
   //Change state of the header CheckBox.
   if(CheckedCheckBoxes < CheckBoxes)
      HCheckBox.checked = false;
   else if(CheckedCheckBoxes == CheckBoxes)
      HCheckBox.checked = true;  

DeleteItem Method

This method is used to remove an entry for a particular CheckBox from the SelectedItems array.

function DeleteItem(Text)
   var n = IsItemExists(Text);
   if( n > -1)

IsItemExists Method

This method is used to check whether an entry for a particular CheckBox exists in the SelectedItems array or not.

function IsItemExists(Text)
   for(var n = 0; n < SelectedItems.length; ++n)
      if(SelectedItems[n] == Text)
         return n;
      return -1;  

Deleting Selected Items From Different Pages

Now finally to delete all selected CheckBoxes in all different pages. Simply get all the selected Ids & delete selected items using appropriate method in the Link's/Button's delete event handler as:

protected void btnDelete_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   //Get Ids
   string[] IDs = hdnFldSelectedValues.Value.Trim().Split('|');
   //Code for deleting items
   foreach (string Item in IDs)
      //Call appropriate method for deletion operation.


So this is my solution. If you have some other ideas about this functionality, please share them with me.

Supporting Browsers

I have tested this functionality using the following browsers:



  • 18th December, 2008 -- Original version posted
  • 26th December, 2008 -- Article updated


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Technical Lead Infogain India Pvt Ltd
India India

Samir NIGAM is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He is an insightful IT professional with results-driven comprehensive technical skill having rich, hands-on work experience n web-based applications using ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, Web Service, WCF, jQuery, Microsoft Enterprise Library , LINQ, MS Entity Framework, nHibernate, MS SQL Server & SSRS.

He has earned his master degree (MCA) from U.P. Technical University, Lucknow, INDIA, his post graduate dipoma (PGDCA ) from Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology, Allahabad, INDIA and his bachelor degree (BSc - Mathematics) from University of Allahabad, Allahabad, INDIA.

He has good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, n-Tier Architecture, SOLID Principle, and Algorithm Analysis & Design as well as good command over cross-browser client side programming using JavaScript & jQuery,.


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