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Posted 10 Jun 2004


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20 Jun 2004CPOL2 min read
An easy way to change the look of a CStatic.

Sample Image - CFontStatic.gif


I was looking for a way to show text in different fonts one day, but I couldn't find any code that fitted the purpose for what I needed, so I decided to write a class for it. Since the class has been an asset to me when programming dialog-based applications, I've decided to release it here.

I know that this class isn't perfect, because there's always something that can be done more efficient; but if you have got any complaints or remarks, then constructive criticism is more than welcome.

CFontStatic: The class

The CFontStatic class is (as the name reveals) derived from CStatic but has three slight differences: the functions SetFontStyle, SetBackground, and SetFontStatic.


void CFontStatic::SetFontStyle(DWORD dwStyle)

This function is, in most of the cases, only used indirectly. It takes a DWORD as an argument. The different kind of styles are represented by defines that you can find in the section "The style defines".


void CFontStatic::SetBackground(DWORD dwBgColor)

This function sets the background color of the client rect. If this isn't used, the text's background will be transparent. You set the color by using the macro RGB. I.e., RGB(255,0,255).


void CFontStatic::SetFontStatic(CString szFont, 
             int nSize, DWORD dwColor, DWORD dwStyle)

This is the main function in the class and it is used to set the font.

  • CString szFont

    This is the font's name. I.e., "Arial".

  • int nSize

    This is the font's size in pixels.

  • DWORD dwColor

    The color of the text.

  • DWORD dwStyle

    The style of the text. See the section "The style defines" for information.

The style defines

There are different kinds of styles that can be used:


Using CFontStatic

Step 1:

Declare an instance of CStatic and locate the declaration in the .h file. Change the declaration from CStatic to CFontStatic. Don't forget to include FontStatic.h in your project.

Step 2:

Let's use the font "Arial", size 25, and set the color of the text to white. Also make the text italic, bold, and antialiased.

// Set the font to arial, size 25 and the color white.
// The text should be italic, bold and antialiased.
                       FS_ITALIC | FS_BOLD | FS_ANTIALIAS);
// Set the background of the rect to black

Or if you want to use the default font with no background color:

// The text should be bold and underlined.
m_example.SetFontStyle(FS_BOLD | FS_UNDERLINED);

Or if you want to use the font "MS Sans Serif" with the color red and center it in the rect:

// The text should now be centered and red.
m_example.SetFontStatic("MS Sans Serif",12, 

Or if... You get the point. ;)

Step 3:

Now you may want to change the text of the static control. This is done as usual with the SetWindowText function.

// Set the text in the CFontStatic
m_example.SetWindowText("Hello World!");


  • 2004-06-21

    Corrected some minor spelling-errors.

  • 2004-06-12

    Changed some minor errors and added an enlarged version of the screenshot.

  • 2004-06-11

    This article was written.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Patrik Svensson
Software Developer
Sweden Sweden
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