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How to read the text below?

00682000000000265000450000100080000000200100000800  300170001800500260003500700260
00610140023000870160006001100170035001160200046001  510240006001970250022002030260
00600225037000500231044003000236044002000266045001  000286045001500296045003100311
045003700342048003700379#‰†„‚‚†#›�  �¨íŠ ›øö#}Giesecke, Joan{#¬øñ äõóü õ¢þ¤þ– î—‘
"¡‘÷ù#÷øª—ù ›øö ðþ¨íŠ "˜ õí÷þñ#^a—ú¤ö^bî—‘"¢¤^cˆˆ�  �#€‚‚ «#î—‘"¢¤Ý ƒ: . õ¢þ
¤þ– î—‘"¡‘÷ùÝ ‚#}Fundamentals of library supervision, c2005.{#÷õ‘þù#†ó鉚/Š‚ˆ†Š
}Z{^aˆˆƒ#‰/ƒ‚€#}BF{#î—‘"¡‘÷ùû‘ -- õ¢þ¤þ– õ÷¢ö#õ÷¢ö -- ¨¤•¤¨—ü#õí÷þñŠ "–
#}McNeil, Beth{#¤þ‘Ÿü÷þ‘Š ÷¬¤–Š …ƒƒ - Š õ—¤›ô#›õ‘óü õúõøŽýŠ Ÿõþ¢¤®‘Š ƒ…ƒ -Š õ—
¤›ô#^c}978--600-5489-04-0 :{^d€€€…„ ¤þ‘ñ##

I have used a StreamReader for reading file. How do I show the data in UI ?
Updated 14-May-11 6:06am
Chil Umez 14-May-11 12:46pm    
You want to just read that as binary file and show or convert that file to redable format and show?
yesotaso 14-May-11 16:43pm    
Have you seen Billy Madison?

1 solution

That is really not an easy question to answer, because we have no idea what part of that file is "data" as far as you are concerned.

There is text in there, I can read it, but my guess is that is a library index of some form.

Author: Joan Giesecke
Title: Fundamentals of library supervision, c2005.
Publisher: McNeil, Beth
ISBN: 978--600-5489-04-0 (could be just an EAN-13 barcode, holding an ISBN - 978 is the right code prefix for that).

Computerised processing? Much more complex, and I would rather have the file format spec. You could work it out probably, if you had half a dozen or so samples, though.

Good luck: you will probably have to do some work to find out the file format, and then write your own processor to parse it.
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Kim Togo 14-May-11 12:40pm    
Nice answer. And correct with file format specification.

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