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I decided to start to learn web programming and as a first serious project I want to build a stocks/cryptography portfolio, where user sign in and add their holdings of specific stocks/coins. Users can see the current evaluation of their portfolio, or inspect various types of charts. I would like to host my app in the cloud, so that everyone on the internet can access it. Such sites(with lots of other features) are or .

I have no idea what technologies to use, I know there are plenty of options, so that makes it very difficult for me to make a choice. I would like to use modern but popular technologies, which ideally are relatively easy to learn. I googled for an hour or so, and these technologies were mentioned:

- Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Run, Firebase (+ Firebase Realtime Database,  Firebase Realtime 
  Database, Firebase authentication)
- All kind of products from AWS
- Docker, Kubernetes
- Angular, React
- NodeJS, Express
- Python(for backend)

I'd prefer Google Cloud products over their AWS alternatives. I have some experience with Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, NodeJS + Express, and Python. I have no experience with GCP or AWS, but I think I'd enjoy learning them. 
So, what technologies (from the ones above, or others), would you recommend for my basic project ? The project basically needs cloud hosting, user authentication and database storage.

Thanks for your time :)

What I have tried:

Browsing the net for advice, but found lots of different technologies recommended.
Updated 8-Dec-20 0:12am
[no name] 7-Dec-20 17:35pm    
Like asking what car to buy when you haven't passed your driver's exam. The parts don't get slapped together in just any order (or overnight). Put a few years aside if you don't have another solution you can copy from.
cpper2 7-Dec-20 17:59pm    
I don't plant to do this project overnight. I'm ok if it takes a year or more. I'm just not sure what technologies I should start to learn.

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This is somewhat off-topic for this forum, the answers by nature cannot be "quick" nor objective. This is not a forum for expressing opinions but for solving specific problems.

You might be better off putting this into one of the discussion forums e.g. Design and Architecture Discussion Boards[^]

You should also consider looking at the list of questions to the right of this page under the "Related Questions" title
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cpper2 8-Dec-20 14:38pm    
I wasn't aware of the Design and Architecture section. It seems to me there is no way to move the topic there, so I'm gonna create a new one. Hopefully it's not a problem. I'll also take a look at the related topic, thank you.
CHill60 9-Dec-20 3:54am    
Yeah - we don't have the "move" thing here, so shouldn't be a problem. Good luck!

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