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by Alex Pumpet
A simple program for comparing table data from two sources - SQL databases, Excel, CSV or XML-files
by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by shunninghuang
CPS1 emulator, ROM hacking

Latest Articles

by Elmue
An easy to use 3D control which can be integrated into an application in a few minutes
by Nish Nishant
Details the additional steps needed to get WebJobs logging to Application Insights.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
How to generate C# code from XAML? But why? Anyway, this question is answered, but this is not the main part…
by Victor Sirghii
On the parent razor page, we add Partial View which will serve as the updatable container. On Ajax calls from the parent page, we update only Partial view content, not the whole page, thus creating a smooth user interaction experience.

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U 27 Sep 2023 by Elmue
An easy to use 3D control which can be integrated into an application in a few minutes
U 27 Sep 2023 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
How to generate C# code from XAML? But why? Anyway, this question is answered, but this is not the main part…
N 23 Sep 2023 by Christ Kennedy
A game to waste your hours
N 21 Sep 2023 by ashish__shukla
MediatR Library provides a simple way of implementing mediator pattern in .NET applications.
12 Sep 2023 by Zijian
Code First approach for generating client APIs for ASP.NET Core Web API, in C# and in TypeScript for jQuery, Aurelia, Axios and Angular 2+.
11 Sep 2023 by Dan Letecky
Weekly HTML5 event calendar with CSS themes, drag and drop support, date navigator. PHP and ASP.NET Core REST API backends.
8 Sep 2023 by Dawid Borycki
This article demonstrates how to use Arm64 to run .NET applications, acquiring advantages of native architecture like power efficiency and a speed gain.
4 Sep 2023 by Mark Pelf
Tutorial on “Function closures” in C# language
27 Aug 2023 by Nick Polyak
This article introduces Avalonia as a new multiplatform XAML/C# solution for Web and Mobile development platform on top of its Desktop capabilities that had been available for a while.
27 Aug 2023 by Mike Hankey
An update of a CodeProject article SimpleWizard
25 Aug 2023 by Mark Birbeck
Easily and quickly build web services clients using XForm
19 Aug 2023 by Maxim Dobroselsky
Console application to quantize notes of a MIDI file
18 Aug 2023 by Maxim Kartavenkov
Discussion of how to organize saving application trace helper information.
17 Aug 2023 by Jani Giannoudis
Extensive time period calculations and individual calendar periods
15 Aug 2023 by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny
Reduces/evaluates a real/complex math expression
13 Aug 2023 by shunninghuang
C# arcade emulator, ROM hacking
9 Aug 2023 by Paulo Zemek
This article presents a class similar to BigInteger, but supporting floating point values, like a decimal.
7 Aug 2023 by George Swan
How to use Fluxor to progress applications along clearly defined pathways
7 Aug 2023 by Cinchoo
Simple JSON reader for .NET
2 Aug 2023 by Akram El Assas
Open Source .NET Workflow Engine and Automation Platform
29 Jul 2023 by Zijian
Rapidly develop a console app with a lot of options and give a command line program a GUI
27 Jul 2023 by Patrick Brunner
Examples of WPF applications using DirectX11 managed code (SharpDX and C#) based on Microsoft interop solution
14 Jul 2023 by Member 10558348
How to weave aspects with AspectDN directly into .NET binary files
12 Jul 2023 by Master DJon
Layer over System.CommandLine that overall eases Posix style commands integration into existing projects
11 Jul 2023 by Marco-Hans Van Der Willik
This article explores the performance, scalability and limitations of the various .NET Threading Implementations.
5 Jul 2023 by Maxim Kartavenkov
Continue discussion of the simple kernel drivers tracing mechanisms by using output information into the handles of the files pipes and console passed to the driver from the host application.
1 Jul 2023 by Ryan Scott White
A fast, possibly the fastest, square root function for Big Integers and Floats in C# and Java.
28 Jun 2023 by Matthew Dennis
A brief walkthrough of adding a new .NET AI module to CodeProject.AI Server
27 Jun 2023 by Ev Uklad
Add ability to track changes in a model class; use a proxy interceptor to execute a rule attached to a model property
27 Jun 2023 by Bohdan Stupak
A look at what dynamic polymorphism is and how it is crucial to mastering OOP
24 Jun 2023 by Ștefan-Mihai MOGA
The article discusses the concept of cryptography and its application in ensuring data security.
23 Jun 2023 by andalmeida
How to plot user defined R2 in R functions using C# ASP.NET
15 Jun 2023 by Maxim Kartavenkov
Discussion of simple ways of tracing and also new tracing technologies involved in Windows 10
14 Jun 2023 by Leszek Koc
Auto subscription of Azure functions to Event Grid
8 Jun 2023 by Mark Pelf
Showing problems with limited accuracy of SqlServer data type “datetime” in .NET7 EF7 environment
6 Jun 2023 by Bohdan Stupak
The article provides an example of applying property-based testing on a pure functional domain.
1 Jun 2023 by Mark Pelf
Tutorial on EF7 – Code First approach using Command Line (CLI)
30 May 2023 by dietmar paul schoder
How to write code that is not perfect but still resilient in production? A practical use of the "chain of responsibility" design pattern.
25 May 2023 by Mark Pelf
Tutorial on EF7 – Database First approach using GUI tools EFCorePowerTools
25 May 2023 by Mark Pelf
Tutorial on EF7 – Database First approach using Command Line (CLI)
18 May 2023 by Maxim Kartavenkov
The series of articles covers most aspects of logging and tracing mechanisms which can be embedded into your application. It discusses simple ways of tracing and also new tracing technologies which were involved in Windows 10.
15 May 2023 by Mirnes Mrkaljevic
Make WinForms testable
13 May 2023 by Dmitrii Nemtsov
A way to build a finite-state machine identifying predefined sequences in a stream of characters
10 May 2023 by Peter Huber SG
WPF design might have been too clever when using DIP (device independent pixels)
4 May 2023 by Paulo Zemek
Using the ReaderWriterLockSlim correctly and avoiding a common mistake
1 May 2023 by Kenneth Haugland
A basic guide for reading glTF files and showing simple 3D images
25 Apr 2023 by Mark Olbert
Library for interacting with online map services and a WinUI 3 control for displaying maps
25 Apr 2023 by Shao Voon Wong
Bring your animations to H264/HEVC video using C++ and C# with h/w acceleration
24 Apr 2023 by Graeme_Grant
.NET compliant Silent ClickOnce Update Background Worker Service for Winform, WPF & Console in C# & VB
20 Apr 2023 by Kenji Elzerman
Learn how to use the strategy pattern in C# to create flexible and reusable code. Replace if-statements and simplify your code with this design pattern.
13 Apr 2023 by Stanko Milošev
Making a custom button with smart tag and UIEditor in .NET 6
12 Apr 2023 by Cinchoo
Simple CSV file reader for .NET
11 Apr 2023 by IssamTP
A .NET XAML user control to get a simple PropertyGrid
11 Apr 2023 by Kenneth Haugland
Practical implementations of the integrator expanded with more examples
11 Apr 2023 by MarkLTX
Easy to use logger with a powerful viewer that supports filtering by thread, logger, etc.
5 Apr 2023 by Kenji Elzerman
C# decorator pattern allows adding behavior to objects at runtime. In this tutorial, I show you how to implement the decorator pattern with C# in a minimal API.
3 Apr 2023 by KristianEkman
A comparison of Dijkstra and Astar
2 Apr 2023 by Marc Clifton
Using EntityFramework Core and SQL Server to create a dynamic IQueryable filtering that is not susceptible to SQL injection attacks
2 Apr 2023 by Farooq Kaiser
Integrating ChatGPT-3.5 Turbo API in C#: A Comprehensive Guide
2 Apr 2023 by Marc Clifton
Using a collection to manage caches instead of implementing discrete cache instances
1 Apr 2023 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
How to find out whether the Earth is flat or not? Just use the presented application and a digital camera.
31 Mar 2023 by Peter Huber SG
Near real time, multi threading safe tracing for any .NET technology
30 Mar 2023 by Kenneth Haugland
This article is all about general methods for solving differential equations.
30 Mar 2023 by Kenji Elzerman
Creating QR codes with C# is pretty easy and doesn't need a lot of code. You just need to right nuGet package.
28 Mar 2023 by Ryan Scott White
CudaPAD is a PTX/SASS viewer for NVIDIA Cuda kernels and provides an on-the-fly view of your Cuda code.
26 Mar 2023 by Graeme_Grant
Add the missing project templates for the App and Control Library projects that were not included
10 Mar 2023 by Shao Voon Wong
Read/write CSV in few lines of code!
5 Mar 2023 by spidergeuse
Customize jigsaw (size and picture)
5 Mar 2023 by spidergeuse
Manipulate WinForms controls to make a simple jigsaw puzzle
2 Mar 2023 by Mark Pelf
Overview of 5 free .NET Decompilers
27 Feb 2023 by Nick Polyak
How to display Python plots within a C# program
27 Feb 2023 by
This article and the demo are about getting started using the MVVM Toolkit and some self-created interfaces / services for MessageBox and some dialogs.
26 Feb 2023 by Ivan Yakimov
Here, we'll discuss how we can test interaction of classes from several projects using dependency container.
21 Feb 2023 by Gelu Vac
How to use Always Encrypted using MSSQL Encrypt Columns feature with encryption keys stored in Azure Key Vault
17 Feb 2023 by JBartlau
List & Label and some of their key features and benefits
14 Feb 2023 by ildarin
The most succinct declarative programming language for fast coding
9 Feb 2023 by Kenneth Haugland
How to speed up convergence of mathematical series
7 Feb 2023 by Mark Pelf
Beginner’s tutorial on C#11 Records with examples
7 Feb 2023 by Mark Pelf
Beginner’s tutorial on VO and DTO Patterns with examples
6 Feb 2023 by Octavio Sanchez Huerta
Write a web service library for HP-UX server
6 Feb 2023 by Mark Pelf
Some issues related to Immutable Object and “defense copy”
6 Feb 2023 by Mark Pelf
Basic tutorial on Immutable Object Pattern along with C# examples
28 Jan 2023 by Nick Polyak
The article gives examples of Relay Server usage and the separation of concerns between different topics.
26 Jan 2023 by Bert O Neill
How to extend the context menu of Windows Explorer
15 Jan 2023 by Nick Polyak
I explain the Inversion of Control and propose simple but powerful interfaces for implementing IoC frameworks.
11 Jan 2023 by keerthi raja
Using Insight.Database to Run and Complete SELECT SQL Commands (.NET Micro ORM)
10 Jan 2023 by honey the codewitch
A far more functional fan controller than before, and some powerful programming techniques
9 Jan 2023 by Graeme_Grant
This article comprehensively covers the Microsoft ClickOnce Installer with a bare bones WinForm/WPF C#/VB Silent Updater framework plus covers how to implement, troubleshoot, test locally, to release.
8 Jan 2023 by Mark Olbert
An Autofac-based chained/declarative approach to creating an IHostBuilder/IHost and a generalized dependency injection resolver
7 Jan 2023 by Alexander Chernosvitov
Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
6 Jan 2023 by Halil ibrahim Kalkan
How to inject Service Dependencies to Entities with EFCore 7
3 Jan 2023 by George Swan
An introduction to employing Dapper in an ASP.NET 7 application
30 Dec 2022 by Graham Wilson
A progress bar which displays progress as passage through a simple maze.
17 Dec 2022 by Kenji Elzerman
Let's take a look at the very fundamentals of LINQ and how to use it.
10 Dec 2022 by Adérito Silva
Introduction to XInputium — a full-featured open-source library for XInput integration in .NET games or applications.
7 Dec 2022 by adriancs
Accelerate the Development with MySQL in C#
6 Dec 2022 by Graham Wilson
A track bar control which displays the track line as a spiral
5 Dec 2022 by Kenji Elzerman
Fundamentals of Entity Framework
29 Nov 2022 by Rudi Breedenraedt
Maintain your localization data in SQL Server