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Great Reads

by Doug Schmidt
A VBScript utility that continually monitors a VSS database and sends emails when certain patterns are detected. Can be run as an NT service.
by Kewin Rausch
A tool for translating C/C++ makefile projects in Visual Studio compatible ones
by Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.
by Duncan Edwards Jones
Part 2 in the series showing how to write a debugger in VB

Latest Articles

by Igor Krupitsky
How to merge multiple Excel files into one with the help of VB script
by Marijan Nikic
HTA application written in Javascript and VBscript for tracking and sorting movies list by their release date
by Marijan Nikic
Small utility that takes in a formula as function f(x) and draws a graph based on it
by Igor Krupitsky
This VBS will merge Many Excel Worksheets into one.

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19 May 2020
Marijan Nikic
HTA application written in Javascript and VBscript for tracking and sorting movies list by their release date
11 May 2020
Marijan Nikic
Small utility that takes in a formula as function f(x) and draws a graph based on it
13 Nov 2019
Marijan Nikic
One-file shell-integrated easy solution for automatic recognition of movies and TV shows
9 Jul 2019
Bassam Abdul-Baki
Extracting hyperlinks from SharePoint email notifications and displaying them in an HTML tree
26 Mar 2019
Igor Krupitsky
This program will convert office, text and image files to PDFs.
12 Apr 2018
David Cantrell
How to add optional parameters to any function in VBScript & Classic ASP
8 Apr 2018
David Cantrell
Implementing the ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper "using pattern" in Classic ASP by using the With keyword, an HTML tag class and helper methods.
21 Jun 2016
Emmet M
MVC-like for classic ASP.
28 Mar 2016
Krishna P Seetharaman
In one of my recent assessments of BizTalk client environment, we faced several environment issues like slowness, timeouts, etc. We made several changes in the settings after which there was improvement in performance and reduction in failures/timeouts. Here, we'll see the changes that were made.
20 Sep 2015
Automated Setting of the Out of Office Assistant
17 Sep 2015
Explains how to create single package for multi CPU installers and run the right installer based on user machine configuration.
15 May 2015
Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Create JQuery Mobile Apps with JQM.Show on your PC with these tools.
7 Aug 2014
Modify methods' IL codes on runtime even if they have been JIT-compiled, supports release mode / x64 & x86, and variants of .NET versions, from 2.0 to 4.5.
2 Jul 2014
Larry Boeldt
Add Facebook Website Tools integration to your ASP based authentication
11 Apr 2014
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript application to manage image galleries based on the SimpleViewer Flash image gallery.
19 Mar 2014
David Cantrell
In which a class that wraps an ADO Connection object and makes it more developer-friendly is discussed.
14 Jan 2014
When discussing VB6, we should look at the reality of the situation and not on preconceived opinions. New source code projects are made daily in Visual Basic 6.0. The paper proposes the reintroduction of Visual Basic 6.0 on the market, in parallel with Visual Studio line.
29 Dec 2013
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
A simple and easy way to develop an application plugin
12 Sep 2013
Shivprasad koirala
ADO.NET interview questions: Part 2.
1 Sep 2013
Sudhanshu SP Gupta
A multilevel puzzle game to apply some arrangement through touch and click to destroy every target under given tap chances !!
24 Jun 2013
Nirmal Singh Bhary
This article describes how to manage and use the Windows Indexing Service.
13 Jun 2013
A walk-through of how to convert a series of PDFs containing tables output by Microsoft Access to an XML database.
18 Feb 2013
Query the properties, or download a file present on a Unix server to a Windows server via SFTP connection
11 Feb 2013
Dave Elliott
This article provides a practical solution to clicking the button on a popup window.
17 Jan 2013
Image Scanning & Uploading in Web App
16 Nov 2012
Mohit Soam
A Game engine tutorial describes how to play the game and how to customize the game. The game is user friendly that lets you to change the view, difficulty, etc. without changing the VB code.
21 Sep 2012
Capture images and video streams from your webcams in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
17 Aug 2012
In this article, we will see how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN to acquire, edit images, and upload them to Microsoft SharePoint.
1 Aug 2012
In this article, I’ll show you how to capture images from your web browser, edit them, and then upload them to your system.
11 Jul 2012
S.S. Ahmed
An article that shows the usage of Internet Transfer Control
31 May 2012
rcarlson-cayen, Cayen Systems
This article details how to make a legacy code base more maintainable by utilizing a JSON architecture.
14 May 2012
Suresh Malluri
Editing the properties of an MSI database
10 Apr 2012
Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.
7 Mar 2012
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript class for calling Yahoo!'s Placefinder for geocoding
10 Feb 2012
Ludvik Jerabek
VBScript for reading and writing to the Windows host file
24 Jan 2012
A class that allows the creation and manipulation of collections in classic ASP.
18 Apr 2011
Ayman Zaza
This document is to access TFS from VBA code, since we can't reference Team Foundation Server DLLs from VBS directly.
30 Nov 2010
This article will introduce how to dispose multiple submit buttons on a single form, especially, display how to check which of those buttons was pressed on Server and Client.
24 Nov 2010
How to check whether .NET is installed in PC Visual Basic 6 code
22 Nov 2010
Vitaly Tomilov
Access detailed information about the current process the easiest way.
15 Nov 2010
Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
16 Jul 2010
E.F. Nijboer
Source code for saving mail items to separate files and keeping folder structure
21 Apr 2010
Igor Krupitsky
This program is a VBS script that checks your website every minute and warns you when it goes offline.
14 Apr 2010
This is my adventure of discovery - I set out to write a script and learnt a whole lot more.
13 Apr 2010
This is a tool for people that have to work with "Decimal Degrees", "Degrees, Decimal Minutes" and "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds" formats.
2 Apr 2010
Nish Nishant, Professor Cuthbert Calculus, Glenn Quagmire
This paper is a summary of a research exercise conducted in conjunction by Nish Sivakumar, Professor Cuthbert Calculus, and Glenn Quagmire.
18 Feb 2010
A VBS macro for Microsoft Outlook that forwards emails to another email (e.g., mobile email) while you are not in the office.
19 Jan 2010
alex turner
VBScript may be old and ugly, but there are some quick and dirty tricks for which it is still really handy.
11 Jan 2010
alex turner
Sometimes we only have VBScript, but it would still be nice to have database like features or persistence and transactions.
8 Jan 2010
Some libraries for making HTTP requests with session state persistence. Support for .NET, VBScript, JavaScript, C/C++, and Java.
7 Nov 2009
Vahab Shalchian
A useful script for clearing old backup files and making space for new ones.
5 Nov 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of merge document (Microsoft Access 2003)
4 Nov 2009
How to open Internet Explorer using C# code and fire events in the loaded page.
1 Nov 2009
Just sharing my experience from six years ago, in 2003, when I was working as a developer.
21 Sep 2009
Prasad Khandekar
A pre-commit hook for SVN to validate commits against JIRA.
5 Sep 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
This article is about how to create / place an appointment using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 API
27 Aug 2009
1st access app allows you to view what computers are currently connected to an access database. 2nd is an example of auto-closing instances of a shared mde file
13 Aug 2009
Scans network PCs and remotely start notepad.exe, plus an interactive command shell via PSEXEC.
1 Aug 2009
Component for adding scriptable forms capabilities to an application.
22 Jul 2009
A VBA module to recursively get all roles for the current user.
11 Jun 2009
VBA code for easily creating MS Access Relations.
28 May 2009
Md. Marufuzzaman
An easy way to get mobile model number, vendors, screen size etc.
18 Mar 2009
Chris Maunder
How to read a text file on a server using VBScript in ASP
18 Mar 2009
This article is about writing GUI applications in VBScript and JScript using Windows common controls
10 Mar 2009
Gavin Harriss
A link cloud / tag cloud that copes with large weighting variations and gaps well.
27 Feb 2009
John Doherty
View the contents of Classic ASP Memory
18 Feb 2009
Adrian Dorache
Component used to convert a numeric value into English/Romanian words in Excel
13 Feb 2009
Date Format function for VBScript / Classic ASP
10 Feb 2009
A VBScript script which allows to script out all the SQL Server objects in each independent file
4 Feb 2009
John Doherty
Server.HTMLEncode for VBScript (handles null strings)
17 Dec 2008
Format Excel Sheet from DTS when Excel is not installed on SQL Server
10 Dec 2008
alfi uziel
Different ways to populate a listbox in Access.
2 Dec 2008
John Doherty
VBScript/ASP version of C# String.format("this {0} a {1}","is","test").
27 Nov 2008
Vincenzo Rossi
EasyForm allows you to create ASP.NET-like forms, with state keeping and server side event handling
26 Nov 2008
Prasad Khandekar
A complete VBScript implementation of FIGlet
5 Nov 2008
Abhay Mhatre
A solution to handle session variable problems between classic ASP and ASP.NET web applications.
23 Oct 2008
Industria Virtual
With Online Code Editor, you can edit your code online.
3 Oct 2008
Hasler Thomas
An Excel demo of how to build a File Browser in an Office application
25 Sep 2008
Call a .NET COM+ Interop component with Classic ASP.
28 Aug 2008
Robert Kirchhof
Provide the OU, and set or clear the checkbox on all managed groups within it
23 Aug 2008
Rock Webcast
Step by step guide on how to set up your project so you can debug a site written in Classic ASP VBScript using Visual Studio 2008
4 Aug 2008
Andrei Smolin
Outlook Today is a sample of a custom Outlook home folder page. In this article, you will learn how to create such a page in VBScript and in .NET (VB, C#, C++).
29 Jul 2008
Uros Calakovic
The article shows some samples of setting up permanent event subscriptions using MOF and receiving WMI events at all times.
15 Jul 2008
Khalil Ahmad
This article is about to upload multiple files using javascript
24 Jun 2008
VBScript code which can rename multiple files in a folder by replacing certain patterns and extensions.
21 Jun 2008
How to enlarge web sites to support several languages
18 Jun 2008
Igor Krupitsky
A script that lets you run many XMLA files against a SSAS 2005 database.
9 Jun 2008
Raj Lal
The chapter discuss the Sidebar Gadget revenue model.
29 May 2008
Simple destination script to use do updates with a sub query.
14 May 2008
Antonio Suarez
this is an easy way to get Freeze GridView header and add image sort. And it works on IE,Firefox and Others. work inside and outside of updatepanel.
7 May 2008
alex turner
A VBScript which creates Delete and Insert statements to backup data from SQL Server.
5 Apr 2008
VBE IDE addin for comparing and versioning VBA using SVN or CVS
21 Mar 2008
Creates dated folders for backing up files/folders on a schedule. Removes backups older than n days. Configuration via text file.
13 Feb 2008
Avinash Desai
Cascading dropdown list in using MYSQL database
9 Feb 2008
A message box for ASP.NET to send back server messages to users.
5 Feb 2008
Ludvik Jerabek
Uses a custom ping function that will work in XP and 2000. Always pick the servers with the best response time.
1 Feb 2008
Peter Verijke
Use date and time in batch/log files
19 Dec 2007
Hans-Jürgen Schmidt
Auto-increment the version number of an MSI setup project.
17 Dec 2007
alex turner
Excel 2007 does not seem to support DBF files, here is a VBScript workaround.
15 Dec 2007
(Free Document Object Model) is a web development technique used for creating event driven web applications. FreeDOM is designed to overcome the limitations of stateless HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) transmissions.
11 Dec 2007
Andrew Friedl
Using the KudzuASp Template Engine for Classic ASP
11 Dec 2007
Dmitry Salko
Explains how to setup scheduled task on Windows hosting through Plesk CP
22 Nov 2007
An article on trying to read the BMP preview Image data from Autocad (R13C3 and later) DWG drawing.
19 Nov 2007
In the Shadows
This script will identify several types of resoures on a subnet and store the results in an Excel spreadsheet.
12 Nov 2007
Marcelo J. Kittlein
How to pass and return Arrays and Ranges in Excel to and from a C++ DLL.
3 Nov 2007
Excel based solution for modifying Database data
1 Nov 2007
Rajneesh Noonia
PngSkin – ActiveX Control used to apply eye catching skins to Windows Forms with minimal code
1 Nov 2007
Sample code for IsTime function similar to VBScript's IsDate
25 Oct 2007
Tim Brigham
Audit all installed software in your domain.
12 Oct 2007
A way to get upside down text with data from another cell.
6 Oct 2007
Cristian Amarie
VBScript for sending IP information to an e-mail address
4 Oct 2007
Manuel C
This script permits to deploy single cubes from one server to another
28 Sep 2007
How to use SOAP with Classic ASP / VBScript.
27 Sep 2007
graham the programmmer
A method to get an overview of the SQL servers in a Domain
26 Sep 2007
Amol M Vaidya
Using this macro, you can check the output of a code snippet without creating a new project/form. You can do this right from your current code window.
21 Sep 2007
Humayun Shabbir
2D Game Developed using Visual Basic 6
5 Sep 2007
ravikiran valluri
This article shows how to display images in the form of slideshow dynamically
4 Sep 2007
Jesse Fatherree
Searches a given OU for all users that haven't logged on in a given length of time. Then gives you the option to disable them and move them to a new folder.
31 Aug 2007
Thilina Hasantha
Shows you how to change the home page of Internet Explorer using a script.
30 Aug 2007
How to share folders in a network with VB 6.0
21 Aug 2007
Bhaskar Shetty
Repair the DBF file which corrupted by any cause.
17 Aug 2007
This class allows you to display all types of static and dynamic information gathered in a VB Script using an Internet Explorer Window.
13 Aug 2007
Rajneesh Noonia
VbScript Editor With Intellisense
15 Jul 2007
Code storage tool for any language but developed using Visual Basic .NET 2005. Includes syntax coloring for VB code and can load via the tools menu external option in Visual Studio 2005.
14 Jul 2007
Framework for porting code between different languauges and platforms through a standard XML schema.
14 Jul 2007
A small VBScript which is used to automatically set the proxy switch, for IE, in the Registry.
3 Jul 2007
Jacco Vonk
Describes the use of an XSLT stylesheet to transform a WSDL definition of a web service to VBScript/JavaScript proxy code
26 Jun 2007
In this article, we'll talk about VB6-.NET interoperation without involving COM. How? Making C-like exports of some functions from a VB.NET DLL. First, I'll introduce the technique used with a very simple sample and then it will be explained how to set a global hook just using VB (6 and .NET).
18 Jun 2007
Bogdan Apostol
Enables applications written in Visual Basic 6 to use function pointers and shows how to embed native code
24 May 2007
A VBScript written to gather information about all domain workstations using WMI
24 May 2007
This script is designed to be a light-weight, flexible utility to aid in rolling out packages.
23 May 2007
This is an Add-in for Microsoft Access that allows writing and execution of SQL statements with transaction control
15 May 2007
Create download managers using VBScript
7 May 2007
The VBScript version of my C# article about the very same thing
7 May 2007
Nawaz Ijaz
This article is aimed to get familiar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed, its formation, practical usage and its progmatical implementation
18 Apr 2007
Nibu babu thomas
Set of macros that helps in automating project settings of a project.
13 Apr 2007
Neeraj Saluja
Export to Excel is one of the most important features that business users ask for. We generally use HTMLProjects which does not work with Office 2007. Here is the alternative for the same, and the script works fine for all the versions of MS Office on Windows OS.
13 Apr 2007
alex turner
It has been said that large scale creation of long strings from small strings is not practical in VBScript - NOT SO
11 Apr 2007
Don C. Smith
Allows the use of user supplied or other external VBScript in an application.
4 Apr 2007
Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (0) Introduce Brainnet, a declarative neural network library we developed (1) Demonstrate some practical uses neural network programming (2) Give you a fair idea regarding neurons, neural networks and their applications (3) Introduce BrainNet library - an open source
1 Apr 2007
Ross Johnston
An example showing how to use VBScript and WMI to access Vista's BcdStore.
31 Mar 2007
This gadget allows one to easily have instant access to shared network folders on multiple computers as well as simplified networking information via sidebar gadget. Also included is a sidebar to allow enhanced speed while using gadget and shortcuts.
27 Mar 2007
Sujith C Jose
Describes how to use a simple stored procedure in Visual Basic 6.0
19 Mar 2007
Adam Nelson
Describes the COM wrapper around the author's C++ implementation of Double Metaphone, and demonstrates use of this COM wrapper within Visual Basic to phonetically search a list of names, as well as names in a database table.
19 Mar 2007
Adam Nelson
Further describes the COM wrapper around the author's C++ implementation of Double Metaphone, and demonstrates use of this COM wrapper within ASP and VBScript to query a database of names via a web page.
7 Mar 2007
alex turner
To complement my earlier post on sending emails using JScript and Netcat, here is the same but using VBScript and showing the translation from JScript to VBScript.
5 Mar 2007
Doug Richards
ATL COM Shared Add Ins Using C++ - The Easy Way
25 Feb 2007
GW-BASIC project with code and interpreter included in zip file. The purpose of this software is to control the temperature of industry equipments, rooms, boiler, electric generators, steam turbines, combustion engines, etc.
25 Feb 2007
Visual Basic Project. The software then generates the coordinates sequentially and send them to the microcontroller.
25 Feb 2007
Visual Basic, MS Access Project. Designed for Dress Cleaners in order to completely computerize their system. Using this product one can store and retrieve information about daily orders that comes, info about daily or monthly or yearly expenditures. Info about employees, their salaries etc.
25 Feb 2007
Learn to implement RFC using Visual Basic as in the project we have implemented two RFC for Internet Relay Chat.
24 Feb 2007
Visual Basic 6.0 with MS Access Project. Designed for those industries who deals with aluminum parts. Such aluminum parts are used in building glass windows and are available in number of sections. This system handle Stock, Order and Consignment data.
16 Feb 2007
alex turner
Exsead Service Manager is an Open Source (BSD Style License) Windows Service which launches anything via the use of scripts, it is just being released as Open Source, here is more about it.
6 Feb 2007
Print a document from a stored procedure using a SQL OLE and VB DLL
30 Jan 2007
How to call absolutely any .NET code from your Vista Sidebar Gadget
16 Jan 2007
A simple clock that sits on your desktop
28 Nov 2006
Gopal Singh -
Destroys or Kills a Window using VBScript
22 Nov 2006
How to expose a .NET EXE assembly to a COM compliant client application (such as VB6 or VBScript) and force the client application to use the running instance of the .NET EXE assembly.
5 Oct 2006
Rajneesh Noonia
This tool is used to retrieve the forgotten SQL Server Password and passwords of registered servers.
28 Aug 2006
Mindrinos Matthew
It’s the ONLY ONE Web Proxy Server completely written in VB
24 Aug 2006
A simple macro that will convert your Excel data into a clean HTML table.
29 Jun 2006
Build a web page for database from a create database sql file
19 Jun 2006
A VBScript to generate an HTML Report on the status/details of Indexing Service (CISVC) Catalogs
1 Jun 2006
Sarith Sutha
This article describes the usage of SQL DMO to automate few aspects of DB maintenance.
29 May 2006
Example for read Magnetic Strip Reader using ActiveX, COM Object for KioskMsr reader
27 May 2006
Diwahar A K
The souurce code solves the soduku(Medum Level)
15 May 2006
Ben Code
A class for automating the build of Access applications.
8 May 2006
How to add an LDAP address book into MS Outlook, using VBScript.
7 May 2006
Jeff Glatt
COM collections in C
1 May 2006
Brian Mulder
An article about using XSL to transform XML to CSV
26 Apr 2006
Salvatore Vetro
Ensuring a crisp boundary exists between objects, enabling greater reuse and system maintainability.
5 Apr 2006
Mohan Raphel
A sample solution for Our Company, integrating various Outlook and Office components, and another 'whole solution', a School‑based example that haven't yet been introduced.
3 Apr 2006
This article explains how you can prevent ads and spyware, using your hosts file.
21 Feb 2006
This script merges "your.gif" and "your.exe" to create "your.gif.hta.gif"
20 Feb 2006
This article briefs you about sending mail using SMTP in HTML Format, which takes the default SMTP settings from web.config file
16 Feb 2006
Muhammad Ghufran
Program to get System Name and IP Address
15 Feb 2006
A complete Tic Tac Toe describes full implementation of Artificial Intelligence
15 Feb 2006
A simple class that creates an icon in the status area.
9 Feb 2006
Rahul Mahajan
New user registration, user login, user password retrieval, user account information, active users on site information, site administrator facilities, and a lot more..
24 Jan 2006
Aj Horus
An ActiveX control that allows ASP users to display datalink dialogs.
20 Jan 2006
A Visual Source Safe Addin written in VB with the help of which you can auto-email your team members about the operations (Add, Check in, check out...) you performed on VSS
6 Jan 2006
This article tries to give a basic idea on how to send mails through Lotus Notes using Power Builder.
8 Nov 2005
How to do full text search with Oracle Text
4 Nov 2005
How to access Oracle without tnsnames.ora.
31 Oct 2005
nls_lang when using multiple Oracle homes
25 Oct 2005
Access to Oracle without tnsnames.ora
20 Oct 2005
How to convert an ADO RecordSet to and Array.
4 Oct 2005
This code will iterate through all the controls on a page, finds the type you wish to hide (status labels after clicking the Submit button, for example), and hide them using JavaScript after X number of seconds.