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by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.

Latest Articles

by Jovibor
HEX Control for MFC/Win32 apps
by M.Osama Shafi
Brief description about Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions using Delegates.
by Vincent Maverick Durano
In this post, we will take a look at how we can beautify our ASP.NET Core API responses using AutoWrapper.
by Robert Gustafson
Extended versions of ListBox and ComboBox controls which allow images, font, and color for individual items

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2 Sep 2013
Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
13 Feb 2011
4 alternatives  
F1 in Visual Studio takes forever, and rarely comes up with anything useful. Replace it with a Google MSDN search!
2 Aug 2019
Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
8 Aug 2013
Ravi Rachchh
Create and deploy custom timer job definition programatically in SharePoint.
5 Jul 2010
Marking code you need to return to later
28 Jul 2014
Uploading a file using WCF REST API and JavaScript
8 May 2019
Bruno Tabbia
Automatic positioning and resizing of explorer windows, without overlapping (for obsessive superusers)
27 Dec 2017
Alberto M.
How to control TP-Link Smart Plug (HS100 or HS110) with C#
16 Mar 2010
Many developers use ".cur" cursor files. Using them myself in Visual Studio 2008, they are not the easiest things to work with for many reasons.They are not easy to create without expensive software. (unless you are using the editor within Visual Studio)They cannot easily be ported in the...
19 Dec 2014
How to use ASM in C#.NET and most fast memory copy method
4 Jul 2014
Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
24 Jan 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
Using of .NET TransactionScope
14 Dec 2014
Automatically implement INotifyPropertyChanged for every property in Entity Framework 6.0 entity classes
23 Nov 2009
Daniel Vaughan
A Visual Studio regex to remove someone's overzealous use of regions in VS. Find and replace: (^.*\#region.*$)|(^.*\#endregion.*$) Remember to enable regular expressions in the Visual Studio find and replace dialog.
16 Feb 2011
jim lahey
Or you could just pop over to:[^]Use the exhaustive samples they provide and not hard code your connection strings by using a standard .NET configuration file:[^]
5 Jul 2017
Andreoli Carlo
In our company, we find ourselves in need of using the internal PC (buzzer) on Windows7 64bit. At the end, we figured out how to do it.
14 Sep 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
How to use the keyboard events of the user and use them to dynamically change the User Interface or to perform some actions
24 Jun 2015
Nadun Liyanage
This tip describes creating a user control to display a drop down calculator that pops out like the DateTimePicker in Visual Studio
16 Jan 2014
Tom Glick Philadelphia, US
POC to demonstrate passing of collections of complex objects to ASP.NET Web API Controllers.
10 Jul 2014
A small guide to use VTK in MFC
9 Apr 2015
Royston Malcomber
Setting up Google reCaptcha version 2 with MVC5
26 Sep 2015
This tip describes step by step implementation of executing stored procedure having user-defined table type as a parameter in entity framework using EntityFrameworkExtras package.
15 Oct 2018
A parser event listener for PDF tables to .NET Dataset object
5 Jul 2010
Md. Marufuzzaman
For programmers it is more important that you identify whether you are allowed to do something.
23 Aug 2013
Sequence Alignment using Needleman Wunsch algorithm in C#
26 Feb 2015
Shridhar Gowda
This tip will explain how to sort a table / GridView on an ASP.NET or MVC(AngularJs) application. I am demonstrating both client side and server side sorting. I am sure you will have a great knowledge on this topic after reading it.
26 Mar 2015
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Popular question on Forms collaboration, also answered for WPF
7 Apr 2015
Calculating permutation in a non-recursive way
29 Jun 2016
The Zakies
we would create Hand_tool to pan through the drawing form, and we would use a custom cursor of open and closed hands
5 Mar 2017
Jose A Pascoa
Part 1 - Using DMath from C#
21 Dec 2017
Decrypt CPS1 audio
15 Nov 2014
Member 3531622
Create a Rules Engine in less than 50 lines of code which is extremely powerful, extensible and adaptable
2 Apr 2011
Andrew Rissing
How to get that last little nagging line to be covered...
19 Sep 2011
Yvan Rodrigues
How to install the WTL Wizard for Visual Studio 2010.
25 Mar 2014
Saineshwar Bageri
I am going to resolve Issue of Font Displaying Box or Junk While Exporting Crystal report.
12 Oct 2014
Nosey Parker
How to calculate subnet fast and get active ip-addresses
7 May 2017
Jung Hyun, Nam
Introducing NConcern, a free open source compile-time AOP framework
10 Jun 2017
Code Cleaner
Running tasks in parallel while taking into account the dependencies between them
2 Jul 2014
Chakravarthi Elchuri
Display data in Multi nested gridview using C# in ASP.NET
28 Apr 2010
Keith Barrow
2 alternatives  
If you have a Winforms application that auto loads data, there is no doubt that you’ll have come across the problem of data loading at design time (i.e. when opening the code in the designer). At best, this slows the designer down, at worst it might crash VS and prevent the control from...
19 Oct 2010
Ziv Nitzan
There is also a Visual Studio extention called CodeMaid that has a lot of cleaning options
11 Nov 2011
Unless I'm misunderstanding something, you can just go to properties for the project, Settings tab, and click "This project does not contain a default settings file. Click here to create one.".
13 Nov 2012
The article describes how to draw a grid of vertical and horizontal lines in WPF.
9 Jul 2012
Christian Amado
In this tutorial, we will discuss on ProgressBar & Background worker. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to know how to use these clases.
24 Jan 2013
Itai Basel
If your VS debgger is running slow and you checked out all other tips with no help - maybe you unchecked this one and forgot to recheck it after you were done.
31 Oct 2013
Debopam Pal
How to bring data from Entity model to Excel file using LINQ.
2 Sep 2014
1 alternative  
Let’s see how to make a simple model or Entity mapper using reflections in C#
13 Sep 2014
This tip gives you an idea about how to create Word table using C# (Word automation)
19 Mar 2015
Hrvoje Batrnek
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class
4 Sep 2015
Igor Sorokin
In this article I would like to describe simple WPF application for showing System.Windows.SystemColors list.
9 Aug 2015
Clifford Nelson
This tip provides an alternate way to combine data with text in a WPF control using a ValueConverter that could be considered easier.
6 Aug 2014
Fast, stable and powerful creation of NuGet packages
10 Jun 2010
Anshul R
2 alternatives  
A solution for Visual Studio 2010 black-out
9 Jul 2010
Here's how you might word this to be a little more clear:When IntelliSense is invoked in Visual Studio it can sometimes obscure text or information from the code block below the line you're editing. To momentarily reveal the covered area below the IntelliSense window, press and hold the...
20 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Open the Folder of current file with a simple keystroke
14 Sep 2011
Mauro Leggieri
1 alternative  
14 Oct 2011
Julien Villers
Nice tip! I'm also a proponent of using your friend the preprocessor to stop you from making big mistakes, along with your best friend, the compiler.You can combine both using this alternative code:private bool ValidateUserDetails(string userName, string password){ //TODO: Default value...
20 Nov 2011
Bernhard Hiller
That's far too obscure.All you need to do is store a reference to the TabPage instance which was removed from the TabPages collection of the TabControl. You may use the form where the TabControl is placed for that purpose.You could also create your own TabControl which has an extra property...
5 Jul 2012
Matthias Böhnke
Bug Fixes for Reading Barcodes from an Image - III
6 Mar 2013
Rendering text with OpenType fonts by P/Invoking GDI API in WinForm applications.
9 May 2013
Vinoth Kumar J
Designer debugging in WinRT
14 Oct 2013
This is a demonstration of splicing an animated GIF (or any image) frame by frame without having to write to the disc.
29 May 2014
Randy Kroeger
Created a POC that dynamically builds a predicate using Expression and Reflection.
16 Sep 2014
Tool for extracting depth frames from Kinect v2 to .mat files, with point cloud generator script. Ready to use!
10 Oct 2014
Gerardo Recinto
Virtualization of RAM & Disk for high-speed, low-footprint & scalable data caching
6 May 2018
Mihai MOGA
An alternative Windows version to online Link Managers
5 Jan 2015
Mykola Tarasyuk
An approach to call built-in Visual Studio commands from within Visual Studio extensions
9 Jan 2015
Er. Puneet Goel
This tip implements the TreeView like DropDownList with Search Functionality using Telerik Kendo.
6 Feb 2015
Miller Nguyen
This article will show you how to implement a complete solution of electronic signature by using HTML5 canvas in ASP.NET (VB).
1 Jul 2015
Oleksiy Hornostal
This is the simple and fast validator for physical quantities and units. The validator can compare them using loaded physical expressions
13 Jul 2010
Code for summing by group in a RDLC report
20 Aug 2010
Steve Maier
Microsoft has posted some posters that can be printed out with this information in table form for each language. The newest ones are for VS2010, but they have others as well.VS2010 Keyboard Shortcuts for C# VB C++ F#[^]
19 Dec 2010
How about loading it into an XmlDocument and getting the InnerText? (Provided the HTML is well-formed XML, of course.)
21 Dec 2010
Consider using the open source HTML Agility Pack library ( lets you use XPATH queries to access very specific parts of an HMTL document, and the HTML does not have to be valid, well-formed XML. In addition to accessing the raw inner text of an element you can...
24 Jan 2011
Henry Minute
I know that some people like to have line numbers and it is particularly useful if you are sending code to somebody else, like posting it on CP in Q&A when asking for help with a problem, for example. In cases like that, it is much easier to say "the error is on line 123".However, I don't...
8 Dec 2011
Mihai MOGA
How to get the MAPI server nane
7 Mar 2012
Duplicate Notifier for a List using ObservableCollection.
19 Apr 2013
Bob Clegg
Deploying with WIX
14 Feb 2014
How-To Convert a String Collection to a Multi-Enum item using TryParse
27 May 2014
Matus Kovacik
This component allows to overlay grid with colored blocks spanning across multiple columns.
11 Jun 2014
Custom Seed Serializer for Entity Framework Code First C#
20 Jun 2014
Implements a taskbar notifier using an invisible window and a popup control
26 Jun 2014
A solution for conversion of a non-undoable application to an undoable one.
18 Jul 2014
Ryszard Dżegan
How to prepare log4net or other custom, XML-based configuration file for particular build or environment
25 Jul 2014
Kishor Deshpande
Methods which facilitate the conversion from string to value type
30 Jul 2014
How to handle database scheme changes with normal SQL scripts, without migration in Entity Framework code first
28 Jul 2014
sajjad kardani moghadam
Octa Tree is a 3D space partitioning algorithm
17 Sep 2014
To make a simple auto updater demo, I use webclient 'interfaces' to download the file and monitor the progress.
1 Nov 2014
Abhishekv 11
Autos Window in Visual Studio 2013
11 Nov 2014
D Sarthi Maheshwari
A suggested solution to create serializable Partition based ConcurrentDictionary (reducing chances of OOM errors, reduced memory consumption and adding capability to hold bigger KVP set in Dictionary).
13 Jan 2015
B. Clay Shannon
Simple way to warm boot a Windows CE device
27 Jan 2015
Class providing methods to count up a string using a definable character set.
4 Feb 2015
Richard Roe
Example to show how to update an ASP.NET GridView control using Ajax JQuery client side script
14 Mar 2015
Aman Thakur
The tip explains how to make recurring payments using the Stored Credit Cards in the Paypal Vault.
28 Mar 2015
Alaa Ben Fatma
Surf your PictureBox using scrolling bars
26 Sep 2015
Piyush Manharlal
Using integer instead of Enum for ComboBox and Radio Button in XAML
29 Feb 2016
PC Keyboard Layout on Mac OS X
28 Dec 2017
Explanation about how to establish a connection to your server running in Android emulator.
21 May 2010
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Here I will describe you how to debug using VS2010
10 Jan 2011
Ajay Vijayvargiya
I needed a faster way to Sync and see treeview on left in MSDN, for the topic I am browsing - Found a trick!
16 Feb 2011
Henry Minute
I have an alternative Macro which, like the modification from newmodel, only requires you to have the cursor in or at either end of the search word.It also allows for searching from the Output Window and HTML Text.I have to confess that it is not all my own work, although the version...
19 Apr 2011
Joshi, Rushikesh
You learn how to create your own Code Snippets and publish them to your Team to use them.
16 Jun 2011
Some tips on available ways of distributing CRT DLLs with your Visual C++ application
23 Oct 2011
I find Organize Usings -> Remove and Sort option much more useful than Just using Remove Usings. After it sorts, the using statements looks nice. :) In case you don't want to install any addins.
30 Oct 2011
A. Duman
1 alternative  
Usage of a TrackBar as a ToolStripMenuItem
20 Nov 2011
It is really easy to do once you get the idea how, but the Microsoft documentation could be a lot clearer - so here is a simple sample with full instructions.
3 Jun 2012
Kamran Bilgrami
Effective way of debugging by taking advantage of some not well-so-known features of Visual Studio
7 Jun 2012
Mario Majčica
A well justified practice for mapping TFS collections on your local PC.
24 Jun 2012
Kamran Bilgrami
Visual Studio provides rich options to debug multi-threaded applications. This tip discusses one way of filtering your break points for a particular thread.
28 Sep 2012
david pretham
Windows Native API application
20 Sep 2012
Sreedhar Puligundla
Simple steps to create SQL joins by using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
5 Dec 2012
Eranda Ketawalage
Suppress field in Crystal Reports.
28 Jan 2013
A simple application for adding users to active directory.
21 Feb 2013
Insert and bind records from a dropdownlist using AJAX UpdatePanel
28 Jun 2013
Some Visual Studio Intellisense Code Snippets that might be of some use to you
27 Aug 2013
A solution for starting with a new browser session each time you run/debug a VS web project
1 Oct 2013
Get a quick view of your MVC app as you code
11 Oct 2013
How to use Masked Textbox control in .NET
9 Mar 2014
How to convert iplimage and Mat to Picture Box in VC++
1 Apr 2014
Sometimes better isn't, necessarily
20 Jun 2014
Jochen Scharr
C# CountryInfo class, LanguageInfo class and CurrencyInfo class, derived from CultureInfo respectively RegionInfo for a more intuitive and compile-safe handling of countries, languages and currencies
4 Aug 2014
Matus Kovacik
Single class encapsulating UDP IP multicasting functionality and exposing it via observer pattern.
12 Aug 2014
Track your location, mark it on a map using pushpin
22 Sep 2014
Ajith K Gatty
This tip helps you to reset all your DropDownList values to the default one when a DropDownList changes its selection.
11 Nov 2014
Dave Clemmer
Using the Microsoft patterns and practices Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB) to both structure your logging information and decouple how you choose to log from your application code that initiates logging related events. Plus, a Loggly listener is included that you can use to log messages.
11 Nov 2014
Migrations enabled in Class Library (Data Access Layer) and the same is referenced to MVC ProjectNo need to maintain the Data Access and Model classes in the MVC Project. We can have separate Class library for Model and Data Access and have migrations enabled in Data Access where DbContext resides.
15 Feb 2015
With this library it is possible to query datatables with SQL commands.
26 Feb 2015
Mohsen Heydari
Intercepting WCF and SOAP services for logging SOAP envelope
9 Mar 2015
Chinh Vo Wili
This tip describes how to use Selenium WebDriver extension for jQuery of RaYell and customize waiting element loading
27 Jun 2015
C# .Gif viewer / Snipper control
22 Aug 2015
Juan AG
Create a dll wich uses MFC statically linked and allow you to call normal methods, static methods and global variables, quick an easy
24 Jan 2016
David Vanson
How to make a video converter that shows the conversion progress to the user using ffmpeg
9 Sep 2015
Bob Stoom
New drag-and-drop intuitive engine on the OCR MODI base
4 Oct 2015
Member 12032084
.dll for making the FTP management with VB.NET easier
29 Dec 2015
Daniel Miller
This tip provides a simple solution to automate the generation of entity and mapping classes for Entity Framework.
4 Jan 2016
shouvith hydrose Kerala
This tip will explain how to convert English language to Arabic language in Windows Forms C#.
5 Aug 2016
Use Git with cloudforge, and switch from SVN to Git
5 Jul 2016
This article describes how to create deployment package for sharepoint 2013 project using using visual studio
5 Sep 2017
Learn how to properly use the NotifyDataSetChanged method of the ListViewAdapter to remove items from a ListView
4 Mar 2018
Here is a simple way to sort the datagridview by Multi-Columns
13 Aug 2019
Member 13092868
This tool helps you create a label with given degrees of view angle. Also helps you estimate REAL label height and width by providing you linear correction functions to apply to inaccurate MeasureString values
20 Apr 2010
1 alternative  
Not much on this one that was helpful so I thought I'd put what worked for me.Cntrl + Alt + Del > Processes > end all iexplore.exe and WebDev.WebServer.exe processes.Since devs generally debug with the dev webserver end those processes first and retest. Although iexplore handles stay...
13 Nov 2010
public void ControlStatus(Control control, bool isDisable){ foreach (Control c in control.Controls) if (c.HasControls()) ControlStatus(c, isDisable); else { WebControl wc = c as WebControl; if (wc != null) ...
5 Jan 2011
NOTE: If you're really wanting plain text, then you should also be sure to decode the HTML entities (System.Web.HttpUtility.HtmlDecode()) on the resulting text, or you'll wind up with HTML/XML character entity text in your output, such as & and [ If you're going to immediately output the...
23 Jan 2011
How to select a block of text in Visual Studio
10 Feb 2011
Abhijit Shiposkar
1 alternative  
Accessing Active Directory Objects via C# (Visual Studio)
14 Feb 2011
I tried to run this the first time without any documents open and it threw an error, so I made a small mod to the original code to prevent VS from whining at me under those, probably limited, circumstances:Dim url As String = ""If DTE.ActiveDocument IsNot...
17 Feb 2011
While dealing with databases, sometimes there is a need to get a list of tables in the application
3 Mar 2011
The ConnectionStringBuilder classes in .NET can be quite handy...[^].
8 Mar 2011
Tarun Dudhatra
How to Remove Dot signs viewed instead of spaces (White Spaces)?
25 Jul 2011
Mihai MOGA
How to save a message to an MSG Compound file.
30 Sep 2011
Daniele Rota Nodari
I was glad to integrate your code into my C# application.Actually, within the debugger windows, I can't recognize any human-readable reference to the calling process, but the function is working. :)So, for whoever may be interested, the following code is my C# 4 equivalent:using...
16 Feb 2012
Andreas Gieriet
I think the following Regex and HtmlDecode would do:string html = ...;string textonly = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode( Regex.Replace(html, @"|", ""));Any HTML construct that would not be stripped off properly by this?
23 Mar 2012
Getting Assembly full name from Visual Studio
10 Apr 2012
Cale Dunlap
C/C++ pre-processor macros which I have found to be quite useful, so I decided to share them. I hope they help you as much as they've helped me.
26 Apr 2012
A component to add localized strings to a Form's res'x.
22 Jun 2012
Kamran Bilgrami
Datatips are useful but can take lot of space speically if you want to view code at same time. This tip will help you getting around that situation.
28 Jun 2012
It shows how to display a badge notification in Windows 8 metro app
12 Jul 2012
Mike 2005
In Design Mode a form suddenly fails to display its controls even though the project continues to work normally.
13 Aug 2012
Dustin Halstead
Hark back to the days of text based adventure games, and simple PC, speaker sound.
27 Feb 2013
Tarek Elqusi
Using the MainWindowTitle property to close a running program by killing the associated process.
4 Mar 2013
Tyronne Thomas
DNS resolving and parsing IP address in Metro Style applications (WinRT).
14 Mar 2013
A simple web scraper that loads only the readable contents of a website.
30 Dec 2012
Abdullah Altokhais
Windows Forms application for capturing or thumbnailing a web page
25 Sep 2013
VS 2012 Professional or lower versions do not have the Code Review module. To achieve this, I came up with a solution which will add a new work item type in TFS 2012. We will also learn how to create a new work item type in TFS.
30 Apr 2013
Farhan Ghumra
Encypt and decrypt StorageFile in Windows Store apps.
23 May 2013
Pavlo Iarovyi
Visual Studio extension to change Visual Studio "hidden" option for project loading to reduce loading time for big solutions.
23 May 2013
Pavlo Iarovyi
Visual Studio extension to change "hidden" option for project loading to optimize loading big solutions.
7 Jan 2014
B. Clay Shannon
Yet another docx tip - insert spaces between lowercase and uppercase chars
25 Mar 2014
Rewriting and restoring XML files (streams) with two helper classes
5 Aug 2014
saurav ray
Article determines how to bind a crystal report with a virtual database
13 Apr 2014
How to use Sublime text editor to help with your VS development
23 May 2014
MB Seifollahi
A SharePoint Server Object Model List Mapper to CRUD
6 May 2014
Daniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)
This describes a simple way to create interactive, bitmap based, buttons for WinForm applications.
14 May 2014
How to fix hiding controls in the Visual Studio user control designer
28 Nov 2014
Processing SAP generated Excel file as a report to get some information
18 Jul 2014
Ajit Kumar Thakur Microsoft
This tip contains simple step by step solution to read SSAS cube data using MDX query and display in SSRS report.
22 Aug 2014
How to create folders using data from Excel file
7 Oct 2014
Muhammad Muddasar Yamin
This tip is about the development Leap Motion integrated Windows 8.1 metro apps using C#
23 Oct 2014
.NET WinForms Tray icon implemenation with Win7 and Vista features: GUID identification, large custom icons, custom UI instead of the hint, etc.
30 Oct 2014
The tip is for those who getting application hang/freeze issue in web browser control.
4 Nov 2014
Diwakar M A
WPF based preloader animation sample. Let's make WPF applications more interactive during long process.
26 Nov 2014
Main program for testing modem or GSM phones by AT commands, use only standard classes and libraries.
26 Jan 2015
Frank T. Clark
A simple class for abbreviating integers with SI suffixes common in computer use.
4 Feb 2015
Simple and easy to associate file types to an application
15 Feb 2015
This tip shows how you can add an XSD schema in Visual Studio to enable XML intellisense.