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Great Reads

by Tim Smith
Color picker control for WTL applications including optional support for XP themes
by AlanW
A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection.
by Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7

Latest Articles

by Clifford Nelson
Shows how to set DataContext of View to itself using XAML and discusses the advantages of INotifyPropertyChanged to DependencyProperty
by Taehoon Kim 1004
Capture program using GDI
by Suarte
A hands on example of domain driven design - Part 3
by Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.

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17 Feb 2002
<b>T</b>om <b>C</b>ollins
Shows how to develop ATL-Objects to extend VB-Script. Uses ISharedPropertyGroupManager to keep data in memory. Supervises MSDEV-shutdown.
21 Jun 2009
A WTL Hunspell-checked edit control.
6 Sep 2013
Free component for parsing HTML, .NET version of EfTidyCom
27 Nov 2003
Emilio Garavaglia
This is the first of a series of articles where a comparison between different code styling is evaluated and made available.
8 Dec 2003
Emilio Garavaglia
Second part: multiple projects, templates and inheritance.
17 Aug 2003
Implementation of Auto Completion ComboBox for WTL
26 Jun 2003
This article explains how you can can send anonymous net send messages to any host
15 Nov 2006
Agha khan
A screen capture application.
11 Nov 2007
Alain Rist
Featuring cell menu, in-place editor, single control and split dialogs, Vista shell and Mobile file controls and selection dialogs
28 Sep 2006
Alain Rist
Plug-in CodeProject's CStdString as WTL::CString and get the WTL CString support with a Standard C++ Library implementation.
9 Nov 2003
Alain Rist
Add this small class to your existing dialog inheritance list and get nice tooltips on controls and dialog.
2 Nov 2004
Alain Rist
CZoomScrollImpl extends WTL CScrollImpl to allow continuous zooming.
13 Dec 2004
Alain Rist
Some proposed WTL classes and functions at work: CAppWindow, CFullScreenFrame, CStdDialog, CF_DIB clipboard support, and more...
18 Feb 2009
Alain Rist
OOo::DocWindow and WTL::COOoCtrl classes to work on any Microsoft-Office document, and Open Office SDK integration in Visual Studio/VCExpress 2005/2008
29 Jul 2009
Alain Rist
Message map macros, split frames, full screen implementation, and automatic mapping of UI elements.
12 Apr 2010
Alain Rist
Including a Ribbon UI Implementation Guide with examples and a dual UI enabled legacy application
18 Apr 2006
A flexible WTL list control that supports Windows Vista style selection and cell editing.
9 Apr 2006
A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection.
29 Jun 2010
MSVS Add-in for Doxygen documentation system
21 Aug 2006
Alexander D. Alexeev
This article describes the way to add restarting support to your Win32 applications.
20 Oct 2005
Alexander D. Alexeev
An article on how to make resizable dialogs with WTL.
25 Jan 2001
Alexander Fedorov
Impementation of message reflection for WTL wrappers for Windows Controls
18 Nov 2007
Alexander Uckun
The WTL way of adding number support to your controls.
30 May 2003
A tool that might make your WTL coding work a little easier
13 May 2002
WTL 7.0 CMDICommandBarCtr small fixes
21 Sep 2005
An attempt to create a WinZip-like Extract dialog.
6 Jan 2003
This article shows how we can use caching while performing insert, edit and update functions in the DataGrid.
20 Feb 2003
Andreas Saurwein
Simple tool to test applications under various memory conditions.
3 Mar 2008
Andrew Tyapuhin
WTL control for showing full color and grayed pictures with resizing and saving resultant files
17 Feb 2002
Armando Pajuelo
An App-Wizard which creates template WTL apps.
27 May 2005
Armen Hakobyan
Media Player plug-in turning computer off when media ends.
21 Apr 2004
Armen Hakobyan
Using SQL-DMO to shrink SQL Server transaction logs.
13 Jan 2006
Baryon Lee
This article explains the procedure for using WTL with Visual Studio 2005 Express edition.
26 Jul 2000
Ben Burnett
An article on extending the tool bar control using the Window Template Library
30 Apr 2001
Ben Burnett
The 'what' and 'where do I get it' of WTL
1 Jun 2000
Ben Burnett
Beginning Documentation on WTL
30 Nov 2000
Billy Leverington
How to use WTL to create custom controls
4 Mar 2002
Bjoern Graf
A WTL Rolldown control as seen in 3DSMax
5 Dec 2001
Bjoern Graf
A WTL CCommandBarCtrl extension to fully support MDI
1 Jun 2003
Bjornar Henden
A WTL Grid mostly aimed for use against databases.
12 Mar 2007
Make Property Sheet/Wizards resizable without much modification.
1 May 2006
Blake Hurd
A sidebar in the lower left that emulates the sidebar in Outlook 2003. Other features implemented include theming, snapping buttons, unique button system, etc.
13 Jul 2003
Brian P. Adams
A WTL wizard for Visual Studio .NET 2003
14 Apr 2004
Chau Johnthan
Protect your component from automation clients
4 Mar 2004
Chau Johnthan
An article on XML parsing using CString.
27 Feb 2004
Lightweight utf8 generator
27 Feb 2004
Auto Value is an implementation of variables having undefined state
10 Oct 2003
WTL integration of Lightweight HTML layout and rendering engine
13 Jul 2005
Daniel Bowen
An extensible framework for creating customized tabs in ATL/WTL, with a VS.NET-like tab control implementation, tabbed frames, tabbed MDI, and more.
4 Apr 2002
Daniel Bowen
Issues and solutions when creating a new MDI child in a WTL application when the last active child was maximized
2 Nov 2010
Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
6 Oct 2003
Dave Loeser
An article on on how to load DLLs that export views (dialogs) into a SDI Application under WTL
1 Aug 2009
Component for adding scriptable forms capabilities to an application.
27 Jan 2004
David Coe
Describes the proper way to configure a server to securely run the ASP.NET worker process runs as the system account.
18 Jan 2006
David M Brooks
A technique for programmatically adding attachments to emails.
13 Aug 2000
David Peterson
Use WTL to create simple button that implements drop-down menu
22 Dec 2001
David Y. Zhao
Add a simple tab control that shows the opened child windows in an MDI application
12 Sep 2002
Derick Cyril Thomas
A WTL Implementation of XP Button and Edit Box
27 Oct 2003
Dimitris Vasiliadis
COM Object for Server Side Dynamic Includes on ASP pages
5 Apr 2004
Do Young KIM
XP Style - Owner Drawn XP Style MainFrame in WTL
13 Feb 2009
Domagoj Šarić
A tiny WinAMP output DLL that uses a C++ replacement of the official ASIO SDK that supports multiple ASIO devices.
30 Jan 2004
Doug Mitchell
Extending the functionality of the XSLT Processor.
28 Jun 2011
Ed Gadziemski
A data-bound extension of the Windows listview control for WTL.
29 Jun 2011
Ed Gadziemski
An updated version of the WTL BmpView sample application using an OLE Picture object to handle multiple image types
11 Jul 2011
Ed Gadziemski
CWtlPicture attaches to an owner-drawn picture control and reads, displays, and saves disk or database images
6 Sep 2002
Ed Gadziemski
Describes an extension to DDX that can read and write blobs using OLE DB providers. Includes sample WTL OLE DB database projects for SQL Server &quot;Pubs&quot; and MS Access &quot;Northwind&quot;
26 Sep 2002
Ed Gadziemski
This article explains how to use WTL's CMultiPaneStatusBarCtrl class in an application.
12 Oct 2002
Ed Gadziemski, Rick Pingry
This article describes how to use an MDI client in a splitter pane of a WTL MDI application with splitter window.
12 Oct 2002
Ed Gadziemski
This article describes a helper class that can load metafiles from either resource or disk. It supports both windows and enhanced metafiles.
9 Jun 2002
Ed Gadziemski
The basics of using WTL's CSplitterWindow and CPaneContainer controls to create a multipane application
11 Jun 2002
Ed Gadziemski
Ten quick and easy tips and tricks for use when developing WTL applications
20 Jul 2002
Ed Gadziemski
How to create a basic WTL database application using an ATL wizard-generated OLE DB consumer and WTL's version of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDX)
10 Apr 2002
Ed Gadziemski
How to use WTL's CPropertySheet implementation in wizard-style as a resizable view instead of a modal or modeless dialog
20 Mar 2002
Ed Gadziemski
A simple arcade-style video game developed using WTL
31 Mar 2002
Ed Gadziemski
How to use the Windows Template Library CBitmapButton
31 Mar 2002
Ed Gadziemski
How to use WTL's CPropertySheet implementation as a resizable view instead of a modal or modeless dialog
9 May 2003
Ernest Laurentin
Screen Event Recorder (DLL) shows how to create a DLL/Application (one that can be used with RunDll32.exe).
30 Sep 2002
Ernest Laurentin
Shows how to use Microsoft Script Hosting inside existing ATL/WTL Application
25 Mar 2007
Ernest Laurentin
An Introduction to ScriptRunner. A scripting tool for user interface Unit Testing.
5 Mar 2009
Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
24 May 2006
Ernesto Savoretti
Some boilerplate code for your WTL applications.
15 Nov 2001
Eugene Khodakovsky
Two classes that provide richer interfaces and easier semantics to pass classes via COM/DCOM
23 May 2002
Eugene Polonsky
Complete implementation of .NET IDE's snapping windows in ATL/WTL
22 May 2002
Eugene Polonsky
A templated helper class that performs GDI+ initialization/deinitialization, and takes care of double-buffering/caching
14 Feb 2005
Eugene Pustovoyt
Extended MessageBox class
3 Jun 2004
A sample VC++ program for performing Visual SourceSafe operations in your application.
2 Jun 2003
Getting the correct column ordinals of an ADOX Table object.
2 Jun 2003
Using ADOX to insert field into a MS Access table.
22 Aug 2004
The CMDIBase template provides multiple view UI support for WinCE WTL-based projects.
7 Aug 2011
This article illustrates the application of ATL/WTL by building a simple text editor based on the WTL objects
23 Aug 2000
Franky Braem
A Java Class Browser written in C++ using WTL
30 Jun 2005
Franz Klein
A Cyclomatic complexity viewer application.
14 Oct 2008
A very simple, integrated method to make controls such as buttons, slider controls, and progress controls to be transparent in a dialog.
12 Apr 2008
Gene OK
A WTL application to test asynchronous WinINet functionality.
5 May 2008
Gene OK
DAO is old, obsolete, yet it is still very versatile and developer friendly.
16 Nov 2003
George Yohng
Guarantees pixel-to-pixel matching appearance of resource-based dialogs for different font DPIs
17 Nov 2003
Gilad Novik
A list control with sorting indicator.
23 May 2004
Gilad Novik
How to create a simple browser using IE engine and WTL.
12 Aug 2005
Gilad Novik
Internet classes for WTL developers.
12 Aug 2004
Gregory Elbert
SeaBattle game written using WTL
13 May 2009
Automation framework application development, realize the software functions and software frame separation. Support plug-in support theme
30 Dec 2003
Igor Katrayev
WTL class that tabs and splits child views in your SDI application
6 Jan 2004
Igor Katrayev
Another implementation of dockable, floating, tabbing and splitting environment.
14 Jan 2004
Igor Vigdorchik
A port of MFC CArchive class to simplify serialization in WTL and non-MFC projects
2 Jun 2004
Igor Vigdorchik
Simple implementation of a bargraph control for graph plotting
8 Sep 2004
Igor Vigdorchik
A derived from class to create a dropfile target application using WTL
13 Oct 2004
Igor Vigdorchik
Small class that adds a serialization support to CRichEditCtrl class
18 Jan 2005
Igor Vigdorchik
CHyperLink derived class that displays a bitmap next to the link and allows a different color when hover.
26 Apr 2009
Igor Vigdorchik
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
21 Apr 2007
Igor Vigdorchik
Two ways to move a dialog by dragging its client area.
18 Jul 2006
Igor Vigdorchik
A small application to keep track of all important dates.
14 Jul 2006
Igor Vigdorchik
A WTL replacement for PostIt paper notes.
25 Nov 2005
Igor Vigdorchik
A WTL class that will make any window transparent and allow mouse clicks to pass through the window in Windows 2000 and XP.
24 Apr 2006
Igor Vigdorchik
An article explaining how to create an owner-drawn context menu.
18 Mar 2001
Igor Vigdorchik
Shell extension that extends the Windows Explorer user interface
6 Oct 2003
Ilya Solnyshkin
A Static control with a gradient
22 Apr 2003
Ilya Solnyshkin
Implements a tree control similar to the left hand side of Windows Explorer
13 May 2003
Ilya Solnyshkin
A control that combines an edit control, and a browse button that brings up a file/folder browse dialog.
26 Jun 2010
How to create JavasSript arrays and other objects from C++ code and pass them to the script.
23 Feb 2005
Named critical section and named spin lock - you may find it useful for debugging complex applications.
26 Feb 2005
This article explains how to use CLinkedListSingle template class. This template is a thread safe implementation of single link list.
27 Feb 2005
This article explains how to use CLinkedListDouble template class. This template is a thread safe implementation of double link list.
25 Dec 2006
A simple Win32 ATOM type wrapper.
30 Apr 2001
The code in this demo package contains a colored label, a colored button with menu support, and a colored tab control for WTL.
7 Nov 2004
JaeWook Choi
An article on EditListBox Control.
28 Oct 2004
JaeWook Choi
An article on WTL edit control with Icon.
6 Mar 2008
JaeWook Choi
An article on a mix-in class to support TitleTips for Edit, ListBox and ComboBox controls
22 Jun 2008
Playing Wave Resources using a low level audio API.
6 Jul 2008
A ready-to-use wrapper class for creating a shortcut (.lnk file) and a bookmark (.url file) and finally attaching an online icon resource to it.
14 Jan 2011
jean Davy
Read/write serialize/unserialize any kind of arbitrary set of C++ data structures in the Registry.
19 Mar 2002
Jean-Michel LE FOL
Ownerdrawn menu with the OfficeXP look (WTL version)
2 Mar 2003
A image slider, implements 20 transitional effects.
20 Feb 2002
Jens Nilsson
An article on the framework for implementing snapping windows.
12 Sep 2001
Jens Nilsson
An article about managing undo and redo actions
6 Nov 2006
Jesus Salas
WTL Helper classes for Event Sink and ActiveX hosting
22 Dec 2005
Jesus Salas
How to implement a two-way communication path from IExplorer and WTL code
28 Nov 2007
João Paulo Figueira
How to enumerate serial ports in a Windows Mobile device (including the virtual ports created by the Microsoft Bluetooth stack).
11 Feb 2008
João Paulo Figueira
Capture your Windows Mobile device screen via ActiveSync or WMDC.
5 Jun 2008
João Paulo Figueira
How to animate child view transitions on a Windows Mobile WTL application.
3 Jun 2015
john morrison leon
An alternative approach in which dialogs are entirely specified as C++ code that requires neither IDE support to be written nor IDE generated resources to be executed. Powered by the C++ type system.
14 Apr 2014
john morrison leon
A smart pointer system for safe application development in C++.
7 Jul 2003
John Osborn
Version 3 of the BHO Popup Blocker written in ATL
29 May 2004
Jon Feider
A WTL mix-in class for creating toolbar controls using common controls bitmaps instead of local resources.
13 Dec 2008
Jonathan Davies
Use two C++ classes which wrap various setup API calls to obtain, filter and display device names and information
30 Sep 2006
Thomas Freudenberg, Jörgen Sigvardsson
A small application which emulates the behavior of the mouse in KDE
10 Jan 2006
Jozef Bozek
Implemetation of a simple DocView framework like MFC.
6 Oct 2005
Jozef Bozek
A CGuid class for manipulating the GUID structure.
4 Nov 2012
Julijan Sribar
A WTL control to display quality rate
5 Aug 2013
Julijan Sribar
A simple WTL edit control that can display content in arbitrary color even when it is disabled
1 Jul 2003
Junlei Li
Use an easy-to-use templated class to custom the title bar of windows.
6 Aug 2007
Kei Sing Wong
Simple Document / View Architecture for WTL
19 Jun 2002
Klaus Probst
A custom IEnumString implementation that works with IAutoComplete to provide autocomplete functionality for edit and combobox controls in WTL applications.
5 Aug 2000
Konstantin Boukreev
An example of using the WTL library and RichEdit control
27 Mar 2002
Kristian Lippert
An Article on how to subclass a control using WTL and ATL
4 Oct 2001
Laurent Kempé
A ComboBox listing all COM objects from specified COM Category
15 Oct 2001
Laurent Kempé
Port of the window sizing framework from Paul DiLascia
16 May 2001
Leon Finker
Describes STA threading issues
4 Jun 2001
Leon Finker
This article provides a set of reusable drag and drop classes
9 Aug 2003
Leon Finker
Encrypts/self-decrypts a file at a time based on password and chosen algorithm
31 Jan 2001
Less Wright
This article will show you how to make use of WTL’s DDX/DDV implementation using a real world example.
12 Apr 2004
Lonnie McCullough
A set of macros and classes that allow declarative access to registry settings.
29 Jan 2004
Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a workaround to the graphics bug that a checkbox or radio button is displayed with a black background on themed dialogs.
24 Feb 2006
ATL/WTL version of Samuel Gonzalo's CPath1.2
7 Sep 2002
Ma Weida
This control can be used as an about box for your WTL applications
7 Oct 2002
Magomed Abdurakhmanov
Simple class to store application settings in registry
27 Jun 2001
Magomed Abdurakhmanov
Simple, but useful classes to save/restore window appearance
20 Jun 2002
Magomed Abdurakhmanov
Control that shows text and automatically finds and highlights hyperlinks (like http://, www. etc.) so that user can click on them.
3 Nov 2003
Marc Clifton
An attempt to define what the term &quot;framework&quot; means.
26 Jun 2004
mark novak
An overview of handling owner drawn listview controls in WTL.
20 Apr 2005
mark novak
A psychological journey into a project crafted from start to finish.
3 Apr 2001
Maxime Labelle
A wizard to help getting started with PropertySheet Shell Extensions
27 Sep 2001
Maxime Labelle
A set of Win32 Windows controls.
28 Jan 2002
Simplest grid implementation in WTL
19 Jul 2005
A replacement for BEGIN_MSG_MAP macros, using the Boost.MPL library.
4 Dec 2005
Performs conversions between values of type bool, BOOL and VARIANT_BOOL.
2 Sep 2005
Consistent interfaces to CString using Boost.Range.
14 Sep 2005
A replacement for the CUpdateUI using event-driven architecture.
6 Oct 2006
Michael C. Robert
Demonstrates how to use WTL and C++ to access an Excel spreadsheet using Visual Studio .NET 2003.
20 Jul 2001
Michael Dunn
How to use WTL's built-in support for resizable dialogs
16 Jul 2005
Michael Dunn
The Code Project SearchBar gives you quick access to the Code Project site, and lets you do searches at any time, from any web page.
6 Dec 2001
Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates redirecting output of a child process, and displaying a web browser UI using DHTML.
12 Oct 2002
Michael Dunn, Nish Nishant
A guide to the string wrapper classes provided by Visual C++ and class libraries
14 Sep 2009
Michael Dunn
An intro to using Taskbar progress bars and overlay icons with your Windows 7 applications
21 Feb 2011
Michael Dunn
A tutorial that shows how to get started using the Ribbon in your applications
27 Apr 2011
Michael Dunn
This article describes how to lay out controls in the Windows native Ribbon
18 Jul 2011
Michael Dunn
This article shows how to control various Ribbon and command properties at runtime
11 Sep 2011
Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates new button and menu features of the Ribbon
19 May 2009
Michael Dunn
An intro to using jump lists with your Windows 7 applications
29 Jun 2009
Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
22 Dec 2005
Michael Dunn
An introduction to WTL programming for MFC developers.