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Posted 25 Mar 2018

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UWP TiledBrush

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25 Mar 2018CPOL
Creating a replacement for missing TileBrush known from WPF


A while ago, I wrote a tip on how to create a tiled background for Windows store apps.

I remember the first thing I tried was to subclass the Brush class, but I couldn’t do anything to replicate the WPF’s TileBrush behavior. So I’ve essentially ended up creating a large bitmap based on the provided image template. It was good enough as a workaround, but aside from performance issues, the thing that was bugging me the most was that I couldn’t use it as a brush. Since then, a lot things have changed, we got the Win2D framework and later the Composition API, so it’s about time to rewrite that code. ;)


To be completely honest, I really had no need to tile something, but I was working on a project with composition API and I stumbled upon this:

And of course, I remembered how I struggled to subclass the damn brush to achieve tiling. So I opened up another instance of VS and this is what I ended up with:

var surface = LoadedImageSurface.StartLoadFromUri(ImageSourceUri);

var surfaceBrush = Compositor.CreateSurfaceBrush(surface);

surfaceBrush.Stretch = CompositionStretch.None;

var borderEffect = new BorderEffect()
    Source = new CompositionEffectSourceParameter("source"),
    ExtendX = Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.CanvasEdgeBehavior.Wrap,
    ExtendY = Microsoft.Graphics.Canvas.CanvasEdgeBehavior.Wrap

var borderEffectFactory = Compositor.CreateEffectFactory(borderEffect);

var borderEffectBrush = borderEffectFactory.CreateBrush();

borderEffectBrush.SetSourceParameter("source", surfaceBrush);

Yup, that is all you need to create a tiled brush in UWP with Composition API and Win2D. The attached source code is a bit refactored to support image source change, but it's basically identical...

And in XAML, you use it as standard brush:

        <local:TiledBrush ImageSourceUri="Assets/Texture.jpg" />


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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