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Posted 2 Nov 2010


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What Goes Into the Ultimate User Interface?

2 Nov 2010CPOL8 min read
With NetAdvantage® Ultimate 2010 Volume 3, Infragistics gives .NET developers all of the line of business controls with superior MS Office 2010 style and features for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight, and high performance data visualization controls on WPF and Silverlight.

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NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3

Infragistics fuses six of its .NET products into one ultimate package, simply called NetAdvantage® Ultimate. With the new release of NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3, you can build and style line of business application user interfaces with superior user experiences across Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The additional value of high performance data visualization controls for both WPF and Silverlight further enable you to create high-end business intelligence solutions that inspire, inform and empower decision makers. Move between platforms with consistent features and functionality on every platform you develop for, and maintain your existing software while still creating new and innovative applications, with all of Infragistics’ controls in NetAdvantage Ultimate.

Download a free trial of the ultimate package of Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight UI controls.

Windows Forms

All of Infragistics’ Windows Forms UI controls are built on the highly extensible Presentation Layer Framework™ (PLF) so that you can configure and extend them at the fine-grained level of individual UI elements so that they fit whatever your applications’ needs are. Additionally, their Application Styling Framework™ (ASF) allows you to apply styles automatically across your entire Windows Forms application to create a consistent look and feel, saving you valuable development time.


Figure 1 – WinGanttView™ and WinToolbars™ combine the best user interface elements of MS Project and the MS Office ribbon interface respectively into a fine smart client application in a matter of minutes.

You get the depth and breadth of a mature toolset with rich features allowing you to create highly-functional, relevant line of business applications right away. Your applications will have the complete usability, extreme functionality and the “Wow-factor!” that produces a positive user experience.


Figure 2 – List of Windows Forms controls, components and class libraries included demonstrate the NetAdvantage Ultimate toolset’s depth and breadth for desktop application user interfaces.

Download your free trial to begin experimenting with these Windows Forms user interface controls from Infragistics.


Built on the lightweight and flexible Aikido™ Framework, ASP.NET AJAX UI controls incorporate seamless integration with the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0, or ASP.NET 3.5 and higher (which have the AJAX extensions built-in.) The Aikido™ Framework-based controls also support W3C standards like XHTML and CSS, which makes for transparent compatibility with all major browser platforms, such as Google Chrome. Like the Windows Forms controls, Infragistics’ ASP.NET controls also support the Application Styling Framework so you can design once, and style everywhere.


Figure 3 – WebDataGrid™ and WebExplorerBar™ with an Office 2010 Blue theme applied make easy work of building and styling an online e-mail agent.

Infragistics’ ASP.NET controls also support simplified deployment without the headaches through a single run-time assembly that includes all ASP.NET AJAX controls, support for ASP.NET 2.0 embedded resources that cuts down on the number of files you must deploy (CSS and JavaScript resources are downloaded straight from the assembly), and support for deploying resources to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) through the WebScriptManager™ control.

Their overall ease-of-use, rich functionality that includes Outlook Web Access-style scheduling, CAPTCHAs, and exporting to XLS, ExcelML, Adobe PDF and Microsoft XPS, combined with the demanding performance of their data grid and hierarchical data grid controls, make the Infragistics ASP.NET controls in NetAdvantage Ultimate a solid foundation for any Web application you may be considering developing.


Figure 4 – List of ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX controls and class libraries included in NetAdvantage Ultimate for rapidly building and styling Web 2.0 user experiences.

Download your free trial to prototype that Web application you have been wanting to create with ASP.NET AJAX controls from Infragistics.


Craft tomorrow’s user interface today with Infragistics WPF controls for line of business application development, which include high performance data grids, trees, editors, a scenic ribbon, Outlook 2010-style scheduling and navigation experiences, and much more for Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. All of Infragistics WPF controls take maximum advantage of WPF’s exciting vector graphics, rich styling, animation and integrated UI virtualization capabilities for a user experience that is high-fidelity and high performance.


Figure 5 – With xamSchedule™ and xamOutlookBar™ you can quickly and easily create exciting next generation applications that are high fidelity, while still being high performance.

When you start developing with Infragistics WPF controls, you’re already way ahead of the starting line for other .NET developers because you can rapidly build applications with an Office 2010 look and feel: Office 2010 styling, Outlook 2010 scheduling and navigation, Excel 2010-compatible file format support, and much of the rich functionality users expect like clipboard support, unlimited undo/redo, spell checking and more are right there at your fingertips. You also have the most powerful data grid for data-intensive applications, supporting many “Excel-lent” features built-in like lazy loading; adding, updating, deleting records; sorting; grouping; filtering; calculating; resizing and much more.


Figure 6 – List of WPF controls for Line of Business applications that are included in NetAdvantage Ultimate (not shown are some of the Data Visualization controls for WPF, see below.)

Download these hi-fi UI controls for WPF Line of Business applications, and many more in NetAdvantage Ultimate from Infragistics.


With the powerful controls Infragistics has developed for the Microsoft Silverlight 4 browser plug-in, you can deliver Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that are relevant to your line of business in Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. From the latest usability innovations like Office 2010 “Backstage” view in their ribbon control for Silverlight, to the lightning-fast performance of their Silverlight data grid control that fully virtualizes both its rows and columns, you’ll be equipped to immediate start turning out RIAs that have superior user experiences with stability, performance and robustness.


Figure 7 – Both xamOutlookBar™ and xamGrid™ help you rapidly organize and present data to end users with consumate flair within the confines of a browser using Microsoft Silverlight 4.

By pursuing a unified XAML product strategy, Infragistics offers you greater parity between the features (and corresponding APIs) of both their Silverlight and WPF controls. This gives you the freedom to quickly and easily migrate your code base from the desktop to the Web (on Silverlight), or go the reverse direction from a running Silverlight application to WPF and the desktop, if and when the need should arise.


Figure 8 – NetAdvantage Ultimate includes a complete set of Silverlight controls for Line of Business that are richly stylable, fully featured, and high performance (not shown are some of the Data Visualization controls for Silverlight, see below.)

Download powerful and high performance UI controls for Silverlight Line of Business applications from Infragistics.

Data Visualization

It takes a special kind of user interface control to build a rich dashboard, visualize voluminous business data and actually empower decision makes. To that end, Infragistics produces a line of highly optimized data visualization controls for both WPF and Silverlight that include OLAP pivot tables, high-speed charting with sophisticated analytics (moving averages, trend lines, and oscillators to mention a few), geo-spatial and geographical maps, treemaps, timelines and more. All Infragistics controls support the new Office 2010 style so that you can optimally present data drawn from the deepest depths of your data warehouse with the look and feel of today’s finest business productivity software suite.


Figure 9 – xamPivotGrid™ allows users to interactively pose “What-If?” scenarios to an Adventure Works OLAP cube simply by dragging and dropping facts and measures onto the grid view, all with an Office 2010 look and feel.

Infragistics makes it easier to deliver flexible, powerful and usable business intelligence to your applications’ end users. By having each data visualization control focus on the ways you need to display data, and by placing the flexibility to manipulate it and refine it in the hands of end users, Infragistics gives you a powerful foundation on which to build your own high-end business intelligence solutions. These data visualization controls are the perfect capstone on a foundation of line of business controls that spans all four .NET platforms, and while they are sold separately, no better value exists than NetAdvantage Ultimate which includes all data visualization controls for both WPF and Silverlight.


Figure 10 – A list of the high performance data visualization controls and class library available to XAML (WPF and Silverlight) developers, all included in NetAdvantage Ultimate.

Download data visualization controls for WPF and Silverlight that put high-end business intelligence within reach of every business.


NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3 includes powerful, high performance user interface controls for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight all in one robust package. Designed for the power .NET developer who writes software on more than one .NET platform, NetAdvantage Ultimate has all of the tools you need to create killer applications with complete usability, extreme functionality and the “Wow-factor!” Be sure to download NetAdvantage Ultimate, and try the other user interface development tools and services, from the User Experience experts at Infragistics.

Evaluate NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3 for yourself today:
Download a Free, Fully-Functional Trial Now.


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