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Posted 20 Feb 2002

Sticky Notes v. 1.8

, 14 Jul 2006
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A WTL replacement for PostIt paper notes.


I no longer support the StickyNotes utility on CodeProject. Anyone interested in the latest version, please visit this site[^].


At some point, I got tired of sticking PostIt notes around my cubicle, so I decided to come up with a replacement. So here I present the Sticky Notes - free replacement for paper PostIt notes.

Installing the Sticky Notes

Download the StickyNotes.exe from the link above into the directory of your choice.


Double click on the executable file, and you'll see a Sticky Notes icon in the system tray. When you right-click on the icon, the menu will popup, allowing you to create a new note and to search for an existing one.

Let's say you created a new note and typed in some text. Now, when you click on the icon in the top left corner, the menu will look like this:

Now, you can create a new note, save a note, delete a note, and change the font and background color. Notes will be persisted into the text file which will be created in the root directory of the specified user's profile for WinNT, 2000, XP, or higher, i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\administrator on Win2000. The file name will be constructed by concatenating the user name and the default file name, notes.dat. It will allow several people to have different sets of notes. For Win95, 98, or ME, the file will be created in the same directory where the executable is located.

If you want to search for the note saved previously, select Search from the main menu. Then, enter any string into the Look For field, and click the Find Now button. Double click an the appropriate item from the list-box below. And your note will popup! That's it. Enjoy!

System Requirements

This application was developed using VC++ 6.0 SP4, and tested on WinNT SP6A, 2000, and XP.

Version History

Version 1.0 - February 6, 2002

Version 1.1 - March 8, 2002

  • Fixed: During logging off or system shut down, the application did not persist the saved notes into the text file.
  • Fixed: It was possible to resize the note into a line or a dot and the note would become unrecoverable (pointed out by Paul Howes).
  • Added: A new note can be created when you double click on a tray icon with the left button (suggested by Trond Nilsen).
  • Added: If WinNT, 2000, XP, or higher is running, the file where the notes are saved will be created in the root directory of the specified user's profile. For Win95, 98, or ME, it’ll stay the old way: the file will be created in the same directory where the executable is located (suggested by Philippe Lhoste).

Version 1.2 - September 24, 2002

  • Fixed: When the previously saved note is displayed, the whole text inside the rich-edit control was initially selected.
  • Added: In the search dialog, when the note is selected, it can be displayed by pressing an 'Enter' key.
  • Added: Changed the 'Note' icon to a bitmap, added code to change the background color of the bitmap to be the same as a note's background color.
  • Added: Changed the 'Close' icon to a bitmap, added code to change the background color of the bitmap to be the same as a note's background color.
  • Added: In the search dialog buttons, an edit control and a list-box control now have WinXP-like look.
  • Added: Used Norm Almond's CLabel class for static controls in the search dialog.

Version 1.3 - February 15, 2003

  • Fixed: Removed Derick Cyril Thomas' code.
  • Added: A context menu to the note's rich edit control.
  • Added: A prompt dialog which is displayed when a note's text has been modified, asking an user if the note should be saved.
  • Added: In the search dialog, the listbox was changed to a list control, getting the scrolling for free.
  • Added: Only one instance of the search dialog can now be created.
  • Added: 'New Note' button (allowing to create a new note) in the search dialog.
  • Added: In the search dialog, if the edit control has focus, a search can be performed by pressing the 'Enter' key.
  • Added: A note can be closed by double clicking on a note icon.
  • Added: Support for Windows XP themes on XP - remove the .exe.manifest file if you don't like it.

Version 1.4 - November 3, 2003

  • Fixed: Displayed notes were not saved when the app was being closed.
  • Added: Save a note into a file.
  • Added: When double clicking on a note's title bar, the note would shrink, leaving only a title bar and a date's status bar visible. Clicking the title bar again would open up the note (suggested by Todd Smith).
  • Added: A gradient look to the title bar (used Irek Zielinski's CGradientStatic class ported to WTL).
  • Added: Note can be deleted from the search dialog.

Version 1.5 - January 3, 2004

  • Added: 'Recent Notes' in the system tray context menu - shows last six accessed notes (suggested by Girb and John Drescher).
  • Added: Transparent notes.
  • Added: Print notes.
  • Added: Hyper link recognition.

Version 1.51 - January 26, 2004

  • Fixed: If there are some open notes covered by another window and a user right-clicks the system tray icon, then all open notes move to front (pointed out by tomrowton).
  • Fixed: If there are some open notes covered by another window and a user double-clicks the system tray icon to create a new note, it is created as a background window (pointed out by tomrowton).
  • Fixed: Wrong alpha value used to describe the opacity of the note (pointed out by tomrowton).

Version 1.52 - February 8, 2004

  • Fixed: If there is an open note and it's deleted from the note's menu, it was still being shown in the recent notes list.
  • Added: Menu item 'Set Font' has "..." (suggested by Owen).
  • Added: Date and time are locale specific (suggested by Owen).
  • Added: If there is a note open and a user selects the same note to open in the recent notes list, then the already open note will be activated (suggested by tomrowton).
  • Added: Bring all open notes to front.

Version 1.6 - May 8, 2004

  • Fixed: If you click 'X' in the upper right corner, color is not saved.
  • Added: Change font color.
  • Added: The currently selected color and transparency have a tick mark (suggested by Owen).
  • Added: Changed the way a unique note's ID is generated.
  • Added: Transparency is now persisted (suggested by tomrowton).

Version 1.7 - September 25, 2004

  • Added: Note's title.
  • Added: Pin image (allows pinning a note) indicating if a note is the top most window.
  • Added: Import from a file.

Version 1.8 - October 30, 2004

  • Fixed: Spelling error in the window menu item 'Transparent'.
  • Added: Mouse wheel support.
  • Added: Changed static controls holding 'Close' and 'Pin' images to buttons.
  • Added: When a note becomes inactive, the title bar changes its color to an inactive window caption color and vice versa.
  • Added: Moved the option to insert a title to the window menu (suggested by Tony W).
  • Added: Save a note whenever it loses the focus (suggested by MageLord).
  • Added: Persist all notes to the file when any note is saved.
  • Added: Persist note's position and size (suggested by tomrowton).
  • Added: When an app starts, it displays notes that have been open before the app closed (suggested by MageLord and Tony W.). (So you don't need to remember to open your notes every time you restart or change the user.)

Thanks to:

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This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Igor Vigdorchik
Web Developer
United States United States
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Comments and Discussions

GeneralHelp Anyone with Compiling Sticky Notes Pin
bmcd774-Feb-04 0:24
memberbmcd774-Feb-04 0:24 
GeneralRe: Help Anyone with Compiling Sticky Notes Pin
Igor Vigdorchik4-Feb-04 14:35
memberIgor Vigdorchik4-Feb-04 14:35 
GeneralRe: Help Anyone with Compiling Sticky Notes Pin
bmcd775-Feb-04 6:08
memberbmcd775-Feb-04 6:08 
GeneralRe: Help Anyone with Compiling Sticky Notes Pin
Igor Vigdorchik5-Feb-04 15:04
memberIgor Vigdorchik5-Feb-04 15:04 
GeneralFeature requests Pin
Owen M. Astley29-Jan-04 2:42
memberOwen M. Astley29-Jan-04 2:42 
GeneralRe: Feature requests Pin
Igor Vigdorchik29-Jan-04 17:41
memberIgor Vigdorchik29-Jan-04 17:41 
GeneralBugs/Issues Pin
tomrowton19-Jan-04 8:37
membertomrowton19-Jan-04 8:37 
GeneralRe: Bugs/Issues Pin
Igor Vigdorchik19-Jan-04 18:14
memberIgor Vigdorchik19-Jan-04 18:14 
I do appreciate it.

Now let me answer your points.

tomrowton wrote:
1) Transparency - 100% is actually 0% transparent.
0% makes the note disappear.

Bug, will be fixed.

tomrowton wrote:
2) Persistence - Set transparency to one of the working percentages(20-80). Save note. Close note. Reopen note. Transparency is back to 0%(fully opaque)

Bug - transparency is not persisted, will be fixed.

tomrowton wrote:
2a) Color must be set for each note when created.

By default a new note is created yellow, you have an option to change color later. Color is persisted, but only if the note is saved by clicking 'Save Note' menu item. If you click 'X' in the upper right corner only the text changes will be saved. If this is what you mean then it'll be fixed
(since this feature is by design I'd consider it as an improvement Smile | :) ).

tomrowton wrote:
2b) Transparency must be set for each note when created.

See 2) above

tomrowton wrote:
2c) Position is not persistent. Always opens saved notes at center of screen instead of where they were positioned when saved.

Position is not persisted, I have never considered it an important feature. Will be fixed.

tomrowton wrote:
3) Oddity - Make note(s). Give another window focus(cover said note). Right-click System Tray icon. All "open" notes take focus/move-to-front.

Bug, I am aware of it. Did not think of it as a serios one. I guess I was wrong.

tomrowton wrote:
3a) Oddity redux - Make note(s). Give another window focus(cover said note(s)). Double-click System Tray icon to create new note. New note does NOT (consistently) take focus/move-to-front.
(Followup: If there is a note "open" but behind other window(s), double-click does not give focus/bring-to-front the new sticky. If no notes are "open", focus is transferred(sticky is moved to front) correctly.)
(Followup2: the above followup is only true if the focus of the other window(This "new post" form) is in the text box. If I click outside the text box to the page in general(no blinking cursor) then focus does not transfer.)

Bugs, I am aware of these issues, did not find a way to fix it yet.

tomrowton wrote:
3b) Make note(s). Save notes. Right-click Tray Icon-> Recent Notes -> click any note. Keep picking the same note and it opens repeatedly instead of focusing the already open instance/copy of itself.

This behaviour is by design. I did not know which way to go so I've settled on doing it this way. After some thinking (mostly along the lines that the user is always right Smile | :) ) I decided that you are right. Will be fixed.

tomrowton wrote:
4) Color - Yellow doesn't seem very yellow, though I am on a laptop, so maybe it's just me.

It a laptop, it looks different on my laptop as well, on a desktop it looks ok.

With respect,
GeneralSimple toolbar needed! Pin
Zhuofei Wang15-Jan-04 15:25
memberZhuofei Wang15-Jan-04 15:25 
GeneralRe: Simple toolbar needed! Pin
Igor Vigdorchik15-Jan-04 18:23
memberIgor Vigdorchik15-Jan-04 18:23 
QuestionHot Keys? Pin
jakirsch13-Jan-04 23:11
memberjakirsch13-Jan-04 23:11 
AnswerRe: Hot Keys? Pin
Igor Vigdorchik14-Jan-04 13:44
memberIgor Vigdorchik14-Jan-04 13:44 
QuestionMemoboards?? Pin
Gautam Jain17-Nov-03 20:57
memberGautam Jain17-Nov-03 20:57 
AnswerRe: Memoboards?? Pin
Igor Vigdorchik18-Nov-03 16:43
memberIgor Vigdorchik18-Nov-03 16:43 
GeneralAn absloute must-feature... Pin
Girb12-Nov-03 23:56
memberGirb12-Nov-03 23:56 
GeneralRe: An absloute must-feature... Pin
John M. Drescher13-Nov-03 6:36
memberJohn M. Drescher13-Nov-03 6:36 
GeneralRe: An absloute must-feature... Pin
Igor Vigdorchik13-Nov-03 13:44
memberIgor Vigdorchik13-Nov-03 13:44 
GeneralOn 256 colors Pin
BalutheBear25-Jun-03 5:51
memberBalutheBear25-Jun-03 5:51 
GeneralRe: On 256 colors Pin
Igor Vigdorchik25-Jun-03 13:19
memberIgor Vigdorchik25-Jun-03 13:19 
GeneralMissing atlres.h Pin
timd249-Jun-03 7:02
membertimd249-Jun-03 7:02 
GeneralRe: Missing atlres.h Pin
Igor Vigdorchik10-Jun-03 14:23
memberIgor Vigdorchik10-Jun-03 14:23 
GeneralCompiled Error Pin
AhMan7-May-03 4:35
memberAhMan7-May-03 4:35 
GeneralRe: Compiled Error Pin
Igor Vigdorchik7-May-03 14:22
memberIgor Vigdorchik7-May-03 14:22 
GeneralRe: Compiled Error Pin
Val Salamakha30-Jul-03 5:23
memberVal Salamakha30-Jul-03 5:23 
GeneralFeature Request Pin
Todd Smith7-Mar-03 8:24
memberTodd Smith7-Mar-03 8:24 

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