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Great Reads

by Thorsten Ottosen
Are you tired of filling data manually into STL containers? With the Initialization Library it gets a lot easier.
by Mike Melnikov
A set of classes that provide automatic adding necessary splitters in your dialogs
by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP performance library to deliver a modern parallel code that implements an efficient parallel sorting algorithm
by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7

Latest Articles

by thoughts-on-cpp
How can we share and increase software development knowledge in a heterogeneous team? Weekly Knowledge Candy
by Martin Vorbrodt
In case you haven’t noticed, I love Boost 😛 so I’m going to introduce you to its Program Options library. It is a command line options parser; it can also read options from an INI file, and it works with STL containers.
by Martin Vorbrodt
How to serialize data to XML
by Martin Vorbrodt
Parallel STL

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15 Aug 2004
Shows how simple accessing Windows Registry can be if you do not need bells and whistles.
8 Sep 2003
A. Riazi
Calculating Magic Square In Any Order Using Standard Template Library (STL)
12 Mar 2006
Achilleas Margaritis
An easy way to provide expression-based callbacks in STL containers.
26 Nov 2010
Achilleas Margaritis
C++0x Dynamic Message Passing Ala Objective-C
15 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
That article present a way to retrieve the GET-POST data from a form into an ISAPI extension.
15 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This article presents a way to send cookies to client browser from an ISAPI extension.
15 Jan 2006
Adrian Bacaianu
 This article describes two ways to upload images and files on your web server, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.
9 Sep 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
A good approach to build an ISAPI web application using XML and XSL
28 May 2003
adrian cooper
A beginner's guide to adding a binary resource in visual studio and a simple class for programmatical extraction.
14 Nov 2009
Ahmed Charfeddine
Easily instrument your code, visualize, interpret results, track optimization, compare and decide.
23 May 2012
Ahmed Charfeddine
Write asynchronous, multithreaded servers in a few lines of code. Monitor realtime activity with a deploy-only dashboard.
24 Jan 2011
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn how you can write your own Windows debugger.
12 Apr 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
More of practical situations to use multithreading!
12 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn about parallel algorithms, parallel containers, tasks, task groups, agents library, task scheduler etc in VC10
28 Sep 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Reveals the important changes in STL.
10 Jan 2011
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Let's enhance our Debugger!
1 Jul 2012
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Let's dwell deeper into C++ templates!
29 Sep 2006
Alain Rist
Plug-in CodeProject's CStdString as WTL::CString and get the WTL CString support with a Standard C++ Library implementation.
16 Aug 2017
Alasdair Craig
A C++ implementation of a published algorithm for computing the concave hull using a k-nearest neighbour approach.
31 May 2004
Albert Wang
An article on XML parser or code generation automatically.
25 Feb 2004
Alberto Bar-Noy
A simple reminder tool to remind you of your overdue tasks in ToDoList throughout the day
22 May 2008
Alex C. Punnen
The Command Pattern and Chain of Responsibility for implementing a plug-in Thread Pool library.
26 Feb 2008
Alex Cohn
XML parser helper classes in pure C++ without validation
19 Mar 2002
Alex Mikunov
.NET Extensions that provide an infrastructure for enforcing database-like data integrity constraints
24 May 2000
Alex Turc
Build a grid using ATL, STL and Win32 API.
14 Jun 2000
Alex Turc
This article describes how to open arbitrary TCP connections through proxy servers
13 Nov 2002
Alex Vinokur
The program enables to get performance of C/C++ program and separated pieces of code for any metrics.
12 Nov 2002
Alex Vinokur
The algorithm allows any kind of weights (costs, frequencies), including non-numerical ones
12 Nov 2002
Alex Vinokur
The C++-program simulates a Turing Machine (TM). TM is defined by input files: metafile, states file, alphabet file, transition file, input word(s) file(s).
31 Aug 2004
A multiline hyper edit control derived from CEdit.
5 Sep 2001
Alexander Berthold
Fast tokenizer for C++ - like 'lexx'
1 Jan 2002
Alexander Berthold
A library allowing you to conveniently build a custom tokenizer and analyzer supporting precedence priorized rules
12 Jan 2002
Alexander Kovachev
Simple class to represent tree data structures in C++
19 Nov 2013
Ali AslRousta
How to implement a generic lazy evaluation class using C++11 features.
13 Jul 2009
The article describes how to use the Microsoft's UPnP Control Point API for finding and controlling UPnP devices, and includes a description of simple library to facilitate the application of Control Point API in your own programs, together with an example of MFC and WinForms applications.
14 Nov 2003
Amer Gerzic
Explains principles behind writing regular expression parsers.
29 Aug 2006
for some novice of STL, like me, who might make some low level errors when trying to release memory
6 Jan 2003
This article shows how we can use caching while performing insert, edit and update functions in the DataGrid.
22 Dec 2012
Anders Dalvander
An introduction to RPC programming. A simple RPC client/server application is explained.
22 Dec 2012
Anders Dalvander
An introduction to context handles in RPC. A simple RPC client/server application using context handles is explained.
8 Aug 2007
Andre Ladeira
A class to create a NT service with a few lines of code
7 Mar 2006
Andreas Loeffler
How to use and develop plug-ins for multiple platforms.
15 May 2002
Andreas Saurwein Franci Gonçalves
3 simple classes for easy retrival of running processes, modules and threads
20 Feb 2003
Andreas Saurwein Franci Gonçalves
Simple tool to test applications under various memory conditions.
3 Mar 2003
Andreas Saurwein Franci Gonçalves
Template based file and directory enumeration class.
6 Jul 2003
Andrew Walker
An overview of the Boost library
10 May 2009
Andriy Tylychko
A single header cross-platform thread-safe logging facility
3 Nov 2003
Andy Brummer
These iterators provide a simple way to sample or stretch a fixed size data set to fit in a larger or smaller container
9 Oct 2006
Aniruddha Jahagirdar
The STL Serialization Library can serialize and load STL objects from a file. The serialization file format can be customised to suit your needs. It's fast, easy, and free!
14 Apr 2004
A set of currency manipulation classes
5 Feb 2005
Using XML to store settings.
30 Jun 2003
Arnaud Brejeon
This article provides an easy way to load and save the parameters of an application in XML format.
1 Jun 2008
Artem Kustikov
This article describes portable networking library (ahttp) and small HTTP server - result of modern C++ programming approaches investigation
20 Nov 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use Intel C++ Compiler and OpenMP performance library to deliver a modern parallel code that implements an efficient parallel sorting algorithm
23 Aug 2005
A non-sharing smart pointer class that can be used with STL containers like std::map, vector, list, set, and deque. The smart pointer has assignment operator and greater than operator that call the target object's equal operator.
27 Aug 2014
Bartlomiej Filipek
Several issues related to smart pointers that are worth knowing.
27 Apr 2014
Bartlomiej Filipek
This book is a must-have resource for any C++ developer!
16 Dec 2014
Bartlomiej Filipek
Several examples of beautiful code made up of algorithms from the C++ standard library. Heavily uses modern C++.
26 Nov 2018
Bartlomiej Filipek
What performance can we get from C++17 parallel algorithms?
9 May 2003
Bassam Abdul-Baki
This article shows how to save a structure into an XML file (using STL), then load the file back using XML
3 Oct 2003
Provides clean syntax for explicitly loading a DLL and its export functions. Exported DLL functions appear as local extern "C" functions or class member functions at source level.
28 Mar 2003
A hack to rename a workspace (MSVC6 only).
21 Nov 2004
This simple class shows how to iterate file names by using STL iterator interface.
9 Sep 2013
Here ,we provide simple and practical keyword extraction software and dll for long text
2 Sep 2008
Boby Thomas P
Patterns in real life - Design patterns played out with people instead of objects.
21 Dec 2008
Boris Kolesnikov
Generates PNG files called tiles which form a layer on a GIS map
24 Dec 2008
Borodenko Oleg
It is similar to CSplitterWnd, but it is easier to use and with lots of possibilities.
12 Jul 2010
Borodenko Oleg
Adjustable contol with zooming and scrolling tabs, dragging with the mouse, custom drawing and much more
12 Jul 2010
Borodenko Oleg
A control that allows you to create multiple areas with tabs that you can pull with the mouse and as a result change the configuration of these areas.
1 Oct 2010
A Simple C++ XML parser with only the basic functionality
5 Jun 2003
The topic of this article is pointers. I describe below some problems, bugs and technique solutions that correspond with using pointers. This article would be useful for beginners and programmers who use other programming languages and are starting to study C++ now.
20 Mar 2009
Discussing about Tree Iterators: Choices of Datastructure and Algorithm
27 Feb 2004
Lightweight utf8 generator
27 Feb 2004
Auto Value is an implementation of variables having undefined state
18 Apr 2006
Carl Ge
A string class based on STL and that can be used like the CStringT in MFC.
23 Oct 2007
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrating electrocardiogram (ECG) annotation C++ library is based on wavelet-analysis and console application for extraction of vital intervals and waves from ECG data (P, T, QRS, PQ, QT, RR, RRn), ectopic beats and noise detection.
16 Jan 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates face detection SSE optimized C++ library for color and gray scale data with skin detection, motion estimation for faster processing, small sized SVM and NN rough face prefiltering, PCA/LDA/ICA/any dimensionality reduction/projection and final NN classification
19 Dec 2007
Chesnokov Yuriy
This article describes an object tracking approach by estimating a time averaged background scene for tracking static and moving objects in real-time on down-scaled image data.
10 Jul 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describes the use of Haar-like wavelet features for ultra fast object detection using a cascade of artificial neural network classifiers.
20 Nov 2007
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates the self organizing maps clustering approach for unsupervised AI classification tasks with application examples in computer vision area for faces clustering and recognition
11 Oct 2004
Cho, Kyung-min
Easy to access and simple XML parser
19 Jan 2004
Cho, Kyung-min
safedeque shows the way to use deque with cslock and smart pointer.
2 Mar 2003
Chris Losinger
Scans a folder for sub-folders and files. Simple and easy to use.
25 Aug 2011
Chris Losinger
A simple command line parsing class.
24 Sep 2001
Chris Losinger
Using STL function objects in std::sort
4 Sep 2002
Chris Losinger
A colorizing text edit control, with full undo/redo, clipboard support, etc.
12 Aug 2012
Christian Ernst Rysgaard
Cracking the htmlhelp .chm storage format to remove annoying file-lock bug and for the sheer fun of it!
20 Feb 2002
Christian Graus
The first in a series of articles on STL, this one covers vector and some common algorithms
24 Feb 2002
Christian Graus
My second STL article covers std::list and discusses different iterator types
1 Apr 2002
Christian Graus
This third article describes how to write function adaptors which allow customization of STL functions.
20 Mar 2002
Christian Graus
A typesafe alternative to sprintf from the std library
23 Mar 2002
Christian Graus
Coverage of two more containers from the STL, namely set and map, and the functions provided for them.
16 Apr 2002
Christian Graus
Showing how to extend iostreams in order to stream custom types
14 Jul 2002
Christian Graus
An exploration of extending the iostreams framework through stream modifiers
24 Jul 2002
Christian Graus
An exploration of extending the iostreams framework through custom streams.
7 Dec 2004
Christopher Diggins
An introduction to the OOTL (Object Oriented Template Library). Describes how the OOTL uses a bleeding-edge technique of defining interface types in C++ to provide lightweight object-oriented primitives with run-time polymorphism through an IObject interface.
25 Jan 2005
Christos Malliopoulos
A template-library for calculating arithmetic and logical expressions.
3 Nov 2014
Ciro Sisman Pereira
tCNode template: An indexed multi-node data tree using STL containers
20 Jun 2004
This article introduces a simple approach to in-memory transactions that can be used to implement Undo and Redo. The technique uses SEH and Virtual Memory and requires only STL and Win32.
9 Aug 2004
Left to my own devices, I tend to leak handles, leave keys open too long, close and re-open keys too often, and generally make a mess of the whole thing. And frankly, so do most of you (no insult intended).
19 Feb 2003
This article introduces a template-based off-shoot of the subject/observer pattern called Intercom. Intercom achieves some advantages over subject-observer designs by using a three component model (Message, Notifier, Observer).
27 Apr 2012
What properties has some proper C++ wrapper class? Let's formalize it for example for Windows registry.
22 Apr 2002
Craig Henderson
Identifying the minimum difference between two data sets.
10 Jul 2011
Cristian Amarie
Testing C++ classes with a pointer to member function.
18 Oct 2007
An introduction to the STL vector.
2 Jul 2008
Assertions are a very effective debugging tool for C/C++ code. But, a very subtle problem exists with assertions that can cause you to waste a lot of debugging time chasing the wrong problem.
14 Nov 2006
Dan Moulding
A memory leak detector for Visual C++ packaged in an easy to use library!
19 Aug 2012
Dan Randolph
C# interop using platform invoke and C++ vectors to implement fast searching and selection on index keys
26 Jun 2002
Daniel Andersson
A string tokenizer iterator class that works with std::string
3 Jul 2002
Daniel Andersson
Writing generic code with templates and the C++ standard library.
1 Nov 2003
Daniel Lohmann
Use an edit control for logging messages and redirect cout
11 Apr 2000
Daniel Lohmann
Defines some TCHAR compatible STL elements and gives you an std::ostream to send output to the debugger windows.
11 Aug 2008
Darren Sessions
The Style Toolkit allows you to modernize the look of your programs using gradients, transparency, PNG images, and more.
14 Oct 2004
Dave Handley
Implementation of STL compliant type sensitive composite iterators.
8 Oct 2004
Dave Handley
Using functors to conditionally return values during iteration over a composite.
9 Oct 2004
Dave Handley
Basic introduction to producing parsers with the boost::spirit library.
10 Oct 2004
Dave Handley
Using composites to implement a modular arithmetic calculator with the Boost Spirit parser framework.
22 Nov 2004
Dave Handley
A library of template classes that enables the rapid production of client-side database code.
27 Feb 2003
Dave Loeser
Using DNSQuery() to get an MX record
1 Aug 2009
Component for adding scriptable forms capabilities to an application.
13 May 2007
David 'dex' Schwartz
Split a string using a single character delimiter. Template function.
27 Jan 2004
David Coe
Describes the proper way to configure a server to securely run the ASP.NET worker process runs as the system account.
31 Dec 2008
David Crow
How to find the average of a set of numbers.
8 May 2000
David Hubbard
A set of classes written in STL that implement a web server
16 May 2000
David Hubbard
This is a small non-validating XML parser based purely on STL
23 May 2000
David Hubbard
An STL starter that introduces the various collection types, strings, streams, iterators and methods of STL
28 Oct 2014
David Serrano Martínez
I like work. It fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. (Anonymous)
18 Sep 2017
David Wincelberg
Sort by month name in database tables, filenames or strings
7 Aug 2002
Chat (Client/Server) project build with code found at Code Project.
7 Dec 2011
Sample application demonstrating variety of MS technologies
29 Dec 2004
This logger can be configured to produce log output using various output types.
31 Oct 2013
This article discusses how to implement and use a template-based C++ benchmarking library.
20 Jun 2013
This article discusses the implementation and use of a fast alternative to dynamic_cast, Priori.
28 Aug 2001
Dmitri Sviridov
The article decribes how to implement docking ActiveX control using MFC and ATL
13 Feb 2009
Domagoj Šarić
A tiny WinAMP output DLL that uses a C++ replacement of the official ASIO SDK that supports multiple ASIO devices.
2 Jan 2019
Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
9 Aug 2003
A self explaning example on how to build a fully compliant STL container
20 Aug 2004
Dr. Goulu
Template classes to build polymorphic data structures based on STL, enabling transparent use of STL algorithms.
14 Sep 2005
Dr. Goulu
DicoLib stores words in lists of anagrams indexed by their length and a 26 bits bitset which describe which letters are present in the words. This makes it extremely fast to search for words which contain specified letters, and to search for words which are "close" for spell checking appli
24 Aug 2004
Dudi Avramov
Get handle to any running process (by its name) by using performance data
3 Feb 2005
In this article, an improved version of a new networking protocol for distributed or parallel computations is presented. In common, it is suitable just for fast, reliable and featureful interchange of small messages. The protocol's implementation and demo project are provided.
21 Sep 2003
Elias Bachaalany
An example of writing a self-extracting archive using pack and unpack routines.
27 Nov 2003
Emilio Garavaglia
This is the first of a series of articles where a comparison between different code styling is evaluated and made available.
1 Mar 2004
Emilio Garavaglia
C++ classes and wrappers to write W32 apps without MFC, ATL or other (part 1?)
20 Jun 2004
Emilio Garavaglia
C++ classes and wrappers to write W32 apps without MFC, ATL or other (part 3).
24 May 2007
Emilio Garavaglia
Tracing in the debug window using std::ostream
24 Apr 2012
Emilio Garavaglia
A locale codecvt facet from char to wchar_t
30 Sep 2002
Ernest Laurentin
Shows how to use Microsoft Script Hosting inside existing ATL/WTL Application
7 May 2006
Ernesto Savoretti
Simple utilities to manage strings. Specially devoted to VB backgrounders
18 May 2012
Eugene Pustovoyt
A control based on CStatic for displaying HTML-like text formatting elements.
14 Feb 2005
Eugene Pustovoyt
Extended MessageBox class
14 Oct 2003
A simple and efficient interface for using a multi-level matrix of values.
7 Dec 2006
This article is about the art of how to track bugs in programs and handle them beautifuly. Make yourself understand perfectly the reasons for exceptions and bugs.
28 Aug 2001
Fayez Al-Mutairi
An advanced COM component that provides file upload capabilities for your ASP pages.
24 Nov 2007
Fekri Kassem
An implementation of Least Recently Used (LRU) Algorithm
2 Jun 2003
Getting the correct column ordinals of an ADOX Table object.
2 Jun 2003
Using ADOX to insert field into a MS Access table.
25 Mar 2010
Generic algorithm of the longest common subsequence
1 Mar 2008
Frank Arnold
A simple manipulator class for using printf style in ostream
17 May 2008
An STL based C++ utility class to parse structured config files.
8 Mar 2004
How to use a template to create a custom collection class and using the C++ std::vector STL library as well as the operator. I will expect you to understand how pointers, classes, templates and the operator works.
28 May 2005
Gabhan Berry
How to use the STL for_each algorithm to implement loops and why it's a good idea to do so.
19 Dec 2007
Step by step instructions for a newbie on how to use WinDbg.
9 Feb 2006
Gary J. Kuehn
A small introduction to the Boost Bind and Function libraries.
16 May 2004
Gediminas Siutilas
Another debug module for your project (debug/release version).
17 Oct 2001
George Anescu
Presenting a method for detecting and solving deadlocks in multithreading applications using critical sections as synchronization objects
26 May 2003
George Anescu
Presenting some algorithms for operations with large integer numbers in a C++ class using the STL vector container
13 Oct 2001
George Anescu
A C++ STL Tokenizer class capable to tokenize a string when the set of character separators is specified by another string
17 Jun 2013
An MFC linear chart control with enhanced appearance.
7 Jun 2004
Giannakakis Kostas
A generic class implementing an exhaustive searching algorithm for solving a variety of puzzles and riddles
6 Aug 2004
Goran Mitrovic
A typeof operator for Visual C++ 7.1 compiler.
21 Jan 2004
Hans Ruck
Cleaning the output directories' junk files.
29 Sep 2002
Hans Ruck
Validate XML with XML schema.
10 Jan 2004
Hartmut Kaiser
Describes a free and fully Standard conformant C++ preprocessor library
19 Oct 2011
This article explains a framework for solving ordinary differential equations, which is based on template metaprogramming.
22 Oct 2010
The article explains a method, how flexible and extendible decorator chains can be built in a generic way. Its power is best seen if it is used with boost::factory and boost::bind.
19 Oct 2011
odeint v2 - Solving ordinary differential equations in C++
30 Aug 2002
Hemant Kurdia
Shows dynamic creation of one ATL full control in a composite control and also to show images directly from database without file system intervention.
2 Sep 2003
Heo Yongseon
Simple HTTP Client, HTTP GET, HTTP POST, HTTP POST-MultiPartFormData
3 May 2004
Heo Yongseon
Synchronized/asynchronized WWW client: HTTP/HTTPS GET, POST, POST multiparts/form-data supported. FTP GET FILE, PUT FILE supported too.
17 Nov 2006
Hirotaka Niitsuma
STL like template based coding with the MMX/SSE extension using OpenCV, vigra, and boost.
11 Nov 2016
An example state machine framework that uses Doxygen to auto-draw the actual code's behavior.
13 May 2009
Automation framework application development, realize the software functions and software frame separation. Support plug-in support theme
16 Apr 2001
Igor Sukhov
The ATL and MFC versions of the class that implements a dialog for selecting users(computers) within the Windows Network.
21 Feb 2002
Igor Vigdorchik
COM collection similar to the Visual Basic's Collection object
14 Jul 2006
Igor Vigdorchik
A WTL replacement for PostIt paper notes.
24 Jul 2006
A generic class to import Adobe's Photoshop (.psd) images.
19 Oct 2003
This article is about a simple yet easily extensible class that allows to perform arithmetic calculations.
22 Apr 2003
Ilya Solnyshkin
Implements a tree control similar to the left hand side of Windows Explorer
23 Feb 2005
Named critical section and named spin lock - you may find it useful for debugging complex applications.
26 Feb 2005
This article explains how to use CLinkedListSingle template class. This template is a thread safe implementation of single link list.
28 Feb 2005
This article explains how to use CLinkedListDouble template class. This template is a thread safe implementation of double link list.
7 Oct 2003
Itay Maman
Need a super quick implementation of a reference counting smart pointer? AUTO_REF delivers just that, with a 'thin' source code of just 3,886 bytes (
8 May 2005
J W Payne
A Visual Studio add-in to help navigate around large projects.
28 May 2002
Jack Hui
A multi-node Tree class by using map and vector
18 Dec 2003
Jais Joy
This article explains STL internals.
16 Jul 2001
James R. Twine
An edit control that provides auto-completion functionality for small data sets.

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