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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Great Reads

by Mahsa Hassankashi
It is almost everything about big data. This article explain practical example how to process big data (>peta byte = 10^15 byte) by using hadoop with multiple cluster definition by spark and compute heavy calculations by the aid of tensorflow libraries in python.
by Dmitriy Gakh
The perspectives of creating bots that write programs with two simple examples.
by Gamil Yassin
This is a series of articles demonstrating .NET AI library from scratch
by Dirk Bahle
Solving the Classification problem with ML.Net Version 0.2.

Latest Articles

by AndyEdmonds
A free service makes it possible to use a fuzzy logic expert system online. We'll go through an example of coding in .NET core to access this, and look at some of the features of the engine and the DARL language.
by I Love Code
An Introduction to Logistic Regression.
by Muhammad Usama Khan
Machine learning and the types of machine learning, and how we teach the machine to perform different actions
by AndyEdmonds
You can simulate with DARL too! This demonstrates a financial trading simulation.


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