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by Dr. WPF
.NET 3.5 SP1 is here! It's time to break out your DirectX skills. This article provides the information necessary to get started using a new DirectX interop feature in WPF called D3DImage.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.

Latest Articles

by Mike Meinz
Step-by-step instructions to create and install a Certificate Authority certificate and a signing certificate as well as a BAT file to sign a program.
by Jose A Pascoa
A small Windows Service that provides permanent monitoring against those little pesky icons that few people enjoy and love.
by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
by pdoxtader
Learn how to view a remote machine's file system using your own explorer like window, and transfer files and folders by dragging and dropping in C# using the TcpComm TCP library

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13 Feb 2012
How you can structure your solution and project files in Visual Studio to make updating your assemblies' version number much easier
3 Apr 2012
Rui Jarimba
Serialize/deserialize your objects using generics. Customize settings like indentation, encoding, namespaces and others
25 Jan 2012
Sebastian Krysmanski
The help page for IDisposable provides the code for IDisposable's default implementation pattern in C#. This article will explain each part of it step by step and also provide the equivalent C++/CLI code in each step.
8 Feb 2016
Steve Naidamast
“Agile Development” – The Software Industry’s New Meme
30 Jul 2012
Imran Abdul Ghani
Existing bindings available in WCF
12 Oct 2012
Rob Kraft
Some implementation details
20 Jun 2009
Stephen Cleary
How to detect a dropped TCP/IP connection
17 Aug 2009
Arindam Sinha
SOAP Request/Response XML can be logged with TraceExtension
4 Apr 2014
Using C# from native C++ with the help of C++/CLI.
21 Oct 2013
Imran Abdul Ghani
ASP.NET Web API 2 has been released with a number of new exciting features. In this web development post, I'll try to discuss new features of it which can be considered the top 5.1.
24 Feb 2012
Eric Xue (brokensnow)
20 mins installation guide in order to get you with a Mac OS X Lion VM in no time
28 May 2013
John Atten
How to use SSH to access a Linux machine from Windows
15 Jul 2010
The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation failed
29 Dec 2011
Omar Al Zabir
How to browse the internet faster and save power using a smart HOSTS file
12 Apr 2014
Alex Turok
Our applications – no matter whether games, productivity tools or business software – are all about data.
11 Jun 2014
Steve Wellens
There was a question from a student over on the Asp.Net forums about improving site performance. The concern was that every time an app setting was read from the Web.Config file, the disk would be accessed. With many app settings and many users, it was believed performance would suffer.
4 Aug 2015
Anton Angelov
Examples how to use the Microsoft Edge WebDriver to create UI automated tests executed against the new Microsoft browser- Edge.
26 Jan 2011
Abhijit Jana
Details explanation on Compression Enabled Session for SQL Server and State Server Session Mode in ASP.NET 4.0
4 Jun 2013
Loading assemblies using Assembly.Load, Assembly.LoadFrom and Assembly.LoadFile
23 Oct 2014
Ben M Watson
Using MemoryStream to wrap existing buffers: Gotchas and tips
20 Mar 2016
Rob Kraft
We often hesitate to take the action that shows we are committed to doing something new. We read about it, analyze it, and try to understand it; but real learning requires that we go beyond reading. We must DO.
10 Apr 2009
Philip Laureano
A look into the design of a statically precompiled IOC container that performs as fast as an application without an IOC container.
27 May 2013
Tharaka MTR
This post will show you how to fix orphaned SQL users.
20 Apr 2009
Inaki Ayucar
Learn how to sign C++/CLI assemblies with a strong name.
1 May 2011
A way to improve performance of your web application significantly
4 Sep 2019
Chris Boss
Visual Basic 6.0 just doesn’t want to disappear. Why ? Likely many have written vital applications using VB 6.0 and Visual Basic is so different that it is not a viable option.
10 Sep 2010
Andrey Permamedov
Why an exception raised in timer callback function doesn't leads to process termination.
3 Feb 2011
Inaki Ayucar
How to get exactly what you need using DirectoryInfo.GetFiles, with an exact extension match lookup
15 May 2011
A simple example showing how to implement a service listening to TCP, HTTP and Named Pipe at the same time.
29 Sep 2012
John Atten
John on Google CodeProjectLet’s face it. Managing date information within the .net framework (or any framework, really . . . Java is not much better) is a pain the the ass. Really. What makes it even worse is managing user data entry of date information.
22 Jul 2013
Simon Jackson
Syncfusion’s "Succinctly" series, one of the largest free (and still growing) set of technical books covering everything from languages, to source control systems and beyond.
25 Jun 2014
OCD Windows Phone photogs, beware
15 Sep 2014
Saleh Hamadeh
In the last three decades, software development has undergone a drastic change. Computer science started out as a mix of discrete mathematics and electrical engineering. As more people bought personal computers, most businesses sold their software for fixed prices.
1 Nov 2014
Ivan Krivyakov
Difference between 'Resource' and 'Embedded Resource' Build Actions described
20 Mar 2016
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
In this episode I am going to talk about using graphical applications in Mono. The graphical framework to use would be Windows Forms.
9 Apr 2009
Sacha Barber
I was working on something for an upcoming article that I am writing where I am messing around with 3D, and I was having a small issue with a VisualBrush (something to do with Freezable, I never did quite figure it out and came up with a better solution), but along the way of trying [...]
2 Apr 2010
Steve Wellens
A user had a problem calling a Web Service from a web page asynchronously. I tried his code on my machine and was able to reproduce the problem. I was able to solve his problem, but only after taking the long scenic route through some of the more perplexing nuances of Web Services and Proxies.
27 Apr 2010
This is the third post in a series about jQuery and ASP.NET MVC 2 in Visual Studio 2010. 100% of the developers I have talked to this morning are enjoying jQuery and how it makes ASP.NET MVC sites a treat to work on. Of course, the sample size was one (1) developer, and he’s writing this post.
10 Jul 2010
Abhijit Jana
In SharePoint 2010, we can create Visual Web parts very easily from Visual Studio and can deploy it directly from Visual Studio...
4 Oct 2010
Dinesh K Mandal
Calling method in parent page from user control
27 Dec 2010
25 Mar 2011
In this post, we will see how to make a custom control fully useable in a Coded UI Tests scenario.
15 May 2011
Raymund Macaalay
How to create WebPart properties.
23 Jul 2012
Neeraj Kaushik1980
This article demonstrates implementation of knockoutjs observable viewmodel with jquery and ASP.NET MVC 3 and how to bind viewmodel with HTML controls.
30 Apr 2012
Martin Thwaites
If you have an issue with a slow part of a site after a large dataload, that you can't replicate after a DB restore, it's likely you could be dealing with a similar issue.
27 Aug 2012
Richard James Moss
This article describes adding design time support for a TabControl-like component which renders the same way the Project Properties in Visual Studio 2012.
21 Apr 2014
Imran Abdul Ghani
ASP.NET Interview Questions for Beginners and Professionals - Part 4
25 Sep 2014
Part 1 described the general idea behind Sonar project, hardware components used and Arduino sketch... This second post in "Out of Boredom" series is about C# and JavaScript programs that make it possible to display ultrasonic range sensor data in web browsers.
2 Dec 2014
Vidyasagar Machupalli
C#, Web API: HTTP GET with a Request Body
19 Apr 2015
Hideous Humpback Freak
How to construct the SUT (System Under Test) – Eradicate Brittle Unit Tests
14 Jul 2017
How to disable StartMenu clicks and Win key for kiosk mode application using a library
15 Jan 2011
Abhijit Jana
Programmatically Changing Session State Behavior in ASP.NET 4.0
26 Feb 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Multi Targeted Add Reference Support in Productivity Power Tools
6 Apr 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
How to implement template binding in Silverlight custom control
10 Jul 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Organizing custom control properties inside Visual Studio and Expression Blend
10 Dec 2011
Sebastian Solnica
PDB files out of the debugger
3 Jul 2012
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Improved Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2012 to improve productivity
16 Jan 2013
Simon Jackson
Some of the other frameworks which use XNA as a baseline.
22 Jan 2013
Alexander Turlov
Setting a "Content-Disposition" HTTP Header in the Web API Controller method.
30 Jul 2013
Richard James Moss
How to use TypeConverter allowing complex objects to be edited as though they were simple strings
28 Nov 2014
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Uploading the files - HTML5 and jQuery way
17 Nov 2015
Kevin Mack
Hello All! Welcome to TotalALM. This is a new blog being written by Kevin Mack, and Brandon Rohrer, and you will be seeing many more posts from the two of us about all things ALM. To find out more about who we are, please feel free to check out our bios on this site.
4 Feb 2016
Simon Jackson
Be careful of those SPECIAL names in Unity
6 Mar 2016
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
What Windows runtime can teach .NET developers
10 Jul 2016
Simon Jackson
Technology it seems is moving ever faster and faster, especially in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Barriers to entry are breaking down and huge cloud offerings from all the major suppliers are popping up left right and center.  We see these on our devices (Siri, Cortana,
15 Nov 2017
Petru Faurescu
Insights in data aggregations and joining collections with MongoDB and .NET Driver
15 Nov 2017
Bahrudin Hrnjica
Once the model is built and Loss and Validation functions satisfy our expectation, we need to validate and test the model using the data which was not part of the training data set (unseen data).
22 May 2009
Diego Resnik
Cache mechanism is one of the basic infrastructures in every medium & above project, either web application or winForm application.
28 Jun 2010
Alexey Kurakin
This article is the second part of my series about remote threads. In this part, I describe how you can create permanently executing thread with any of your code inside address space of another process.
10 Nov 2010
Sebastian Solnica
How to load module debugging symbols (PDB files) into the debugger and how to bind them with source files
15 Jan 2011
Don Kackman
Here is a helper class to get the current location on a Windows Phone just once
13 Apr 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
How to use Gradient Color Picker in Expression Blend?
24 Apr 2011
A simple example showing how to implement encrypted communication between Windows Phone 7 and standalone .NET application.
31 Jul 2011
Rui Jarimba
Learn how to use the Specification Pattern and how to generate Specification Objects for your Entity Framework entities using T4 templates.
7 Aug 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
How to get rid of the XAML Design view inside Visual Studio IDE?
17 Feb 2012
How to set Current User Name to InfoPath Person/Group Picker
27 Mar 2012
Ayobami Adewole
Source code versioning with Git in Visual Studio
6 May 2012
WCF Basic Authentication with SQL Membership Provider
23 Jul 2012
Shabbir Lathsaheb
I was developing an application to post xml data to a URL (REST call) using and C#. The endpoint was hosted with a third party vendor and they had a much secured hosting environment.
31 Jul 2012
kishore Gaddam
To Install and Configure Team Foundation Server 2012 see the post here at Team Foundation Server 2012 RC – Install & Configure.
29 Aug 2012
Zac Gery
Paint.NET is a free open source project that helps bridge the gap between the low fidelity and high cost options currently available.
29 Jan 2013
Shayne P Boyer
Move your View Models.
19 Feb 2013
Gilly Barr
Getting started with nodejs.
3 May 2013
Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Solution to the MSSQL Server “Suspect”
27 May 2013
Tharaka MTR
Generate insert statements from a specific table data using SQL Server
11 Jun 2013
How a LightSwitch HTML client application works.
30 Jul 2013
Richard James Moss
This follow up article expands upon the sample in the first part, to include more concise design time code generation, expandable property support, and finally custom lists of values.
10 Aug 2013
Manas Bhardwaj
How to extract table data from Word document using Aspose Words
10 Oct 2013
Rion Williams
This article covers one of the switches that you might be interested in flipping, the App Suspend feature, which is available in .NET 4.5.1 on Windows Server 2012 R2.
13 Nov 2013
Alexander Turlov
The Web API framework has a number of support objects that simplify the job.
12 Apr 2014
Alex Turok
In a recent post I have covered several approaches to store data in a Windows Phone application. Another important problem is presenting data in an easy and controllable way that would not interfere with other layers of your app.
2 Dec 2014
Sebastian Solnica
How to debug Windows services written in .NET
12 Jan 2015
While playing around with NuGet as much as I have been, I noticed something in the ‘nuget pack’ command that I thought was pretty interesting. A ‘-symbols’ flag. “What’s this do?” I thought. So, naturally, I gave it a shot. What NuGet spat out for me was a .
18 Sep 2015
Dmitriy Kozlov
Forms Designer has just gotten a new feature: the related items control is now able to do inline spreadsheet-style quick editing. This feature is supported in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online in Office 365.
1 Oct 2015
Daniel Vaughan
IntroductionWith UWP and WinRT, Microsoft introduced a new means for localizability, which differs significantly from the method employed in Silverlight and .NET desktop apps.
26 Oct 2015
Sacha Barber
I don’t know about you lot but I work with XML files a bit, but I don’t have to mess around with XSD (xml schema) files that often. And it seems like every time I do I forget what I did last time. To this end I thought I would write this up somewhere, so […]
17 Mar 2016
Sibeesh Passion
In this article we will learn how we can create some client side chart widgets with the data from SQL Server database. We use MVC architecture with Web API and Angular JS to fetch the data and do all the manipulations. I am creating this application in Visual Studio 2015.
18 Mar 2016
This article describes about adding progress bar in cell.
31 May 2016
Sibeesh Passion
Working With Test Client In ASP.NET Web API Help Page
15 Jun 2016
Allen C. Copeland Jr
Grokking the CLI - Part 1: Meta Mayhem
22 Jul 2016
Andrei Ion Rînea
Having fun with HTML 5 history API - Part 3
4 Apr 2019
Jeremy Hutchinson
Window Management in Visual Studio
2 Jan 2010
Sky Sanders
AccessControlModule can impart a greater consistency and usability upon the default behaviour of FormsAuthentication and allow any client script code to leverage FormsAuthentication in a straight forward manner.
8 Sep 2009
Uros Calakovic
An article on WMI and file system monitoring.
25 Sep 2009
Charles Boyung
How to program for date ranges
15 Mar 2010
Mahmudul Haque Azad
Today while browsing I came across Matthew M. Osborn’s Blog and I found this fantastic line“Documentation is the coders best and worst friend. It is a two sided sword, it makes your life easier but no one likes writing it. So coders do what we do best and find a way to make [...]
11 Apr 2010
Mohammad Elsheimy
Give the user the flexibility to design his sheet, report, bill, invoice, whatever.
17 May 2010
Raymund Macaalay
Deleting Files using File System Task in SSIS
29 Jul 2010
Mattia Baldinger
About SQL Server Management Objects
7 Sep 2010
Joel Ivory Johnson
Continuation of a blog post on Windows Phone 7 programming. This part covers playing sounds using XNA
20 Sep 2010
Ali BaderEddin
Restore an SQL database on a local or remote SQL server using PowerShell
28 Oct 2010
Introducing a validation library
1 Feb 2011
Image Sprites and CSS Classes creator
10 Feb 2011
Tomer Shamam
Design Time Support for MEF
15 May 2011
Manjuke Fernando
How to deploy Windows applications using ClickOnce (Visual Studio 2008)
27 Jul 2011
Ivan Krivyakov
BackgroundWorker and UI threads
22 Jul 2011
João Paulo Figueira
An alternative way to create the menu bar
25 Aug 2011
Mehdi Khalili
In this article we will cover some of the more advanced features of Fiddler.
7 Sep 2011
Eric Xue (brokensnow)
How to resolve SharePoint document locked for editing issue
7 Sep 2011
Eric Xue (brokensnow)
Extracting the entire UserProfile AD user details into a CSV file
31 Mar 2017
Account unknown
10 Nov 2011
Adrian Alexander
Collections for WPF and NHibernate
24 Feb 2012
Giorgi Dalakishvili
This is the first part of a series about writing an expression evaluator in C#.
29 Mar 2012
Raymund Macaalay
Three easy steps in moving your Sub Site in its own Site Collection.
5 Jun 2012
Michael Banzon
Windows and GDI-objects
27 Aug 2012
Gergo Bogdan
Windows 8 application development using the WinJS framework - DataBinding
27 Aug 2012
Gergo Bogdan
Some thoughts about Visual Studio 2012 and First Windows 8 App Development with JavaScript and HTML
8 Oct 2012
Bahrudin Hrnjica
Golden Ratio and GPdotNET v2 User Interface
14 Dec 2016
Simon Jackson
How to convert DirectX .X files for use in games
21 Nov 2012
I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Software Architect Conference this year in London.  This is the same group which puts on DevWeek.  It was short and sweet, just 2 days without the additional sessions before and after.
18 Dec 2012
Vasil Trifonov
Using WIX with Managed Custom Action
13 May 2013
Rion Williams
Handling larger JSON string values in .NET.
4 Jul 2013
Timmy Kokke
Extending Blend for Visual Studio.
20 Jul 2013
MVC Complex model postback: bind field to JSON string
13 Aug 2013
Nitin Singh India
An introduction to AJAX with multicast delegates.
30 Sep 2013
Praveen Kumar Katiyar
A service that demonstrates instance management in real life.
23 Oct 2013
Simon Jackson
By the end of this book you should be able to make scrolling backgrounds, clever AI for bad guys, and be able to save / load and change levels in the way Unity3D always wanted you to but forgot to mention.
5 Nov 2013
How to check user permission for the web, list, or SharePoint Item in SharePoint JavaScript Object Model.
18 Nov 2013
Keyhole Software
In the two-part series on scaling PHP applications, this part will focus on replacing Apache.
10 Feb 2014
Carl Randall
When your cloud services have been deployed and things are maybe not going quite as you expected, the first thing you may turn to is diagnostics.
22 Mar 2014
Vidyasagar Machupalli
Windows :xRDP to Ubuntu
25 Jul 2014
Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
TinyMCE additional HTML elements
25 Aug 2014
Arun Ramachandran India
WebMethod overloading in ASP.NET web services
17 Sep 2014
CodeProject   It’s been a while since the last part, but I have been terribly busy. In the last part you learned about custom controllers, the ApiServices-class and the Authorization level attributes. In this part you will learn how to wire up everything.
22 Sep 2014
Bob McGowan
Utilizing SQL Server FILESTREAM capabilities from .NET
19 Nov 2014
Dan Rowinski
When the smartphone meets the automobile, the future of technology is the road ahead.The post Auto + Mobile: Cars Have Always Driven The Future Of Technology appeared first on ARC.
9 Apr 2016
Codeman the Barbarian
Embedded Programming – Getting Started With the Netduino - Part 2
5 Feb 2015
Grant Curell
This code is for Python 3. I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t really find a good way to do this when I Googled for a solution. I just kept getting results for Google’s youtube API, which is great… but also massive overkill for what I wanted to do.
31 Aug 2015
Hello everyone, today I am going to share one basic thing, which you all may know about it. I am going to explain how can we create numbered list using CSS. So, let’s go through it quickly without wasting much of our time :). HTML provides us few ways of creating lists.
22 Oct 2015
Sibeesh Passion
Custom Pager using prev and next in jQuery
17 Nov 2015
Sibeesh Passion
How to load an XML file and show as li using ng-repeat in Angular JS
13 Sep 2016
matt warren
How to prevent .NET Garbage collections with the TryStartNoGCRegion API
13 Dec 2016
Petru Faurescu
How to use Visual Studio Code to edit and run Python code and access Twitter API
28 Sep 2017
Sacha Barber
Finishing the 'view rating' page
13 Mar 2019
In this guide, I’ll show you how to get started using Power BI.  We’ll then get some sample data and use it to build a simple project.
3 Apr 2009
Steve Wellens
I wanted a cheap, simple visual indicator similar to a progress bar. Note, not the kind of dynamic progress bar used when updating AJAX pages, more of a single-bar graph. It should have been simple task.
15 Jun 2009
Creating classes at runtime
16 Sep 2009
Mohamed M. Shaheen
In these few lines I describe the process to develop standalone client for ejb3 session bean hosted on JBoss -4.x application server.
11 Jan 2010
How to use Common Service Locator to lose dependency of your project on IoC container.
16 Feb 2010
Steve Psaltis
This post will be the first in a 3 part series of posts where I will explain how I am currently developing WPF MVVM applications in a testable way with little or no code behind.
18 Mar 2010
Mohammad Elsheimy
Remove hidden system shares on your Windows
18 Mar 2010
Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to create/extend a culture and register it for future use (even by Windows)
19 Mar 2010
A class to make a Windows Mobile compact framework forms fullscreen. Includes code to catch all keys (no more working softkeys)
1 Apr 2010
With Windows 7’s public release less than 2 weeks away (22 October 2009), I decided to dig into how the taskbar works!
9 Apr 2010
Simple properties Mapper by reflection: Stop copying manually each property of your objects !
3 May 2010
Making Cross Domain jQuery AJAX Calls
29 Aug 2010
Gediminas Geigalas
Implementing a custom RoleProvider using Unity IoC library to support custom roles in ASP.NET MVC
29 Aug 2010
Gediminas Geigalas
Learn how to serialize System.DateTime for use in SQL Server stored procedures
6 Sep 2010
Abhishek Sur
Use of Expression Trees in .NET for Lambda Decomposition
28 Sep 2010
Oddleif Halvorsen
Ever been in a situation where you need to modify a SharePoint master page, but really would like not having to create a custom master page? It can be done. Sure, this depends on the amount of customizations, but in a lot of situations you can do what you need from code.
11 Oct 2010
Gil Fink
Using Overlay Icon API to Make Client Notifications in IE9 Ever wanted to notify your site clients/users while they are surfing in your site. In one of the applications that I helped to build this was a customer requirement.
26 Nov 2010
Abhijit Jana
How to Use ASP.NET “Property Pages” to create or host a Silverlight application in ASP.NET Site?
6 Jan 2011
Bikash Shaw
Test your web application’s UI with JUnit and Selenium
14 Jan 2011
Gil Fink
Book Review – HTML5: Up and Running
16 Jan 2011
Mark Brownsword
Designing the business intelligence application
24 Jan 2011
Windows Phone 7 MUST HAVE Toolkits
14 Feb 2011
Talking with G-sensors and vector algebra. Shake and Orientation detection.
4 Mar 2011
Pete Mourfield
Building a Facebook Graph API application using ASP.NET
17 May 2011
Custom Splash Screen using Silverlight 4.0
4 Jun 2011
Pete O'Hanlon
Well, Microsoft has finally unveiled what is commonly known as Windows 8. The Metro UI represents a dramatic step forward for Windows applications.
22 Jul 2011
Generics and Constraints over Generics
27 Jul 2011
Unit Testing C# Custom Attributes with NUnit
27 Jul 2011
Unit Testing C# Custom Attributes with NUnit
31 Jul 2011
Brij M
How to create and deploy a Windows Azure application.
26 Aug 2011
Vijay Rajanna
In this post, you will read about an early bird's view of Windows 8 "Metro UI"
25 Aug 2011
Kunal Chowdhury «IN»
Crop an object using Expression Blend
7 Sep 2011
Eric Xue (brokensnow)
Missing Server side dependencies - Problems and Solutions
5 Nov 2011
String to Integer conversion Internals
30 Nov 2011
Gil Fink
Adding Video Element on the Fly and Drawing it to a Canvas Element
1 Dec 2011
Gil Fink
Converting JSON serialized .NET DateTime to JavaScript Date.
25 Jan 2012
Sebastian Krysmanski
How to pass native pointers across C++/CLI assembly boundaries
7 Feb 2012
Ruben Rotteveel
Windows Identity Foundation - Security is really a deceptively simple problem of merely two parts, Authenticating and Authorizing users. The problem is that there's been an absence of standards and interoperability is really impossible without them.
11 Mar 2012
Caleb McElrath
This article will briefly focus on the topic of Asynchronous Programming by extending System.Action delegates.
25 Mar 2012
Quicksort is a very elegant general purpose sorting algorithm and every developer should be familiar with its principles.
14 Jan 2017
Vangos Pterneas
Kinect for Windows: Find user height accurately
23 Jul 2012
Thin clients, where applicable, can significantly reduce the administrative overhead required to maintain user hardware and software, while also reducing energy consumption.
29 Aug 2012
Zac Gery
The Gestalt Principles are based on the observation that people actively and subconsciously organize things into patterns and objects.