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by Dr. WPF
.NET 3.5 SP1 is here! It's time to break out your DirectX skills. This article provides the information necessary to get started using a new DirectX interop feature in WPF called D3DImage.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.

Latest Articles

by Mike Meinz
Step-by-step instructions to create and install a Certificate Authority certificate and a signing certificate as well as a BAT file to sign a program.
by Jose A Pascoa
A small Windows Service that provides permanent monitoring against those little pesky icons that few people enjoy and love.
by Brad Joss
Alter your clipboard contents before pasting to automate tasks
by pdoxtader
Learn how to view a remote machine's file system using your own explorer like window, and transfer files and folders by dragging and dropping in C# using the TcpComm TCP library

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2 Sep 2013
Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
20 Oct 2010
Simon P Stevens
How to set the current directory correctly when running batch scripts as administrator
7 Jul 2015
Arthur V. Ratz
This tip is especially useful for users who own the licensed copy of Windows 7/8/8.1, and would like to upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29, 2015.
20 Mar 2012
VS2010 *was* painfully slow - now fixed!
8 May 2019
Bruno Tabbia
Automatic positioning and resizing of explorer windows, without overlapping (for obsessive superusers)
25 Feb 2015
Kewin Rausch
A tool for translating C/C++ makefile projects in Visual Studio compatible ones
27 Dec 2017
Alberto M.
How to control TP-Link Smart Plug (HS100 or HS110) with C#
19 Dec 2014
How to use ASM in C#.NET and most fast memory copy method
22 May 2010
1 alternative  
Don't drink the kool-aid. You still need to know how to use the Windows API in .Net apps.
19 Apr 2012
This article will show how to create an auto-suggest TextBox that will suggest data from a SQL Server database column.
4 Jul 2014
Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
4 Apr 2015
Jean Carlo S. Passos
CRUD over Association Entity that maps to association tables
12 Mar 2013
Mark McLean (ExpElec)
ST provide a DFU module for their STM32 micro-controllers for firmware upgrade over USB. This is an example of how to use it from C#.
3 Apr 2013
Questions here quite often ask "how do I send data from one form to another?" and I must have answered this a dozen times. So, a series of three tips to cover the process.
22 Oct 2012
Praveen Kullu
Preventing viruses in a USB drive in Windows
3 Dec 2013
How to embed an image in email body
20 Feb 2016
An advice to make your DLL interface more attractive and easier-to-maintain even in cross-platform projects
13 Sep 2013
Hasan Gurler
1 alternative  
Simple DXF reader and viewer supporting the most common AutoCAD entities
22 Nov 2013
Sunflower fractal, so that you can play and create a wonderful image
14 Dec 2014
Automatically implement INotifyPropertyChanged for every property in Entity Framework 6.0 entity classes
9 Dec 2013
dietmar paul schoder
How to get the location of a specific IP-address
6 Jun 2014
Amir Mohammad Nasrollahi
How to list the installed applications of your system and their setup details in C# language
18 Jul 2014
Matthew Givens
How to change databases at run-time in a user-friendly manner.
27 Jan 2015
Auto updating the exe if the latest exe is available in the network share
5 Jul 2017
Andreoli Carlo
In our company, we find ourselves in need of using the internal PC (buzzer) on Windows7 64bit. At the end, we figured out how to do it.
13 Dec 2015
Martin Gmuca
Quick guide and preview of process of installing Windows 10 IoT Core to Raspberry Pi 2
16 Nov 2010
How to change input language
25 Jul 2012
2 alternatives  
How to open a console in a non-console C/C++ application or DLL and make printf/scanf work (stdin/stdout/stderr related functions)
13 Aug 2013
Le Sourcier
This tip helps in using font icons as ImageSource.
29 Mar 2014
Alex Culea
Shows how to create a window that behaves like a context menu
29 Jul 2014
Implementation of the fourth order Runge-Kutta method in Python for solving n-dimensional ordinary differential equations
30 Oct 2014
Dan Hu
Demonstrate how to use .NET Cryptography library to create a file encryption/decryption tool
19 May 2015
Yohamnes Hernandez
How to free blocked files, inclusive if they are mapped in memory. Something that many tools are missing.
26 Nov 2016
Get a collection of all running Excel interop Application objects (not just the active one)
16 Jan 2014
Tom Glick Philadelphia, US
POC to demonstrate passing of collections of complex objects to ASP.NET Web API Controllers.
10 Jul 2014
A small guide to use VTK in MFC
9 Apr 2015
Royston Malcomber
Setting up Google reCaptcha version 2 with MVC5
27 Apr 2015
Joezer BH
Explains the benefits of using the command line in the large folder delete case and shows an example of the syntax
20 Jun 2015
Achieving Low Coupling & High Cohesion by applying SOLID principles
1 May 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
This tip/trick introduces the basic ideas on how to avoid memory mismatched allocation/deallocation issues detected by Intel® Inspector XE for Visual Studio 2015
15 Jun 2012
Timothy Svecz
Amazon AWS: Setting up FTP on EC2 Windows Instances
26 Aug 2012
1 alternative  
The tip shows one way to resolve if a user control is in design mode.
8 May 2013
Ehsan yazdani rad
XAF is a good framework that facilitates software making, but as it provides many benefits, there is the limitation that you have to deal with, one of them is placing fully customized form in a view
6 Nov 2014
Orjan Westin
Simplifying the use of dynamically sized C structs
2 Apr 2015
Dr Gadgit
Written in C# and VS2010 as a class libary to be used in your own project.
19 Jan 2018
This roguish way of moving a WorkItem, directly 'in-place', through SQL leaves all of the previous data associations intact, but portends issues with future major updates and current TFS Data Warehousing.
11 Jan 2016
A super simple method for listing Enum members in WPF using databinding
25 Jan 2016
Garbel Nervadof
Convert HTML table data from a website into PHP array
29 Jun 2016
The Zakies
we would create Hand_tool to pan through the drawing form, and we would use a custom cursor of open and closed hands
5 Mar 2017
Jose A Pascoa
Part 1 - Using DMath from C#
2 Oct 2012
Clifford Nelson
This article presents a way to display totally dynamic data in a windows grid using a dictionary.
10 Oct 2012
Lama Barri
A library for packing / unpacking 7bit user data for SMS according to the GSM 03.38 standards.
22 Jul 2013
Paw Jershauge
Want your own movie database??? Download IMDB in 20 minutes.
14 Apr 2014
Emulate Human Mouse Input with Bezier Curves and Gaussian Distributions
10 Nov 2014
This is how to use the bisection method to calculate the nth root of a positive real number.
15 Nov 2014
Member 3531622
Create a Rules Engine in less than 50 lines of code which is extremely powerful, extensible and adaptable
30 Nov 2015
Mohammad Dayyan, VahidJafari
A library for creating .Net Serializable Expressions to send via WCF services
28 Jan 2015
Sujith Karivelil
In Master - Slave replication, Changes in master will reflect in Slave. but any changes made in the slave Database will not reflect back in Master, this article will help you to implement Bidirectional Replication.
12 Apr 2015
Shining Dragon
A look into how we can achieve multi threading in our Powershell scripts
7 Sep 2018
Native W32 application Interop .NET com visible assembly
27 Apr 2019
This is an alternative for "List Only Files Created or Modified Yesterday in C#"
25 Jan 2015
shijo joseph
A file backup manager with simple user interface and all the essential functionalities.
29 Jul 2013
When no XP support is necessary. Better Icon structure arrises and easy conversion is allowed.
25 Aug 2014
Anoop Kr Sharma
In this Tip/Trick, I am going to show How to create Simple Paint Application in C#
12 Oct 2014
Nosey Parker
How to calculate subnet fast and get active ip-addresses
11 Dec 2015
Akash Gutha
Exploring ways to create abstract images in C#
1 Dec 2015
Farhad Reza
This tip describes how we can create a simple window in Go programming language using Win32 API functions.
2 Dec 2015
Umer Qureshi
How to create a Custom Control so it can be used later and how to give access to some of it properties
2 Mar 2016
Antonio Miras
Programatically set a static IP, subnet mask and gateway to an ethernet network adapter on your local machine
19 Jul 2016
Christian Koberg
Console output, general applicable to all executables on a Windows system
7 Feb 2017
Clifford Nelson
This tip presents a control that is derived from the ItemsControl that uses a UniformGrid to display.
24 Apr 2018
David A. Gray
Run many (hundreds, even) files through a program or script, using nothing but CMD.EXE.
9 Aug 2011
Jesus Carroll
This brief article show how to install quickly Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition Standard or with Advanced Services
27 Apr 2012
Agon Avdimetaj
the HTML5 Canvas can be used as a background in websites modified as needed to design.
29 Oct 2013
How to discover all the controls on a form at design time for a property editor
20 Aug 2012
Albert Holguin
This is a quick overview of the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder utility.
22 May 2014
Quick&Dirty static method for IBAN code validation
13 Aug 2014
WPF MVVM Binding for Multiple Radio Buttons and Win 8 Metro Theme
19 Dec 2014
Using InstallUtil.exe from command line is so boring
11 Jan 2015
dietmar schoder
Poisson disc algorithm: fundamental C# classes and methods for the artwork production in the area of generative art.
7 Feb 2015
This tip is a brief introduction to Pivot operator in SQL Server
19 Mar 2015
Hrvoje Batrnek
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class
20 Jun 2015
System.Data.SQLite is great, but was missing some BLOB support. Switching to the native source project was easier than expected and provided significant functionality benefits.
4 Sep 2015
Igor Sorokin
In this article I would like to describe simple WPF application for showing System.Windows.SystemColors list.
9 Aug 2015
Clifford Nelson
This tip provides an alternate way to combine data with text in a WPF control using a ValueConverter that could be considered easier.
2 Dec 2015
Umer Qureshi
Explains how to navigate among pages with button clicks
13 Apr 2018
A method of how to get rid of "close" menu from multiple CDockablePane panels
23 Apr 2018
How to colour the individual cells of a DataGridView according to their content. For example, negative values can be Red, positive values Green to show "Up"s and "Down"s more easily.
30 Mar 2019
Rick York
This is a simple worker thread class that allows when to use a member function as the thread function.
27 Apr 2012
Tony Dubey
This code demonstrate pros and cons of PLINQ as compared to LINQ
1 Feb 2013
S. M. Ahasan Habib
.NET TransactionScope and its default Transaction Isolation level issue.
19 Mar 2013
Marco Bertschi
Activating the Windows POSIX Kernel patch and installing the Interix SDK on Windows 7 Ultimate.
9 May 2013
Vinoth Kumar J
Designer debugging in WinRT
5 Jun 2013
A small tool I made to easily change the background image of the login screen.
11 Jun 2013
This tip explains how to use Safe APIs which are a replacement for older APIs like strcpy, strcat, etc.
2 Aug 2013
Zhuyun Dai
Introduce how to recover IIS when it is broken by bad editing to applicationHost.config
27 Aug 2013
Ahmed Alaa El-Din
A very simple article that describes installing Xampp localhost server on Windows with IIS installed, that may help everybody with the known issue of port 80.
7 Sep 2013
Adam Zgagacz
WinForms extension of NumericUpDown control to allow user provided edit control
14 Oct 2013
This is a demonstration of splicing an animated GIF (or any image) frame by frame without having to write to the disc.
9 Jan 2014
Prasanna Venkatesh . K
Write a Windows 8.1 store app to save your files on SkyDrive using Live Connect SDK
17 Jan 2014
Neil Siegfried
Double Buffer a List View Control to eliminate all flickering associated with it.
10 Jun 2014
This XSLT will output an Excel worksheet containing a CSV type of record collection in a more usable XML format.
18 Aug 2014
Leveraging the built in LSet statement, along with user-defined types, to implement a class to translate binary data to/from simple data types
16 Sep 2014
Tool for extracting depth frames from Kinect v2 to .mat files, with point cloud generator script. Ready to use!
10 Oct 2014
Gerardo Recinto
Virtualization of RAM & Disk for high-speed, low-footprint & scalable data caching
6 May 2018
Mihai MOGA
An alternative Windows version to online Link Managers
1 Jul 2015
Oleksiy Hornostal
This is the simple and fast validator for physical quantities and units. The validator can compare them using loaded physical expressions
6 Oct 2015
Maxim Komlev
.NET classes to enumerate applications associated with protocol
23 Oct 2015
Ph. Jounin
A C-replacement for MessageBox
10 Dec 2015
Get started with your own SDN (Software Defined Network) simulation network
8 Jul 2016
Corentin Girard
A custom WPF TextBox whose height is animated when the text overflows.
7 Aug 2016
Preserving alpha channel drawing transparent PNGs
2 Feb 2017
Find the date of a specified federal holiday for a given year.
20 Mar 2017
Kamran Bilgrami
Quickly move from one method to another during debugging session
2 Apr 2017
David O'Neil
A quick notation of a useful Powershell command, so I can look it up quicker in the future
2 Oct 2018
Satnam Singh SQL DBA India
Improving backup performance
13 Feb 2010
Andre' Gardiner
2 alternatives  
Quickly lock your pc without using CTRL+ALT+DEL or a screensaver.You can simply double-click a shortcut on your desktop to quickly lock the your pc.STEPSTo create a shortcut on your desktop to lock your computer:Right-click the desktop.Point to New, and then click...
22 Oct 2010
printf is so 1980s. If you don't want to dig out your shoulder pads and big hair why not go for a more modern C++ approach?Instead of a function try a stream buffer:class message_box_stream_buf : public std::basic_streambuf{ public: message_box_stream_buf( const...
2 Dec 2010
Very useful :) Perhaps a slight improvement would be for it to take the retrieved value (in this case 97) and take it away from 100?
17 Jun 2011
1 alternative  
Here is how you can achieve Gradients used in Office 2010 Buttons with a glow at the bottom.
21 Jun 2011
The reverse is true as well. Typing "explorer ." will open Explorer from the command line for the current directory you are in. That comes in useful on occasions.
25 Oct 2011
I am writing a service at present and have written a few over the years. What I do now is put all the code in a separate DLL from the start off. My service methods Onstart, OnStop call into the DLL which starts a thread to do the work.For debugging, I have a separate test harness console app...
13 Dec 2011 pastebin and online compiler with support for 40 programming languages
7 Mar 2012
Duplicate Notifier for a List using ObservableCollection.
7 Jun 2012
Creating a custom base job class for quartz scheduler development
9 Apr 2013
Improved Excel class
23 Apr 2013
Fitim Skenderi
Displaying an adorner that contains a control on top of another control in WPF
28 May 2013
Hamed Mosavi
Setting up MEF to load plugins from a directory.
17 Jul 2013
JO Hyeong-Ryeol
Introduces the DragSource class in the Nicenis project.
12 Sep 2013
Joan M
How to join binary files without extra software
2 Oct 2013
Saurabh Nayar
A simple beginners tutorial for less.css.
26 Nov 2013
Dusara Maulik
Error notification service which helps make application more error free
2 Dec 2013
Hadrich Mohamed
This article shows you how to use the Geolocation feature in Windows Phone 8.
11 Dec 2013
Mahdi Nejadsahebi
This tip describes how 3D images are converted to 2D images.
30 Dec 2013
Afazal MD 3104209
VC 4 Display Mode. Different view selected based on Desktop or Mobile browser request
28 Jan 2014
Borja Prado
How to convert slider thumb tooltip value
6 Apr 2014
Prabakaran T
Ultimate USB Reset Attribute with powerful option
18 Apr 2014
Hadrich Mohamed
This tips show you how to get a windows Phone 8 which interacts with OneDrive.
28 May 2014
Thava Rajan
Copy and insert data at any postion in your datagridview
5 Jun 2014
Erik Vullings
Generate a PowerPoint presentation, consisting of slides with a title and an image, without requiring Microsoft Office
5 Jun 2014
B. Clay Shannon
A C# snippet that converts Spanish text into a phonetic representation of how to pronounce it (in Mexican Spanish, not Spaniard Spanish) for speakers of American English
20 Jun 2014
Implements a taskbar notifier using an invisible window and a popup control
20 Jun 2014
Making a TextBox accept Regional Language Input (Malayalam)
26 Jun 2014
A solution for conversion of a non-undoable application to an undoable one.
21 Jul 2014
Phil Jeffrey
How to run a ClickOnce app as Administrator on Windows 8 when the app includes a SQL Compact database
28 Jul 2014
sajjad kardani moghadam
Octa Tree is a 3D space partitioning algorithm
2 Sep 2014
This code gives a solution to the Chinese Remainder Theorem using totients instead of the Extended Euclidean algorithm.
17 Sep 2014
To make a simple auto updater demo, I use webclient 'interfaces' to download the file and monitor the progress.
12 Oct 2014
A simple Silverlight application that shows how to apply Jeff Wilcox's UniformGrid control to a bound collection.
23 Oct 2014
Thomas Mahlberg
This tip describes how to handle BusyIndication and progress report in an MVVM project for several scenarios.
26 Nov 2014
Faisal Jawaid
This tip will address the issue of expiring the page when browser buttons are used for navigation of application.
1 Dec 2014
David O'Neil
I needed an 'Update' solution for a project, and modified Geert van Horrik's 'Updater' to do so. This is the solution in Visual Studio Community Edition
2 Jan 2015
dietmar schoder
Image sections and images: fundamental C# classes and methods for the artwork production in the area of generative art.
13 Jan 2015
B. Clay Shannon
Simple way to warm boot a Windows CE device
14 Mar 2015
Aman Thakur
The tip explains how to make recurring payments using the Stored Credit Cards in the Paypal Vault.
28 Mar 2015
Alaa Ben Fatma
Surf your PictureBox using scrolling bars
3 Apr 2015
TrackBar that can work with time values, has a nice spotlight for the current value, and won't allow its value to change when the user moves their mousewheel.
16 Apr 2015
Introducing a new tool to transform trx (mstest results file) into HTML report
15 Apr 2015
Get manifest support with VC6
19 May 2015
VBA: Excel / Word programmatically save document as PDF encrypted / password protected.
4 May 2016
Receive raw XML in WCF service
23 Jun 2015
A simple program to make an HTML page from an XML file
20 Aug 2015
A VB.NET example of Cortana UI and application service
26 Sep 2015
Piyush Manharlal
Using integer instead of Enum for ComboBox and Radio Button in XAML
2 Oct 2015
Farhad Reza
Here, we will create a simple Window using Assembly Programming Language and also gather knowledge about various assembly language instructions.
2 Nov 2015
Farhad Reza
We will design two interesting characters in this tip. The first one is Code Project Bob sticker and the second one is Magpie bird which is the national bird of Bangladesh.
9 Nov 2015
Why can't you set transparency to a picture in an MSOffice application? Well, you can use a clumsy work-around to create a shape and paste your picture from the clipboard. Here's the code to automate it from VBA.
19 Dec 2015
Clifford Nelson
It is not straight forward to change the row selected and hover colors on the Telerik RadGridView. This is a ControlTemplate that works, and works with the detail pane.
22 Dec 2015
Member 4206974
A JavaScript for generate gallery with some transition effects.
15 Dec 2016
Farhad Reza
This tip describes how we can design application interface using Win32 API in Rust Programming language.
11 Feb 2016
Martin Gmuca
Quick guide to develop first app for Windows 10 IoT core
11 Sep 2016
This is a simple class that allows you to have message box with checkbox and other small features.
22 May 2017
Bassam Abdul-Baki
This allows you to display in Excel column names other than A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 (R1C1) format.
27 Oct 2017
Rick York
Something to help compile samples from the VS2010 feature pack
28 Dec 2017
Rubin Liu
A quick look around the different styles in the Ring programming language!
29 Dec 2017
Show UniformGrid and scroll through a few thousand images, UI virtualization
5 Jul 2014
George Jonsson
Two approaches for how to transform XML data to another format
6 Jun 2017
Nick Tziamihas
In this article, we show how you can execute asynchronous code on the main thread without async, by replicating Unity's coroutine framework.
16 Aug 2010
A Script for determing the levenshtein distance between two strings in PowerShell
28 Feb 2011
1 alternative  
Creating a full-screen window in WPF is quite simple, set WindowState to Maximized and WindowStyle to None. However, a border is still visible on the bottom and on the right sides. In this post we'll discover how to remove it.
1 Mar 2011
if you want to run the script in the folder where the script is store you can add the following code@ECHO %0 %*@pushd@cd /D "%~dp0"@cd....@pause@popdin most case %0 is the name of the script including the full path%~dp0 is only the drive and the path of the scriptcd...
15 May 2011
Complier Error: RC1004
6 Jul 2011
Brian C Hart
This tip shows how to add support for New Horizontal Tab Group and New Vertical Tab Group commands to the Window menu of an application using the DockPanel Suite by Weifen Luo, and some other minor improvements to help decided if at least one of your windows is docked to the side of the main form an
1 Aug 2011
Keith Barrow
3 alternatives  
When running an ASP.NET application under 64-bit Win7/2008 you get jet 4.0 not registered error
2 Oct 2011
Mithun Thakur From NICE Computers
Shortcut to Shutdown and Restart PC
7 Jan 2012
Simple tip and trick for Mail Slot
9 Mar 2012
Rahul Rajat Singh
How to prevent Leeching of resources like images and documents from our website.
26 Mar 2012
Wael Al Wirr
Solving the ORA-01882 error.
26 Mar 2012
Wael Al Wirr
Installing sqldeveloper on windows 7 64bit
7 Jun 2012
Mario Majčica
A well justified practice for mapping TFS collections on your local PC.
28 Sep 2012
david pretham
Windows Native API application
20 Sep 2012
Sreedhar Puligundla
Simple steps to create SQL joins by using SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
9 Nov 2012
Copy DataGridView contents to clipboard regardless of current selection.
28 Jan 2013
A simple application for adding users to active directory.
11 Feb 2013
Shows how to sort strings in LINQ ordering numbers as first word in order