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Great Reads

by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Paul Vickery
Code to add a message bar to virtually any existing Windows control.
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.
by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.

Latest Articles

by Brett Rowbotham
Add-in for VS2005, VS2013/2015 and VS2017/2019 that provides the time taken to build a complete solution
by nogChoco
LineNumbers that dock to a RichTextBox or show as an overlay on top of it
by Zasky
A useful tool to help you understand DataGridView events as you navigate the DataGridView
by Troy Simpson
Setup a simple and cheap computer controlled watering system using VB.NET or C# and a parallel port relay controller

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20 Aug 2009
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
A command-line tool to run multiple programs in parallel (i.e. concurrently, as a group).
19 Oct 2010
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
28 Jul 2006
Copy a bitmap over a portion of another bitmap
3 Aug 2006
A passable workaround for the COleDateTime formatting behavior in MFC8.
17 Nov 2006
A technique for making stdio functions compile clean regardless of the Microsoft compiler used
29 Nov 2006
Here's some code that will automatically start your app on a secondary monitor if it's compiled with debug info.
30 Nov 2006
Two methods to retrieve the path/name of a VS2002 or higher DLL from within that DLL.
27 Jan 2007
Implement XML application profiles that are similar (but not too similar) to using INI files
15 Apr 2008
The right way to code using CodeProject for occasional support
15 Apr 2008
The right way to code using CodeProject for occasional support
27 Jan 2007
The right way to code using CodeProject for occasional support
15 Apr 2008
The right way to code using CodeProject for occasional support
13 Jan 2010
The right way to code using CodeProject for occasional support
21 Dec 2008
Parse a string with quoted elements, insert/add/delete elements, and is CLS compliant
8 May 2007
--==## Andy74 ##==--
How to use a certification to connect to an SSL channel and use a web service
23 Oct 2007
The code helps speed up the devopment of toolparts using SmartPart and SharePoint.
25 Mar 2006
A support tool to allow those performing builds to independently determine exactly what source files have been changed and by whom
26 May 2007
Tinkering with SilverLight to get a 3D scene rendered in the Browser.
26 Sep 2007
A custom vertical label user control in C#.NET with support for transparent backgrounds.
21 Mar 2007
10Tec, Sergey Gorbenko
Tool for creating MS Visual Studio XML documentation files. These files can be used for Visual Studio Intellisense, and to create help files via tools such as NDoc and SandCastle.
11 Jan 2009
Fast and easy to use data access class library.
16 Oct 2007
A library for creating pickers: controls that display rich drop-down UIs
9 Oct 2005
Demonstrates how to impliment a textbox who's input is regulated via. a regular expression.
30 Sep 2007
This article describes how to create a simple user-drawn form which moves over the desktop
3 Oct 2007
Some unfriendly, annoying balls on the desktop bouncing around and trying to catch the cursor - a mix of GDI+, transparent forms and bit of AI
5 Oct 2007
..using DirectDraw - A tool for displaying a customisable overlay
21 Oct 2007
An add-in that handles incrementing assembly and file version numbers under certain conditions.
25 Sep 2006
A basic Article on using Visual Studio Setup (Web Setup)
7 Sep 2007
This article explains a 3D geometry library developed using VB.NET.
5 Jul 2007
Example of implementing many-to-many multiple choice functionality the declarative way.
27 May 2009
Use IMAP to auto-reply to unread GMail messages while on vacation
29 Aug 2009
How To Do Precise 2-Way Rijndael CryptoStream Communication
22 Aug 2006
A$TRAL Moristar
This article describes a process creating VS wizard.
8 Jun 2007
A. Bioli
With this small library, it's simple to add calls to time-profile your .NET application
24 Aug 2012
This article shows you how to write a performing control using .NET 2.0 and GDI+.
20 Feb 2007
A simple class that edits the registry to set up toolbar buttons, menu items and explorer bars for Internet Explorer
27 Mar 2007
This service sends an email to the user when a server restart because of a Windows update is necessary.
13 Feb 2007
Aaron Sulwer
Code and example showing how to update the Assembly Version.
28 Sep 2006
Abbas Ali Butt
How Processor solve the arithmetic expressions
29 Oct 2008
Abd Allah Diab
A library that lets you easily manipulate your drawings
1 Sep 2007
How to delete/modify a system file which is protected by Windows without being detected by the OS protection.
1 Mar 2007
Abdul Sami, PMP
A brief introoduction to using WebParts in your applications
3 Oct 2008
Abey Thomas
This is an article about adding footnotes to a Word document (MS Office 2007) programmatically.
10 Dec 2010
Abhijit Jana
A simple guide for beginners, explaining one method of displaying images taken from a database on a GridView inside an ASP.NET web page
11 Oct 2007
Abhijit Jana
This is a small Notepad application of Microsoft-Outlook using C#
26 Jan 2008
Abhijit Jana
A Microsoft website style notes control using a web usercontrol in ASP.NET and C#.
17 Dec 2007
Abhijit Jana
This is a Windows based Custom control to Create, Delete Virtual Directory in IIS and we can set all properties like default page, ASP.NET version, Authentication Type through it.
1 Oct 2008
Abhishek _Agarwal
Software for playing SuDoku
25 Aug 2006
Abhishek _Agarwal
This is an antivirus solution to deal with the Brontok A HVM 32 Virus.
5 Oct 2005
Abhishek Chatterjee
This article talks about SOAP 1.2 and a brief description of how to make SOAP 1.2 Web Services in .NET Framework 2.0.
3 Apr 2009
abhishek pareek2009
This article contains a DLL with sample code which is used as a reference in a C# Windows application to import FOB to Navision.
28 Jul 2008
Abhishek Sur
The article will help you to use Isolated Storage Classes
2 Aug 2009
Abhishek Sur
Gives an introduction to CLR programming in SQL Server databases. This is the first part of a two-part article series.
20 Feb 2010
abin jaik
a simple webcontrol sample code and influence INamingContainer interface
24 Sep 2007
Abishek R Srikaanth
This article will show how to save changes on the close of the browser or when exiting a page.
20 Mar 2006
Aby Watson
A very simple way to parse all sorts of logs like W3C, IIS, WMS etc.
23 Feb 2009
Achilleas Margaritis
A new approach to memory management that solves the issues with shared_ptrs
30 Oct 2008
Achintya Jha
This Visual Studio add-in puts a nice-cool shortcut button on your debug toolbar to attach your code to the ASP.NET debugger (aspnet_wp.exe).
2 Oct 2008
Adds an easy to use Gantt chart to your application.
7 Apr 2006
Adam Tibi
Discussing the MultipleFieldsValidator that validates a group of fields in which at least one is required, like phone number, mobile phone number, or email. It inherits the BaseValidator and uses some new cool ASP.NET 2.0 features.
3 Apr 2006
Adam Tibi
Discussing how to encode and tamper-proof text and cookies using the MachineKey, by using reflection
6 Nov 2006
Simple but powerful GUI O/R Mapper which generates C# 2.0 to handle all of your object relational persistence.
23 Nov 2007
Provides a utility to generate a wrapper for stored procedures to improve performance and eliminate certain run-time errors
11 Jun 2010
Map all WndProc messages to your class' message handlers. Simplest approach. Part 1.
30 Mar 2007
The article describes the retrieval of one's public IP address and geo location and possibly assigning it to one's Skype profile.
16 Jun 2008
AdHawkMailer is an ASP.NET component for sending emails in VB.NET.
17 Sep 2008
Simplified multi-threading of for loops in C#, with an interface akin to OpenMP.
25 Jul 2007
Adarsh N
Easy to use DotNet TimePicker user control
20 Jul 2006
This chapter presents a scenario-based demonstration focused on a day in the life of a developer who is in the process of fulfilling the requirements of a fictional customer.
7 Dec 2006
ASP.NET 2.0 does not offer a penultimate solution for storing client state, but it does introduce three new features that should be considered any time you are looking for a place to store state on behalf of individual users.
13 Dec 2005
Adelino Araújo
This program generates random passwords (and SHA1 hash)
16 Apr 2008
This article contents source code and demo show how to set your WinForm in Full screen mode
23 Apr 2007
Aditya P Gupta
This article explains how to use .NET and Lotus Notes Interop to integrate Lotus Notes capabilites into applications
18 Jan 2008
Adnan Aman
Callback is lightweight technique used to call server side methods asynchronously from javascript without any postback and reloading/rendering of unnecessary parts of page and unnecessary code
2 Apr 2011
Adrian Alexander
Make your life easier by inserting a Presentation Model layer (aka ViewModel) between your domain-model collection contents and template-generated WPF objects.
26 Aug 2005
Adrian Holland
This article provides a gentle introduction to AJAX by applying that technology to significantly enhance a tree previously rendered using JavaScript.
29 Aug 2008
Adrian Savage
Simulation in OSG using discrete events, a Ternary Heap and Interpolation
20 Jun 2005
Using .NET 2.0 DeflateStream and GZipStream to compress persisted DataSets.
24 Apr 2006
Registering applications using Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Collaboration technology, in Windows Vista.
24 May 2006
Contact Management using Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Collaboration technology in Windows Vista.
3 Mar 2009
A VB version plus enhancements to "Manual reordering of items inside a ListView".
13 Dec 2006
Afrasiab Cheraghi
An article on printing selected columns and rows in a DataGrid.
9 Oct 2008
This library provides XML based dynamic object mapping which can be used while designing dynamic data, configuration and business layers.
15 Nov 2006
Agha khan
A screen capture application.
1 Feb 2008
Agha Zair Ali
A way to capture signature on Pocket PC and saving as BMP file
30 Nov 2007
Agnius Vasiliauskas
An article about creating a class which wraps the serial port and modem communication logic.
28 Dec 2006
Agus Kurniawan
Getting file version information using C# 2.0.
18 Aug 2006
Ahmad Asgharzadeh
Modified PleaseWaitButton (originaly written by Mike Ellison) for ASP.NET 2.0.
11 Oct 2008
Ahmad Eid Salim
Shallow and deep copy are used for copying data between objects.
29 Oct 2008
Ahmad Eid Salim
Provider Design Pattern is a new pattern that Microsoft formalized in .NET 2 to increase application performance where there is no need to explicitly instantiate classes.
14 Feb 2006
Ahmed Qazi
This article presents a Tree class, which lets you assemble any data type in a tree structure and then work with it using depth-first traversal.
3 Nov 2007
Ahmed Sadek
Consuming Exchange 2007 Push notifications using WCF.
18 Feb 2007
Using Vector and double linked list to create trees
3 Aug 2010
Ajay Britto
A Vector based tool to create and edit SVG images
4 Dec 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Static Code Analysis: The Purpose, How to Analyze and Make your code Analyzable!
24 Aug 2007
Akash Kava
Only for Solution of databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control
27 Jan 2017
Akshay Srinivasan2
This article describes a technique to quickly retrieve and present hierarchical information from a flat relational database table.
15 Jan 2009
This article explains the intricacies of implementing a custom tracking service in Windows Workflow Foundation.
20 Jul 2006
Al Alberto
An article on communication options with WCF - part 2.
17 Apr 2009
Al Alberto
Evaluating Microsoft's Composite Application Guidance and Library.
25 Jun 2007
Alaa Jubran
Using images for encrypted text transmission
2 Nov 2004
Alain Rist
CZoomScrollImpl extends WTL CScrollImpl to allow continuous zooming.
29 Sep 2006
Alain Rist
Plug-in CodeProject's CStdString as WTL::CString and get the WTL CString support with a Standard C++ Library implementation.
5 Jun 2007
Alain Rist
Enable Aero glass with your native (WTL) applications and keep backwards compatibility
12 Nov 2007
Alain Rist
Featuring cell menu, in-place editor, single control and split dialogs, Vista shell and Mobile file controls and selection dialogs
9 Jan 2013
Albara Hakami
A Windows Forms application to share a whiteboard with many clients with only one drawer, in a gamy way.
7 Aug 2007
albert arul prakash
XSS gaining popularity to hack into websites. This article describes how to power yourself against XSS
20 Jul 2007
Alberto Venditti
Yet another Ping Monitor utility written in VB.NET on .NET Framework 2.0
17 Aug 2006
Alejandro Simon
An article describing how to implement and test a mechanical trading system such as Ned Davis 4 percent model using a C# simulator.
13 Mar 2007
Aleksey Bykov
How to automate typical routine coding tasks in C# with the help of macros
16 May 2007
Aleksey Bykov
This library allows iterating through a sequence of events or time ranges based on a time schedule.
29 Jun 2010
MSVS Add-in for Doxygen documentation system
11 Dec 2007
An article on creating a Web service method to get NT service information
25 Jul 2007
Create an Open File Dialog for a Windows Mobile 6 (SmartPhone) devices.
9 Mar 2008
Alessandro Del Sole
Techniques for writing your own Structures which adhere to the Microsoft CLS, using Visual Basic 2008.
9 Mar 2008
Alessandro Del Sole
Techniques for writing custom data types written in Visual Basic 2008 to a binary file.
13 Mar 2008
Alessandro Del Sole
Learn how to be the only one accessing your files, with two simple .NET methods.
16 Mar 2008
Alessandro Del Sole
Binding a generic collection to a DataGridView in VB 2008, with a few lines of code.
11 Jul 2005
Alessandro Febretti
This article describes a way to achieve fast late-bound invocation through the generation of custom MSIL code at runtime.
22 Mar 2008
Alessandro Forte
A description of various frameworks to develop a complete enterprise .NET applications easier
20 Sep 2006
Alessio Deiana
Backing up the clipboard using C# and Windows API calls to avoid C#'s limits on clipboard management.
28 Mar 2010
Alex Blekhman
Find any file in solution using incremental search and advanced filtering
2 May 2007
Alex C. Duma
A simple class that allows customizing system's MessageBox window buttons
1 Sep 2007
Alex Flood
Using the Speex speech codec with the .NET framework
26 Oct 2007
Alex Furmanski
An extended GridView that adds inserting to its capabilities plus a number of other enhancements
5 Sep 2007
Alex Furmanski
Tired of constantly writing the same labourious plumbing to add a confirmation to a delete button in a GridView? I was, so I simplified things.
25 Mar 2007
Alex Hazanov
Getting the network adaptor MAC address with WMI
4 Jun 2008
Alex Hazanov
Example on how templates can help you to generalize your code
9 Oct 2002
Alex Mol
Classes to make working with time and date data in different timezones easier.
17 Nov 2007
Alex Mueller
Three implementations of Model-View-Presenter in ASP.NET 2.0.
28 Aug 2006
Alex Perepletov
An article on protecting a stream with a password by means of symmetic encryption.
11 Jul 2005
Alex Soldatov
Implementation of a Property Extender WebControl in ASP.NET 2.0 that solves the issue of design-time serialization.
10 Oct 2005
Alex Talazar
Solution for unprotected TCP/IP message boundary problem.
16 Jul 2007
This article describes how to build a component for managing download files of a program.
23 Aug 2007
Alexander Arlievsky
Sample how to use generics and dynamic methods together to get simple type safe access to private variables
10 Oct 2007
Alexander Bekrenev
Describes progress bar types and provides an example of using custom cursor as progress indicator
11 Dec 2006
Alexander Gornik
Describes a way to design a custom type in a way, so ASP.NET data binding syntax (DataBinder) will work without using reflection.
13 Jul 2006
Alexander Kleshchevnikov
How flexible is the normal functionality of ASP.NET validators? In this article, I am going to show how to customize the appearance of the attached control of a validator during an error situation on the server or the client side, or even call a custom client function without postback.
9 Oct 2006
Alexander Kleshchevnikov
Some users like to click twice or more on the Submit button especially if the postback does not respond immediately. This scenario can bring problems on the server in case, for instance, if the “first click” already disposed some resources. In this article, I am going to discuss one of the solutions
7 Mar 2008
Alexander Kojevnikov
sqlTunes is a small tool that exports iTunes library information to the SQL server.
10 Apr 2009
Alexander Kostikov
The article shows how to extend ReportViewer control that comes with Visual Studio 2008. The most important extension is adding export to Microsoft Word
27 Apr 2007
Alexander Nesterenko
This ReSharper plugin contains features that helps you for localization
10 Aug 2007
Alexander Nowak
An article about quality assurance options/tools in/for VS2005 for VB.NET and C# projects.
25 Sep 2007
Alexander Nowak
In SSRS2005, a new provider is available: XML Data provider. This enables you to create reports from ADO.NET datasets or XML documents from URL-addressable resources, e.g. Web services. This article shows a step-by-step example (basic report, no parameters) how to use this new SSRS 2005 feature.
11 Feb 2007
Alexander Stojakovic
A template for custom ComboBoxes
16 May 2006
Alexander Turlov
The article describes a simple approach of implementing AJAX functionality in ASP.NET web applications.
26 Aug 2004
Alexander Yumashev
The code shows how to save (and restore) an instance of your own class to clipboard.
13 Mar 2006
Alexandru Ghiondea
Describes a way of creating a web service that persists its state between sequent calls.
17 Mar 2008
Alexei Fimine
ASP.NET GridView which only displays as many rows as the user is willing to fill on the client-side. Uses ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Regular Expressions, CSS, and HTML.
12 May 2017
Alexey Shalnov
Demonstrates the concept of how to build an old MFC application in a .NET application, to replace the MFC MDI Framework with the modern WinForms or the WPF Framework and to integrate MFC Views and Dialogs in it.
12 May 2017
Alexey Shalnov
How to build Not OLE container of MFC applications based on hosting of MFC application from within WinForms and WPF applications
9 Oct 2008
This is a 3 step sample to include a Smart-Tag in your UserControl
24 May 2007
This is a control that takes a starting point and an ending point as objects and draws a line between them
26 Jul 2008
Ali Daneshmandi
Creating a CLR Persian date convertor function for SQL Server.
10 Dec 2008
Ali Hamdar
Localize RDLC into Arabic Locale or any other language with the correct right-to-left alignment.
6 Feb 2010
Ali Marzban
Changing ConnectionString like an attribute in C#
2 Feb 2007
Ali Ozgur
This article describes how NHSessionManager can be configured to use multiple NHibernate assemblies
2 Feb 2007
Ali Ozgur
How to create DaoFactory instances with Castle/MikroKernel in NHibernate applications
6 Feb 2007
Ali Ozgur
This article describes a simple implementation of NHibernate IInterceptor interface
8 Oct 2007
Ali Ozgur
Sample code describing how to retreive statistical information about the T-SQL commands executed.
13 Feb 2008
Ali Ozgur, Tolga Kurkcuoglu
Describes how to develop a custom Jira client by using PragmaSQL add-in support
3 Oct 2007
Ali Rafiee
Use this control to insert a Slide Show into your MFC application.
19 Aug 2006
Ali Raza Shaikh
ARSLib 1.0 is just a starting platform for building a Rich Utility Library
7 Oct 2006
Ali Raza Shaikh
This article shows how a new item can be added to a data binded combo box
24 Sep 2007
Ali Tavakol
This article describes the CJalaliCalendar class, which is useful for working with the Iranian Jalali (Shamsi) calendar.
19 Aug 2006
this article create postfix experssion from an infix experssion.
15 Jun 2007
A trick to use config file for Custom assembly in reporting services
9 Jul 2007
Alireza Noori
Compress any type of file using Huffman compression method, used so many teqniques such as template and wrote with OOD
9 Dec 2005
An article on how to use the AllegNet library to write games with managed languages for the .NET 2.0 framework.
12 Oct 2010
Allen C. Copeland Jr
Gives an example of code to arbitrarily iterate through the elements of a .NET Array using an iterator in C#
31 Jan 2006
This is a LAN chat application with TCP/IP socket programming technology in C#. This application is a multi thread network application and works in a non-blocking way. Public and private chat is also implemented in this code.
31 Mar 2009
Enhancements to the DirectX.Capture class for TV fine-tuning using IKsPropertySet.
10 Jul 2006
Alois Kraus
Learn what .NET 2.0 offers you to read/write App.Config files
3 Nov 2006
Alois Kraus
What happens during the shutdown of a managed application?
22 Apr 2007
Alphons van der Heijden
Syslogd is an installable Windows service which receives and translates syslog messages to Windows Eventlog logs
23 Mar 2007
Alphons van der Heijden
A listview control in VirtualMode is the fastest way when working with a lot of items. Special care, however, should be given for items containing checkboxes.
20 Nov 2007
Alphons van der Heijden
A self-reproducing, mutable, compiling, and executing computer program.
11 Mar 2013
Alphons van der Heijden
A full implementation of a reusable DNS resolver component and a Dig.Net example application.
6 Jan 2006
Alvaro Mendez
A simple class library for database access without the pervasive and often-fragile connection management details.
29 Mar 2007
A Margin structure that can be used in a variety of situations, like layout, drawing and printing. Now comes with a custom TypeConverter and a usage sample.
4 Jan 2008
Aman Sura
This article is a brief description on how to code to download multiple files from an FTP server using .NET.
7 Apr 2009
An article about Creating CheckAll UncheckAll Gridview webpart with Paging, Sorting functionalities in Sharepoint 2007 in step by step manner
16 Apr 2009
Creation of a SPGridview Webpart having pagination, sorting, filtering functionalities in Sharepoint aite in step by step manner
11 Nov 2007
Ambuj kumar
Enabling custom proxy code generation.