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by Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
Easy way to send email on Azure with no mail server, using DNS MX and SMTP
by Najmul Hoda
IM status indicator is as an easy and reliable way to check online status of certain instant messenger account like yahoo, msn, aol, skype and icq..
by Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.

Latest Articles

by Melick
How to create a simple SharePoint 2016 Page layout without using SharePoint designer and Design Manager
by Melick
How to create a simple SharePoint 2016 Page layout without using SharePoint designer
by Melick
How to create a custom layout for SharePoint 2016 and upload to the page layout library
by frez
In Azure your web app is written to the “d:\home\site\wwwroot” folder, and if you deploy with Visual Studio and choose “Remove additional files at destination” anything not in your project will be removed from “d:\home\site\wwwroot”.

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9 Sep 2008
Mosso Hosting Cloud
After experiencing scaling issues with their previous hosting provider, the founders of the #1 iPhone tutorial site turned to Mosso, Rackspace’s cloud hosting division, because of the company’s tech support, scalability and affordability.
17 Dec 2008
Writing and using cross platform AJAX in ASP.NET applications.
16 Sep 2003
This paper provides a technical overview of .NET and COM interoperability.
30 Jan 2008
Omar Al Zabir
10 easy ways to make ASP.NET and AJAX websites faster, more scalable and support more traffic at lower cost
11 Jun 2011
Omar Al Zabir
Learn the principle behind Microsoft's new Doloto and 6 other cool techniques that I did in Pageflakes to load large amounts of JavaScript without compromising performance
5 Sep 2003
Use CDOSYS instead of CDONTS on Windows 2000/XP
16 Aug 2008
How to use the Google Static Maps API within .NET.
24 Jan 2012
A class that allows the creation and manipulation of collections in classic ASP.
27 Aug 2001
Bjornar Henden
A grid control for ASP written in JavaScript to display recordsets.
9 Sep 2010
Realtime page editing, simple, "on-the-fly" menu construction, modifiable permissions for users and groups, built-in search engine optimisation
25 Apr 2002
Fernando Finelli
A list of server environment variables
30 Jun 2002
Maxime Labelle
A very simple web-based bug tracking database ASP front-end
31 May 2003
Andrew Eno
The first article of a series that will lay out the framework for a non .NET implementation of XML and XSLT using SSIs (server-side includes).
22 Mar 2017
luigidibiasi, binterlandi
Build a realtime visitors counter with AJAX and a server-side language.
27 Jun 2001
Christian Tratz
Some functions for client side HTML forms validation. Never write them again!
10 May 2005
This article will describe how to hook up RoboHelp projects to a database to provide data to pages for both WebHelp and Compiled Help using a single architecture. The implementation will rely on the JavaScript interpreter built into almost all web browsers and that is available in Compiled Help too.
14 Nov 2001
Agus Kurniawan
Simple program for an Active Server Component that handles cookies
21 Dec 2007
Stephen Liang
Design a simple to use ajax, for ie,firefox
21 Jan 2004
Ipog Thomas
A simple ASP feedback form with a little extra features like client's IP, browser info etc.
17 Dec 2003
Priyadharshini Sridharan
A tab view representation of related web pages
13 Apr 2018
David Cantrell
How to add optional parameters to any function in VBScript & Classic ASP
6 Jun 2003
Toby Jacob Rhodes
Introduction to using a markup language that displays file and web page content
19 Mar 2014
David Cantrell
In which a class that wraps an ADO Connection object and makes it more developer-friendly is discussed.
15 Sep 2008
Khandakar Fazley Rabbi
UI and Functional Testing through different Tools using .NET Technology
15 May 2000
Iulian Iuga
A simple tree control written using ASP that allows you to display hierachical data.
16 Mar 2006
Nathan Ridley
This script allows you to email the contents of an HTML form to one or more specified addresses. It supports HTML emails, plain text emails, and preformatted email templates.
29 Jul 2009
A well look Html Tree using XML&XSLT
26 Jul 2011
Compatiable with IE/Firefox, never need extra CSS files appending with XCalendar
30 Jun 2009
Talking Dotnet
This article demonstrates how we can share ViewState across pages
9 Jan 2003
Philip Patrick
Shows an easy way to access ASP built-in objects such as Request from XSL template.
26 Apr 2000
Chris Maunder
A simple introduction to using Access .mdb databases in your ASP pages
19 Apr 2008
Ashoka RKT
This article explains basic options available to access the data present in a parent browser window from a child browser window or vice versa.
7 Oct 2004
Toby Jacob Rhodes
Convert a HTML web page to GRML.
9 May 2014
Larry Boeldt
Part II of an article describing an ASP based multi-image uploading tool. We add a .NET thumbnailer and free ourselves from the DLL registration for image manipulation.
1 Feb 2008
Adam Langley
This article explains a pluggable way to place a banner on pages built in debug mode, without making any code changes.
30 Oct 2001
Chris Maunder
Using the Microsoft Index Server to enable your readers to search your site
1 Nov 2004
Rafay Bin Ali
How to add live content feeds to your weblog or web site.
4 Nov 2001
S.S. Ahmed
Create a component to administer SQL server remotely, create tasks that remove themselves from the scheduler after performing the assigned job.
21 Jun 2000
Konstantin Vasserman
How to display multiple pages of records in ASP
28 Aug 2001
Fayez Al-Mutairi
An advanced COM component that provides file upload capabilities for your ASP pages.
1 Jan 2014
Monjurul Habib
The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build. Everybody in software development has the same goal: Rapid, Reliable, Low Risk delivery of high-quality, valuable functionality to users. This article will help them to achieve their goal.
17 May 2008
Mohit Soam
A draggable and customizable keypad to input Hindi (official language of India) characters in text box using mouse.
5 Nov 2008
Najmul Hoda
I have created a ComboBox control that mimics the functionality of Google suggest. As you type a search phrase, it automatically displays a list of matching entries in a dropdown.
30 Dec 2008
Samir Bellouti
An AJAX control that can hide or show a form section including handling validators nested in the section.
23 May 2008
Explained about client event handler arguments of partial page render - PageRequestManager
25 Aug 2009
Farooq Kaiser
ASP.NET AJAX enables a Web application to retrieve data from the server asynchronously and to refresh parts of the existing page. This improves the user experience by making the Web application more responsive and enables you to create amazing Web 2.0 applications to delight your users.
3 Apr 2006
brian dunnington
An AJAX library with easy-to-use callback functionality.
6 Dec 2006
database Paging alphabetically tutorial
11 Jun 2006
Sandip Dalvi Tung
This code is very useful when you want to auto increment number using A-Z and 1-9 with possible combinationYou can pass any string and system will return next possible number e.g. You can Pass number "PRO01A9" then You will get "PRO01B1"
10 Jul 2011
Marshall Rosenstein
Querying images from Yahoo! programmatically.
19 Nov 2009
Philipos Sakellaropoulos
ASP pages and free COM objects for generation of thumbnails and thumbnail views.
24 Jun 2008
An ASP.NET/AJAX interface for the utorrent application.
20 Mar 2003
This example highlights a bug in the implementation of HTC ViewLink Files in Internet Explorer
23 May 2004
John Sasak
Step by step introduction to a new generation database for .NET: Schema definition.
25 Mar 2004
John Sasak
Step by step guide for .NET programming with a Post-Relational Database
22 Mar 2008
Alessandro Forte
A description of various frameworks to develop a complete enterprise .NET applications easier
10 Oct 2006
Retrieving data from XML using column indexing.
30 Mar 2002
Dan Pomerchik
ASP for beginners, written by a beginner.
6 Dec 2006
A simple tool to find unused subs, functions and variables in your ASP code.
24 May 2004
ASP Content Mangement System.
27 Nov 2008
Vincenzo Rossi
EasyForm allows you to create ASP.NET-like forms, with state keeping and server side event handling
23 Apr 2004
An Intranet Attendence System
13 Feb 2009
Date Format function for VBScript / Classic ASP
17 Oct 2000
Uwe Keim
A simple guestbook application using ASP and an Access database
11 Oct 2013
ASP.NET Community
 ASP Repeater ControlThe Repeater control is used to display a repeated list of items that are bound to the control. The Repeater control may
27 Feb 2009
John Doherty
View the contents of Classic ASP Memory
8 Mar 2004
Lee Fuller
ASP to ASP.NET Session Bridge Using a Web Service
7 May 2003
Allows a developer to easily create a dynamic JavaScript tree control.
21 Apr 2002
Nathan Ridley
An ASP class (Classic ASP) that generates a dynamic html tree list control that looks the same as a windows explorer tree but allows multiple columns of data per tree node
28 Mar 2005
ASP TreeView is a advanced ASP control that's base on Server side / Client side technique. server side: Asp + JScript, client side: Jscript + HTML.
16 Sep 2002
Davy Mitchell
An ASP-DHTML MDI framework for site administration.
3 Jan 2016
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator/Checker Version 2.0 somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by utilizing jQuery and XML.
31 Jul 2012
Bryian Tan
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by using jQuery and XML.
20 Jan 2009
Web page development for Desktop applications.
4 Oct 2008
Zakir Hoosen
How to configure an 2.0 as a sub app of an 1.1 application
15 Mar 2009
Saki Sachin
This article shows ASP.NET 4.0 ClientID feature and its related properties for client side development.
9 Mar 2008
Islam ElDemery
A chat room page using Ajax and LINQ to XML
30 Dec 2007
Omar Al Zabir
An extender that allows content to be dragged and dropped within columns and across columns. Allows column-wise content flow and reorganization.
23 Jul 2013
Syed M Hussain
This article explains how to create a messagebox class to use in web applications.
25 Jan 2013
Madhukar Mudunuru
Usage of ASP.NET Charting Controls provided with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
13 Jun 2010
Mihaly Sogorka
Creating custom button in VS 2008
29 Dec 2008
Madhukar Mudunuru
Usage of ASP.NET Charting Controls provided with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
10 Oct 2008
Urs Enzler
This article describes workarounds to solve the problem of multiple postbacks when using a command button of type image in an ASP.NET GridView (Internet Explorer).
31 Jul 2009
This article discusses the web form model and the MVC model
2 Feb 2016
syed shanu
In this article we will see how to use ASP.NET Identity in MVC Application for creating user roles and display the menu depending on user roles.
16 Jun 2009
Uwe Keim
Introducing a small user control to simplify localization of literal text with contained hyperlinks
15 Nov 2014
Michael Ulmann
The introduction of the ADO.NET Entity Framework implicitly created the need for ASP.NET providers such as membership, role and profile that leverage this new technology.
13 Feb 2009
Mark Graham
An article about the importance of object cloning if cached data is to be preserved in the .NET cache
11 Mar 2008
Jeff Bazinet
VwdCms.SplitterBar is a server control that allows you to easily add resizing to your web page layout, now supports both vertical and horizontal resizing.
12 Nov 2003
Simple ASP/SQL Server Chat application
15 Nov 2004
Keith Dean
An article on how to bypass the need to provide login details when accessing an intranet page.
18 Oct 2013
Talking Dotnet
This article demonstrates how to use the newly launched AsyncFileUpload control of Ajax Control Toolkit.
22 Mar 2008
M Sheik Uduman Ali
This article explains how to use asynchronous method invocation pattern in JavaScript using Humax framework version 0.2.1
22 Jun 2004
Code for who search for CDO mailing attachments.
25 Apr 2008
Automatically resize a TabContainer or TabPanel.
30 Mar 2008
Mohammad Rizwan
AutoCompelete Control Extender with With DB
3 Feb 2008
A User Control to change website location from one or two linked lists.
22 Jan 2018
Brady Kelly
Using a metadata attribute and editor template for DropDown lists in Razor
2 May 2003
Kundan Narendra
Avoid using same code in various pages
13 Jun 2004
David Wulff
bttlxeForum is a freely available feature rich database-driven Internet forum solution written entirely in Active Server Pages.
17 Feb 2014
Naveen Karamchetti
Learn how to develop WebAPI service layer using a simple example
13 Oct 2016
This post is about developing ASP.NET Core application using EF Core, we will demonstrate how we can connect in different ways to SQL Server Database and Postgresql Database.
20 Dec 2011
The main purpose of this tutorial is to get you started with ASP.NET MVC easily, which will be through building a simple Twitter client to demonstrate the components of the framework and exposing some concepts too.
20 Jul 2013
Anoop Pillai
Doing some 'Big Data' and building a Recommendation Engine with Azure, Hadoop and Mahout
4 Sep 2006
Member 708995
Bulilding PHP like associative array in ASP
22 Jun 2008
Ferreri Gabriele (Megasoft78)
How to implement bulk edit with GridView without xxxDataSource (SqlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, etc.)
21 Jul 2008
Rajib Ahmed
Properly using cache, session, and viewstate objects in your application
6 Jan 2003
This article shows how we can use caching while performing insert, edit and update functions in the DataGrid.
25 Aug 2009
An introductory look at the JavaScript CAKE library, which allows you to build up the HTML5 canvas element like a vector image.
10 May 2007
Nakul Lande
How to Give a call to XML Web Service through ASP
23 Jun 2005
Calling a WebService from ASP3.0 and JavaScript
29 Jan 2000
Uwe Keim
A Component for calling a URL from an ASP script and reading back the output
11 May 2008
Mujibur Rahman
Capture the mouse movement though web service using ASP.NET AJAX.
14 Feb 2008
Avinash Desai
Cascading dropdown list in using MYSQL database
3 Jul 2018
Eoin Mullan
Chaos and order in software development
12 Oct 2002
Erik Westermann
Sample chapter from Learn XML In A Weekend by Erik Westermann
10 Sep 2007
Poonam Gandash
This code checks the availability of username in database records.
24 Feb 2002
A component to check if given user has a particular access rights on a file/folder or not.
29 Mar 2002
A beginner's guide to Cookies.
14 Jun 2005
With that class you only have to set a few properties and you can access to the webservices, only need know the URL of webservice, the method to invoke, and parameters.
10 Apr 2012
Larry Boeldt
Building on a previous article, we now delve into the Facebook Graph API and provide a few useful functions.
21 Jun 2016
Emmet M
MVC-like for classic ASP.
7 Mar 2012
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript class for calling Yahoo!'s Placefinder for geocoding
1 Feb 2004
Christian Calderon
Developing in Classic ASP using the same technics as in ASP.NET?. If you have to work in Classic ASP, why don't do it the right way?. By using a similar framework not only your code will be more organized and efficient, but it will take you a fraction of the time to port to ASP.NET!
7 Aug 2004
Christian Calderon
The Classic ASP Framework (CLASP) will allow you to structure your ASP pages in the same way you do it with ASP.NET
2 Jul 2014
Larry Boeldt
Add Facebook Website Tools integration to your ASP based authentication
11 Apr 2014
Larry Boeldt
A VBScript application to manage image galleries based on the SimpleViewer Flash image gallery.
6 Mar 2012
Gilly Barr
An easy way to clean up client-side ASPX code
25 Jun 2009
Stephen Inglish
Some JavaScript to add to a project to ensure buttons are clicked only once
26 Feb 2008
Adi Smadi
What are they, what to choose and how to deal with them
19 Dec 2008
Sandeep Mewara
A client callback custom control and how to use it in WebForms.
24 Feb 2017
Ebenezar John Paul
An Ideal Code Review Checklist that applies for most programming languages
2 Feb 2009
Moiz Dhanji
This article is about combining, compressing, minifying the ASP.NET ScriptResource and HTML markups.
15 Nov 2003
A simple email-like system to handle messages posted from an HTML form.
4 Jun 2009
Ways to compress or minify components
30 Jan 2004
Web based content management solution for your own music review site.
22 Jul 2002
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Convert any Table into XML format & view it using XSL
22 May 2004
Bee Master
A simple workaround to copy HTML source of selected text to clipboard from context-menu in Internet Explorer.
7 Dec 2002
Nathan Ridley
Here is a quick utility that shows you how much code you've written in your web application. It serves no practical purpose other than to let you see how much work you've done.
1 Jul 2008
Alexey Prosyankin
This article describes how to use Visual Studio for developing a Vista Gadget.
27 Oct 2008
Boris O
Demonstrates creating a simple ATL COM DLL and invoking it through PHP.
24 Jan 2008
This tutorial will show you how to create a DotNetNuke module using LINQ to SQL.
10 Oct 2002
Srinivas Chintakindi
An article on how to create a formatted MS-Excel sheet using ASP
15 Jan 2008
Learn how to bind to web.sitemap and output a hierarchical HTML list for site navigation.
17 Sep 2002
Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
29 Jul 2002
This article explains creating an XML newsfeed in an ASP page.
12 Feb 2008
Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to validate an HTML form on client and server-side in conjunction with the jQuery JavaScript library.
4 Nov 2001
S.S. Ahmed
This article shows you how to use Winsock in a client server environment, we will create two separate applications, one of which will be a server and the other will be a client.
28 Dec 2007
Anand M
4 Jan 2004
I G 198
Shows how to split an XML file into pages and render page links using XSL Transformation style sheet
23 May 2009
Pham Dinh Truong
The standard Panel control doesn't have good layout in most browsers. A new Panel Web Control is introduced with consistent look-and-feel for every browser.
4 Apr 2005
Trenton Moss
More and more web developers are ditching tables and coming round to the idea of using CSS to control the layout of their site. With the many benefits of using CSS, such as quicker download time, improved accessibility and easier site management, why not?
5 Jan 2008
Dmitry Salko
Insert Flash into a page without "Click to activate and use this control" in IE.
15 Apr 2009
Mansoor Sarfraz
This article provides solutions to the problem of horizontal scrolling in web list box. Also the custom list box provides cool effects and user friendliness as compared to regular list box.
3 Jan 2013
Michael Ulmann
Custom membership provider implementation for the ADO.NET Entity Framework.
30 Nov 2010
Custom Paging on any database
19 Sep 2009
Farooq Kaiser
In this article, I will examine how to build custom sorting Using Jquery UI. The jQuery UI Sortable plugin makes selected elements sortable by dragging with the mouse.
20 Apr 2008
Matt Gullett
A JavaScript widget to customize the look and feel of check boxes
3 May 2000
Iulian Iuga
Template Active Server Pages to display different objects based on registry settings
2 Apr 2008
Mohammad Rizwan
24 Sep 2008
Ahmed R El Bohoty
How to Fill dataGridview Using DataReader in Win App
24 Jan 2006
Aj Horus
An ActiveX control that allows ASP users to display datalink dialogs.
19 Apr 2009
No need to place any image,css,javascript file in project. Only three lines of code can do the wonder.
12 Sep 2003
Gaurav Saini
Demonstration of using a timer on a webpage.
5 Sep 2008
Abhijit Jana
This article describes some features and architecture of IIS 7.0 and deployment of ASP.NET sites on IIS
24 Apr 2009
To give disabled effect to parent window
19 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This module is designed to solve the old problem of directory replication.
16 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
Sample of using ISAPI extension to give online data to graphical applets.
3 Nov 2008
Vimal Panara
Here we can use GridView control to display images in a gallery view with internal paging.
30 May 2004
Om Prakash Pant
This article describes how to display images which are stored in database in either SQL Server or MS Access.
2 Jun 2002
Megan Forbes
A beginners guide to displaying records from a database in a table using ASP
25 Aug 2009
Farooq Kaiser
JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library and can be downloaded from The jQuery library is also included in the Scripts folder of the Visual Studio ASP.NET MVC template.
17 Mar 2009
Prakash Hirani
Article on how to display action messages after any action or event performs successfully or not like Gmail using JQuery and CSS
14 Feb 2000
Chris Maunder
A simple routine to display the current date of the server in the clients browser
8 Sep 2005
Ken Yim
An Javascript utility that help programmer to create drop down menu easily
21 Sep 2008
senthil karuppaiah
Custom tooltip support for the HTML dropdown (SELECT/COMBO) element.
22 Jun 2007
Madhu Rajagopalan
Dubugging classic ASP in Visual Studio 2005 on Windows XP and IIS 5.
23 Jul 2008
Paul Coldrey
Changing Datagrid bound data on the fly
9 Aug 2004
Creating dynamic connection string on a remote site.
10 Jun 2008
Christian {CC}
Creating a dynamic tree view in ASP.NET.
9 Jun 2008
Neil Meredith
Dynamically add and remove user controls to a page and maintain the control state.
12 Mar 2008
Sushant Joshi
To adjust the size of the drop-down list dynamically at the client-side and adding back-ground and fore-ground color to the drop-down list.
30 Nov 2003
Dynamically Change Frame Pages
17 Sep 2002
Megan Forbes
How to test for stage of processing using ASP, and then dynamically build your ASP page around this.
21 Dec 2002
Smitha Nishant
An article on how to dynamically add strings to any number of drop downs using VBScript and ASP. Also explains how to get the parent folder of an ASP file.
11 Jul 2004
Easy Guestbook with ASP and MS Access
29 Jul 2005
Simple web-based time management application using ASP and MS Access.
25 Apr 2008
Vinay Krishna
Generic web form validations that can be used in all kind of web forms
1 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This article describes a simple function which calculates the execution time of your asp scripts
4 Feb 2018
Easy way to send email on Azure with no mail server, using DNS MX and SMTP
19 Jan 2002
tommy skaue
A simple function to encrypt your users passwords
19 Mar 2013
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar
In this article, we would discuss a very brief and overall technique to verify the email addresses of the users that signup for a web account.
9 Jun 2008
Omar Al Zabir
A tiny JavaScript library that provides a handy function "ensure" which allows you to load JavaScript, HTML, CSS on-demand and then execute your code. ensure ensures that relevant JavaScript and HTML snippets are already in the browser DOM before executing your code that uses them.
17 Jun 2004
Tamer Ahmed Farrag
This is a very Useful DLL I use it to parse equations online.

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